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5 Ways a Small Business Can Put an Automation Engine to Use in Their Email Marketing Campaigns

5 Ways a Small Business Can Put an Automation Engine to Use in Their Email Marketing Campaigns

A huge marketing list chock full of customers does not always translate into repeat sales. In order to get customers to shop with you again, you must have a strategy that keeps them attentive, active, and engaged with your brand. A good automation engine can help your small business accomplish each goal, especially when using it for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Capture leads

A common feature of an automation engine is allowing users to capture leads from their website. This function typically integrates with the existing HTML forms on your site, collecting the data from leads and automatically sending it the destination of your choice, or the systems centralized database. Throw in an arsenal of lead management tools, and you have a solution that can be used to effectively track leads throughout the entire conversion cycle from prospect to customer.

2. Establish Relevance

When used effectively, an automation system will allow you to create one-on-one relationships with subscribers by ensuring that your communications are relevant. The technology makes it easy to employ the best practices of email marketing, providing a way to utilize segmentation, targeting, and event triggered communications to deliver content that it is the most relevant to the recipient. These solutions are increasingly proving to be quite efficient at engaging consumers.

3. Achieve Personalization

Aside from relevance, personalization is something all email marketers should strive for. It helps you stand out from the spammers by showing that your business has a human pulse and is not just firing blindly to the masses. Personalization becomes significantly easier to achieve when utilizing a fully integrated automation engine. Coupled with customizable email templates, rich, detailed profile data enables you to easily tailor your messages to the preferences of individual subscribers. There are even some systems that offer flexible batch signature rules that help you build trusting relationships with leads and customers.

4. Create Multi-Channel Campaigns

More small businesses are using automation engines to enhance their email marketing campaigns by integrating them with other communications channels. Most solutions allow you to reach out to clients and prospects via direct mail, voice messaging, and even fax. This gives your brand even greater reach by allowing your audience to communicate through their channel of preference. Furthermore, the ability to launch multi-media campaigns will help you enjoy an edge over competitors who are still confined to the email platform.

5. Analyze and Execute

Most automation engines provide analytics methods such as forecasting, dating mining, and market analysis, each of which helps the email marketer predict customer behavioral. This is in addition to opens, clicks, conversions and other standard metrics. The analytics data is provided to you in the form of comprehensive graphs, charts, and tables, making it easy to dissect the information and execute your campaign strategy accordingly. An automation engine is only as effective as the data it has to work with, so the more data you feed it, the better your results.It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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How To Easily Avoid The Duplicate Content Ban Hammer

How To Easily Avoid The Duplicate Content Ban Hammer

Duplicate content can be a serious problem for you because it can lower your ranking in search engines. Content that is not original will lower the value relevance of your site in the eyes of search engines, so your search engine position will likely suffer accordingly. Many web publishers do not intend to use such content but, unless your content is 100% original, you can get surprised.

Because there are millions of sites that are searched on the Internet, browsers quickly get aggravated by duplicate content, whether such duplication is intentional or unintentional. It can destroy any web site credibility and authority you may have in the eyes of your visitors. As they are searching they can easily see similar information in the description of your site as it appears in search results and they will pass you by because it does not offer something unique.

The first strategy to eliminate the trap of duplicate content is to create unique information yourself or hire writers. This content needs to be focused on your primary keywords. Otherwise, you are wasting time writing or money on ghostwriters. This includes creating a compelling description that surfers will see as they search for information online.

So, your main job should be to create unique information yourself or edit articles you pay writers to create for you. If you already have articles or content on your web site you need to run it through free online tools to check originality and make changes if needed.

Search engines like Google have “spiders” that crawl sites regularly and scan the content. These “bots” can identify copied or similar information and will penalize your site without any chance of appeal. Google will think you are a spammer even if that was not your intention.

One key is that the content of your site should have relevant and unique information to provide to your visitors. Get in the habit of creating unique information related to a specific theme or subject that will appeal to people interested in the subject. This will ensure that your site is highly regarded by visitors who may link to it and this gives you back-links that search engines love.

