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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Marketing Motivation

Everyone is in business for a different reason, and my motivation is the love of my work. I absolutely love researching new products and testing out different markets, but that wasn’t true when I was starting out. I was motivated by money, which is not enough motivation for most people to truly reach success. I know what your thinking, “Yeah Right, money will keep me motivated”. Sure, money will keep you motivated for a while, but when you decide to make affiliate marketing a long term career, you better make sure you are keeping yourself properly motivated. Let’s look at a few things that keep me motivated throughout my everyday business routine.
1.) I start by creating a plan about products that spark my interest and are still profitable. There are many affiliate companies on the internet, so if you don’t like the products that the one your currently using offers try a different company.
2.) Keep a positive outlook and figure out what your market needs and wants. Many internet marketers fail, because they don’t want to take the time to understand what their market wants and needs. You cannot just throw up a sales page that was half thought out and think that you are going to make sales. There is a lot of trial and error involved in selling products on the internet, so don’t be surprised if your first attempt fails. Maybe you are falling short on your research and marketing efforts somehow.
3.) Admit to yourself when you are wrong or if your products is failing. There are many different types of people in this world, and everyone single one of them has a different product choice. More time’s than not you shouldn’t be saying that the product is terrible, but my marketing skills are failing.
Affiliate Marketing is a tough ball game, but if you keep the proper mindset and stay motivated, the sky is the limit. Keep your head up and your marketing game tight, I will be looking for you in the winners circle.…

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Article Marketing Automation Review

Article Marketing Automation Review

Article Marketing Automation (AMA) is probably the best tool when it comes to getting a bunch of valuable links to your site and boosting your rankings. After years of experience on the internet and possibly testing all the different kinds of links building I came to the conclusion that nothing comes close to what this system has to offer.

So what it comes down to is the fact that Article Marketing Automation does indeed work and it is certainly the best link building tool available on the internet if you use it correctly.

So what is AMA?Well it is a blog network consisting of over 10 000 blogs where you can submit your article, choose your category and your article will then be distributed to the other blogs in the network. These 10 000 blogs are also targeted to your niche as you can choose the categories where your article should be posted.

You can also get other people to submit their content on your site. All you do is enter your blog’s details, choose your category and then you will get content on a daily basis, which you can approve or reject.

But what makes AMA unique?The anchor text is placed in the content and not in a resource box below the article. So that means that you will get a much better click through rate on your articles.

You can send your articles to all the sites in the network. In the old days you would send one article to hundreds of article directories and hope for a lot of back links to your site. But the problem with this is, because of the duplicate content, most of them will fall under Google’s supplemental index so that means only one or two links will actually count. But when you do it via article marketing automation then every link will count as a valuable link as you will get your article published on a site that is relevant to the theme of your site.

The articles are also distributed over time so it looks much more natural to the search engines.

Now for the resultsIn only four months of using the AMA system I’ve seen much more traffic coming into my sites and I already have first page rankings for almost every niche that I enter. And all this has been achieved by using AMA and some other techniques where I basically just build more value to the links that’s coming in from the AMA system. With one of the niches I entered I had 3 results on Google US for my main keyword and that’s only one of the keywords. So this proves that this system works!

So should you sign up for article marketing automation? Most definitely yes! If you don’t then you are probably missing out on the most effective link building tool on the internet.…

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Free and Affordable Ways to Market Yourself Or Your Business

Free and Affordable Ways to Market Yourself Or Your Business

In these tough economic times, many people and businesses know they need to market to get visibility that leads to sales, but have little or no extra capital to do so. However, there are many ways one can market themselves or their business with little or no money. Here are some proven effective marketing strategies for people and businesses with little or no money to spend.

1. Create a website: A website will allow you do tell the world about yourself and what you do. There are many services that allow you to build your own website with easy to follow instructions. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a website developer to build your site. The most important thing is you want to get as many people to know about you and what you do as possible. Having a website will allow you to share yourself and what you do with others, getting the word out.

2. Develop Strategic Relationships: In building strategic relationships, you create referrals, and referrals mean business. You can join and attend organizations, clubs and associations that share your interest. For example: if you are a realtor you can join the Financial Planners Association, where there are so many professionals that come into contact with people that need to sell or buy real estate. You can create relationships, where you agree to refer clients that need financial advice in exchange for referrals of people that need to sell or buy real estate.

3. Create a unique style or logo: You want to allow people to easily identify you as being different and unique from the competition. Every successful business has a logo, from Microsoft with its four colored window representing its famous operation system windows. You want to create a logo that represents what you do in an image.

