5 Step Article Marketing System – Step-by-Step Article Marketing Secrets

5 Step Article Marketing System – Step-by-Step Article Marketing Secrets

If you want an article marketing system to make money online, then read this. You will discover article marketing secrets to sky rocket your business online.

Step 1: Keyword Research

You want to do keyword research. You want to look for keywords that are relevant, have a lot of searches, and have little competition. You also want to look for a keyword that has between 3 to 5 keywords. This type of keyword (known as “long tail keywords”) can help you to rank higher in the search rankings since less people focus on it.

Step 2: Write Your Article

Next, you want to write your article. In the article, you want to write about a solution for a problem in your niche. So whatever problem or struggles that your niche market is having, then you want to write a solution for that in your article.

Another important thing is to pick one long tail keyword and place it in the important areas of the article. For example, you want to place your long tail keyword at least one time in the title, first sentence, middle body, last sentence, and resource box.

By strategically placing your long tail keyword in those areas, your article will have better chances of ranking higher in the search engines. That means your website will get more traffic. More traffic means more money in your pocket.

Step 3: Create Resource Box

One of the most important parts for an effective article marketing plan is to create a resource box with a strong call to action. The resource box is the place where you get to place your website link. The resource box is usually below the article.

You want to write a strong call to action in the resource box. This means, you want to tell the reader exactly what to do after he reads your resource box. You also want to provide a benefit for going to your website. So make sure to tell the reader a strong benefit. Then, the reader will most likely want to go to your website.

Step 4: Submit Article

The next step for the article marketing strategy is to submit your article to an article directory. There are hundreds of article directories on the internet. So search for an article directory and submit it to the most popular article directory.

Step 5: Build back links

Next, you want to build back links to your original article. After your article is approved, you want to build back links to your article. Building back links means you are building links pointing to your article.

The more other websites point to your article, the more you will be popular in the search engines. You can simply create more back links by submitting the same original article on different article directories. The only change is that you want to make the resource box link to your first original article. Thus, your first original article will be very popular in the search engines.

This is a basic 5 step article marketing strategy to help you make money online. If you consistently do this with all your articles, then you will start to slowly see more traffic and thus make more money online.

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