To make it easier for you, there are tools available to help eliminate duplicate content. These tools, like CopyScape (Google it), will show whether you have content too similar to other sites, particularly in articles, page titles, images, and other elements that can be found by searches on other sites.…

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Linking People, Ideas And Technology With Marketing Automation Solutions

Linking People, Ideas And Technology With Marketing Automation Solutions

Today’s marketers are using Marketing automation solutions to match buyer’s requirements, launch new activities and to direct the sales team to focus on leads and increase the ROI. The internet has changed the way buyers think. They dig out information on their own and decide when they are ready to. It is time for the shrewd marketers to join the bandwagon of inbound marketing and marketing automation solutions.

Why does my company need Marketing Automation Solutions?

There is too much data out there and managing it is getting challenging by the day. Information is power and tons of data is being exchanged daily. The marketing dept, the sales team, the customer service, everyone is using this information. But is it being used effectively?

Automation is filling the critical void faced by companies wherein there are separate tools being used for CRM, sales and marketing. With an automated platform these three can be integrated and the result will be a combined system that offers email marketing, web analytics, social media campaigns and content management.

Adopting effective Technology Marketing Solutions

Businesses are still scrambling to get their processes right. They lack in organization and planning. This is where Marketing Automation Solutions come handy and help business enterprises to streamline their marketing and sales function. Creativity and Innovation go hand in hand and help achieve maximum sales leads. Thus it provide a stable platform for the continuous changing marketing scenario especially for the B2B and B2C companies.

Every aspect of the business world has been digitized. E-commerce is being used for business expansion through various marketing tools like email marketing. This form of marketing is relatively cheaper and combined with automation; it can help enterprises to draft emails effectively.

Marketing automation solutions facilitate effective communication between the marketing and sales teams. Social Media Campaign, a part of an automated solution, is an equally powerful tool to acquire sales leads. This in turn will create a better ROI and a competitive edge for the companies.

How will the New Year be for Marketing Automation Solutions?

The marketing automation solution platform is going to gain immense popularity especially for the SME market.

It is expected that there will be a rise in the quality and number of features in the major marketing automation platforms in the coming year. The more the market gets competitive, the more the functionality will be sophisticated.


Thus an effective marketing solutions process can turn quality leads into sales. With an automated system, sales team can come up with better campaigning strategies and based on real data, the companies can gain greater control. Marketing automation solutions allow marketing to automate the most difficult part at the front end of the sales funnel so that qualified leads only make it to the top. These tools provide relevant marketing history to the sales teams so when they get in touch with the customer they are well prepared. And chances of a well prepared sales strategy grabbing the customer’s attention are certainly high!…

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Article Writing – How It Can Help With Back Links

Article Writing – How It Can Help With Back Links

Apart from being an art, article writing is also a technique to draw online traffic. Articles need to be informative and well-written. Its purpose is to provide a means for expressing ideas and for informational communication. The sole intention is to engage the reader to click on the back link while informing about a service or product.

Article writing provides many advantages like increasing back links, link building, site traffic, and an effective way of making money online. It is considered to be a great marketing strategy to obtain free publicity and listings within search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. It is considered to be a popular and economical way of advertising exposure and website promotion.

What should be the features of an Article?

Construction of an article involves the blend of information and marketing. The five essential components of an article are title, introduction, body, conclusion and resource box. You should keep in mind that the title must be attractive and include the primary keyword. The brief description of the article and a hint to the conclusion should be contained in the introduction. The body of the article comprises of the article’s main part, which also provides you the option of placing certain anchor text links. It is advisable not to place any anchor text link in the article body so that readers can complete reading the article. The conclusion should not only summarize the already discussed points but should also act as a prelude to the resource box. The resource box is in reality the author’s bio, which should be written in a modest manner with the HTML tags that form the back links.

Specific keywords should be used in the articles. As per the requirements of a search engine, the content needs to be revolved around a theme and should be interrelated. For attaining your website’s credibility and exposure, you need to submit articles to various related newsletters and article directories. At the time of submission, the website’s URL must be provided and the readers should be invited to visit the website.