4. Write Articles or Newsletters: Write articles or newsletters relating to what it is you do. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you can write an article: How to have a superb wedding on a limited budget. You can add your contact information, your website address and the services you offer generating potential leads.

5. Become a Speaker: Many non-profits, universities, organizations, associations and other entities are always looking for people that can offer knowledge and expertise in many different areas to their members. For example, is you provide senior care, you can contact your local senior citizens center and arrange to discuss what to look for in choosing a senior care provider.

6. Get Social with Online Social Networks: There are many free social networks that allow you to connect with others who share your interest and together you can achieve your goals. You can create a profile or business page for free. For example is you are a florist you can connect with wedding planners which could lead to potential sales, or if you are a drummer looking for bands to play with you can join music groups on social networks and post an ad looking for others in your area to play with.

7. Create a blog: Blogs are free, you just need to write interesting topics that are helpful to the group you are targeting. The more you write the more popular your blog becomes, you can also post comments on other leading blogs.

I hope these marketing strategies will help you in making you and your business a great success.

Do you have a business goal or dream? Do you lack the capital, the connections or all the skills required to achieve it? Then you need to visit: it’s Free to join and you can be that much closer to achieving your dream today!…

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How to Become a Really Smart Marketer

How to Become a Really Smart Marketer

Have you ever heard anyone say, “We’re so lucky, we never have to do any marketing and the business keeps coming in”?

We did, and 3 months ago, they told us they had had their worst year ever. The number of businesses who rely on customers picking up the phone themselves or just relying on word of mouth is astounding. If you think like that, not only are you leaving fortunes on the table but you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position.

The trouble is that when someone says “You need to do some marketing,” some people imagine that suddenly an enormous amount of their profit is going to disappear overnight. They start thinking:

“Who exactly am I going to market to?”

“What am I going to say?”

“Who will do it for me?”

We imagine all the horrors associated with hiring a marketing agency that is then going to eat up our budget with fancy artwork and branding ideas. If you insist on hiring an agency, then so be it, but please make sure that they talk to you in terms of ROI (return on investment). If they can’t guarantee their work, then you should be asking them why not. Too many times we see advertisements which essentially have the message “Look at me! I have a business; phone me if you like.” That may seem harsh, but you just look through any business to business magazine for examples of the worst offenders.

So what is Smart Marketing?

It’s marketing where you OFFER something to your customers rather than simply announcing your existence.

It’s also marketing where you start with your existing customers.

It’s also marketing that does not involve a huge amount of expense.

You will have already heard me say that we leave a great deal of hidden money with our customers by not following up with them enough.

Try this with your existing customers:

Send them a sales letter with an offer to buy something from you that is extra to what they would normally buy. It might be a new product or service or an exceptional offer on your usual product or service for a limited time frame.

The letter should have the following:

1 – An attention-grabbing headline which gets them to read on

2 – The offer and the reason why the offer exists in the form of a story

3 – A deadline by which they need to respond

4 – Instructions on what they need to do next

This is direct response marketing that is inexpensive, measurable, and sent to people who already like buying from you.…

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The Business Marketing Know-How

The Business Marketing Know-How

As with anything that deals with business, having a successful marketing plan is a very challenging task. It requires careful planning, deliberate application, and evaluation of the entire process. Although some may prove to be lucky and succeed during the first trial, most often, effective business marketing requires experience and training.

Perhaps one of the most effective marketing techniques is increasing the exposure of the business. Most people rely on the World Wide Web as a resource in looking for what options there are in the market. In that regard, here are a few ideas to consider before making a marketing plan.

– Online listings. Like yellow pages, making your website visible over the internet is a great way of kicking off your marketing plan. Most people these days opt to check online for businesses that cater to their services. Taking your business online, whether big or small, can provide good exposure for potential customers to see. There are now free online services offering a safe way of giving your contact information. In fact, there are some which allows businesses to transact online.

– Establishment Structure. The structure of the business establishment greatly affects how customers view the company. Seeing how the owner cares for the looks and appearance of the structure will give the customers an idea on whether the owner is focused and detail-oriented. Here are some of the ideas that can enhance the impression of customers:

– The architecture and design of the establishment is based according to the market it is trying to attract. Like for example, if you are trying to entice a group of teens, seeing a sign for shop front with various bright colors can actually invite them over. However, if the target market is children and the front of the shop shows off a serious vibe, then even parents will not be happy to see their children in such a serious place.