Developing quality back links via Article writing

From various popular websites, back links can be earned to your site via article writing. Various articles on innumerable topics are contained within the article directory. The republishing of your articles by relevant websites can lead to the attainment of many quality back links. Your article can be liked and posted by web publishers on their websites. Though the publishing can be done for free, the publishers are required to copy the author information at the articles’ end. By this process, you are provided with back-links from their websites that offer exposure of your website and help in driving traffic to it. The modified versions of the same article in various other directories will ensure numerous more links. More number of links will ensure more readers or visitors of your website.

Readers reading the article can visit your website by means of the link provided by you in the Author Bio.

How does back links help

When determining a webpage’s position, the number of back links is taken into account by the major search engines. This is a great way of getting the new websites to the top list of the search engines in a short span of time. Those aiming for the links from few sites and article directory are not likely to get several quality back links. They can also be attained from quality websites if you are asked to directly contribute articles to other websites.

Article writing not only helps in the promotion of your website but also increases the search engines ranking. In order to achieve back links from higher Page Rank websites, your article must be well-written and informative so that it is live in most Article directories.…

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Marketing Automation Software For Huge Success

Marketing Automation Software For Huge Success

Today everything is available online. Business organizations are going online and of course your customers are online. So, if you have a business and do not market it online then you will be losing the competition and will left behind in the race.

In such a scenario, when everyone is online, if you do not have an effective online marketing strategy then of course, no one will know you and, hence you can not do business. So, online marketing is to be done will full force. There are a lot of methods that cold be used to market your business online. It includes email marketing campaign, business ads, article marketing, optimizing your website to be ranked in top searches of several search engines and a lot more. It is true that no single technique could sort out your problem and you have to use multi techniques to stay ahead of your competitors, especially when it is the case of online marketing.

So, what is the key to gain successes in marketing the business online? Well the answer to this question is applying several online marketing techniques as we discussed above or you can choose an alternative. So what is that alternative? The answer is an integrated software that could take care of all your marketing needs. There are a lot of marketing automation software available in the markets that provide instant marketing solutions for your business automatically. Such software are best used for all kind of business online. If you have just begin with online business or have a small business which is not enjoying good profits then such software is a must for you.

Marketing automation software are designed especially to cater business marketing needs that includes

1) Marketing your business or products.

2) Generating leads to your business website.

3) Increasing sales.

4) Attracting new customers / target audience / potential customers.

5) Retaining and developing new clientele.

6) Branding your business organization, etc.

The functions listed above are a difficult and individual task in itself. You have to focus and take necessary steps to attain the objectives given above. If you have a small business or do not have a team of professionals then attaining the objectives listed above is most difficult for you. Some small business owners get stuck in fulfilling efforts for these objectives and get unable to focus of their business.

Online marketing is not an easy task. Even if you have technical knowledge of technologies and facilities available online, you won’t be able to achieve the top results. For example article marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. are few fields that requires professional.

Marketing automation software integrates client relationship management; bulk emails or email marketing campaigns, ecommerce solutions / gateway, etc. Such piece of software has a database management system that allows you to store and manage details of your clients or prospective customers.

It is better that you go for such automated software rather than purchasing different software like email marketing or mass email software and information software like CRM software. This will not only cut down your cost but help you manage marketing well.…

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Customer Care Through Social Media

Customer Care Through Social Media

We explore how you can harness social media to enhance customer experience

In 2005 when Jeff Jarvis wrote of the ‘Dell Hell’ in his blog, the company retaliated with ‘We do not respond to customer complaints through blogs’. Dell was criticized for their ‘look don’t touch’ policy when it came to blogs. Today, Dell has a Direct to Dell community which features blogs by its officers, forums and even customer support. Dell’s also on Twitter and Facebook, out to solve client issues. Many big brands including Starbucks, HP, Comcast, Ford are using social media for customer service. It’s safe to say that the customer service canvass has been repainted thanks to the social media. Presenting a few tips that will help you jump the bandwagon of social media customer service-

1. Listen-browse around social media sites. Have your eyes and ears open for what people have to say. Before you jump in to defend your brand, listen and understand what the customer’s saying.

2. Act-so, now you know what’s really bugging your customer. This is the time to act. I was surfing the net and came upon a blog where the blogger said that he hated HP. As I scrolled down the comments section, I noticed that one of the HP guys had responded, ‘Sorry that you had a bad experience with us. Can we touch base and discuss this?’ Sometimes, hapless customers dash off complaints and type out all their frustrations onto their blog/Facebook page. Once they get it out they’re generally much calmer and would be willing to speak. Or may be they just wanted to be noticed so that their problem can be solved. So go head and start acting the way that helps solve their issue.

3. No scripting- be yourself on your blog/Facebook/Twitter interactions. Do not, and I repeat, do not use scripted answers. Remember your clients should know that your company cares. They are not looking for an automated response.

4. Don’t ignore-if you’ve got your brand on the social media, then you have to be diligent. Never ignore customers. Sure, you may have someone asking the simplest of questions, but they’re putting those questions to you because they need help. Revert at the earliest.

5. Don’t bluff-this rule applies to customer service through any channel, not just to social media. But bluffing on social media can prove even more costly. Your inability to stand good on your promise could be broadcast to net surfers around the world.

6. Ask-the best thing about social media is it puts you directly in touch with your customers. Use this powerful medium to talk to your customers. Ask them what you can do to make their lives simpler. That’s the easiest way to increasing customer satisfaction and them what they want! Check out Dell’s IdeaStorm page to see what I’m talking about.

7. Customers, your brand builders-Brand building has evolved. It’s not just about advertisements or discounts any more. Today, a brand is all about service and value addition. What more, your company’s not the one building the brand anymore. It’s your customers who’re doing it for you.

8. Encourage your team-while it’s great to have your top management blog and be in touch with customers, it’s even better to have your team interact with customers. Let’s face it, your front-line team is the one in contact with customers in the off-line world. So, let them play to their strengths online too!

Customer service through social media has made its debut and is here to stay. The best bet is to use it to your advantage. Make every client interaction positive, so that when people Google you, they read about happy your brand is built already!…

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How Article Marketing Can Help Your Enterprise

How Article Marketing Can Help Your Enterprise

If you are an internet marketer or a website owner, you know that one of the best ways to get the word out is through article marketing. This particular method of online marketing is highly ideal because people use the Internet to find information. When you write informative articles with links back to your site, you can expect traffic to come in consistently.

Benefits of article marketing are… Read on to find out.

With this method, you are establishing yourself as an expert on a certain subject. A lot of people actually go to article directories to discover new ideas and thoughts. Thus, if you submit an article to these article directories, it is like bringing your site to the public eye.

Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to these article directories. You have to write a relevant article on the product or service you are offering and likewise, highlight its features and benefits. A compelling and quality article will then encourage people to visit your site for more information.

A great thing about this method of online marketing is that you are able to hit two birds with one stone. Aside from getting exposure from article directories, you can also craft your articles in such a way that search engines will pick them up for particular keywords. Therefore, you need to optimize each article for a certain keyword you are targeting. Once the search engines pick up your keywords, you’ll have an instant boost in search engine results standing.

Article marketing is also ideal for small business owners because submitting articles to the thousands of article directories in the web is free. You can write your own articles or have them outsourced. The key to effective marketing is to place a link on your resource box so your readers can follow through to your site. The more article directories your articles are published in, the more backlinks you will get. With a lot of backlinks, you can expect a large traffic volume and an instant high-up from search engines.

After submitting to article directories, you need to ping the search engines so that it will be easier for them to find your article. Bookmarking your article and pinging its bookmark URL should also be done to create more backlinks.

Article marketing is something you can use for your business. With the number of searches for information daily, you can’t go wrong with providing quality content for your readers. See your traffic increase with this form of online marketing.…