– Furniture in the establishment plays a big role in making the customers comfortable. Keep in mind that if you intend to put up a potentially crowded shop, then you might want to add in more ventilation or air conditioning. Aside from that, chairs never fail to add more convenience and comfort for the customers. Remember that people do not want to line up for long. Adding furniture or organizing other activities that could keep them busy will make their time worthwhile as they wait.

Putting up a business is never easy. On the other hand, being a customer is just as difficult. The bumps on the road during transactions are inevitable and could often lead to misunderstanding and confusion. While business marketing is the core in attracting customers, it is important that tycoons know their limits. Getting loyal clients is one of the main goals in meeting the success of the establishment. This does not involve giving out false and misleading infomercials. Rather, it is all about the services and the products the business is offering. The quality that is offered should be the main focal point of business marketing.…

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5 Effective Internet Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

Do you want your online business to gain more attention from your target market? Use these five effective internet marketing tips listed below and your website will get the exact results you’re looking for!
Build Web 2.0 Websites
Sign up with several Web 2.0 websites and start creating your own blogs. If you’re given the chance to pick your own subdomain name, see to it that you include your keywords so you can quickly attract the audience you want. You should also write unique blog posts that are relevant to your niche and insert some links that point back to your main site. Some of the best Web 2.0 websites on the internet today are Squidoo, WordPress and HubPages.
Select the Right Keywords to Target
Choosing which keywords to focus on is very important in internet marketing. You have to be specific as much as possible-find out what words your customers actually type when they search the web, and pick the ones that bring the most results. If you’re having trouble determining this, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to help you. This great tool will show you which keywords are successful and have less competition in your particular niche market.
Write & Submit Original Articles
Create original and informative articles, ideally around 350-500 words, and submit them to popular article directories like EzineArticles. Don’t forget to use specific keywords and put a link back to your website on the resource box!
Make & Submit Creative Videos
You can also make short videos to promote your website. The video can be an advertisement for your online business, or a simply an informative video that provides tips for your target audience. Again, be sure you include your web URL on the description area.
Use Social Bookmarking & Pinging Services
Lastly, make use of social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit to announce to the internet community that you’ve posted new articles, videos, posts and other contents on your website or blog. You could also ping the latest web contents you’ve made. Pinging services function similarly to social bookmarking, but the process is much quicker and easier. One of the most effective pinging resources you can use is Ping-O-Matic. To achieve the full effect and attract more traffic, you should always social bookmark and ping every content you’ve just published on the internet.…

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Using Podcasts And Joint Ventures To Make Money In Your Business

Marketing on the internet is something that a lot of newbies don’t know how to do. They become clueless about how to get their message spread across the internet, and they have no idea of how to get traffic. But luckily in today’s lesson, I’m going to show you some simple and easy ways that you can start getting more website traffic in a short period of time.
Getting website traffic is one of those subjects where it’s easy to get confused. One day you may hear about a traffic strategy that is the best, then another day you will hear somebody say they have the latest and greatest new traffic method, and then you will see some people promote a software tool that can get you incredible amounts of traffic and sales overnight. Personally, I don’t listen to any of this mess.
The best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to getting traffic is to make out a list of strategies to do, and implement them each and everyday. This way you’ll diversify your traffic, and will be getting people visiting your website from all corners of the earth. You should focus on traffic, and then provide a product or service to these people that will help you to monetize your website.
I want to share with you some of my favorite traffic strategies that you can put into use in your business today. In fact, here’s the first strategy that I have for you:
1) Podcasts
Podcasting is one of those strategies like video marketing. You can even start your own podcast blog with a free tool called “Feedburner”. But podcasts are nothing but MP3 audio files that delivers information on a particular topic. You will want to submit your podcasts to all of the major podcast directories online – especially iTunes.
iTunes is the largest and most familiar podcast directory. All of the celebrities submit their podcasts there. In your podcast, you will want to state your website information at the beginning of the podcast, and also at the end. In between the promotion time, you will want to deliver some excellent information that will make people want to come back for more.
But podcasts aren’t the only free traffic strategy that you can use. Here’s another one:
2) Joint ventures
A joint venture is an alliance of 2 companies who come together to help each other make money. Joint ventures are typically profitable, but if you have an affiliate program, you will want to offer a higher commission to your joint venture partner. It’s the least that you can do if they’re giving you access to their list or their product.
Joint ventures happen all the time online, and there are even special websites designed for people who are looking to strike up a JV deal. You should find these special websites and join them… you never know who will be a match for your product, service, or list.
These 2 traffic strategies are excellent to do, and I think that you should put them to use today as soon as possible.
Good luck with using these tips to make more money in your online business today.…