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Article Marketing Tips – Nobody Cares About Your Crap

I can see the hate email pouring in from this one. Well, quite honestly, I couldn’t care less. In fact, I’ll even post my email address at the end of this article so you can tell me what a jackass I am. In the meantime, you might want to read this before you even consider getting into article marketing. Why? Because the rules have changed and, quite honestly, nobody cares about your crap.
You’re probably wondering where this rant is coming from. Well, here is the back story so you can understand where this is coming from. It certainly isn’t from a relaxing evening at Sardi’s. Oh, and by the way, from what I hear, the scallops there aren’t all that great. But back to the main topic at hand.
So I’m at the Warrior Forum and some idiot asks if article marketing still works and wants to see PROOF that it works. He wanted one of the best article marketers on the planet, one Alexa Smith, to reveal one of her hard fought for niches in order to PROVE that she’s not full of it.
Well, I couldn’t help but stick my nose into this confrontation and give this pigs feet for brains moron a piece of my mind. For starters, since Alexa’s not trying to sell him anything, she doesn’t have to PROVE to him anything. I then went on to give him the straight poop about article marketing. And if you’re smart, you’ll make a note of all of this.
The biggest problem with article marketers is that they think they can write about any old crap, slap it up on an article directory, and it’ll bring in LOADS of traffic. My friend, those days died along with the Ford Pinto and Circuit City. Today, it’s a whole new ball game. So, I’m going to give you a list of things that you better do if you’re going to have ANY chance at all of making it as an article marketer.
1. You have to write about stuff that people actually care about.
2. You have to write in a way that is engaging and doesn’t put your reader to sleep. You can be controversial and even a little arrogant like me, but for crying out loud, don’t be a snooze fest. In short, LEARN HOW TO WRITE.
3. Don’t make your writing sound like you’re trying to sell something to your reader. People don’t want to be sold stuff. They’re looking for information when they’re looking for articles. The selling stuff part comes in your signature or at your web site. Just give them info that they can actually USE. For crying out loud, help them to solve their problem or at least give them more insight into their problem.
4. Don’t just rely on article directories. I’m sorry, I love these guys but Google has basically said, if you rely solely on them, you’re not going to get the optimal results. Put your articles on …

Methods for Effective Sales Collaboration

Methods for Effective Sales Collaboration

Business collaboration is nothing new. It has been in the business world since times immemorial. However this has gained a priority in the recent times, as more and more, people are merging two businesses to create an innovative and improved enterprise. This is helping both the businesses to garner more customers and the owners are becoming successful in their endeavors.

During the First World War, it has been found that work councils came into being in the 1940s. This was mainly popular in the engineering and technical departments in an organization. Collaborations in the world of business can be both intra and inter organization. The collaboration can range from the simple kind of partnership to funding of crowds to the complex situation of starting a multinational company. The collaboration between the team members also helps in the prosperity of the company.

Some of the methods that can be used for effective sales collaboration are as follows.

Team Lead:

Team leader is one of the most important people for the creation of effective collaboration both for online work as well as for the offline work. They are the ones who know how to build relationships with the partners or the employees for the effective working of the company. This is the reason why Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are well known as great team leaders who could lead their company from the front.

Dream Team!

The second element is a dream team which can support the team leader in his actions to make the team strong and independent. One has to be devoted to the idea of the product or idea and committed to the success of the other team member. Selecting individuals with the right attitude, skills, commitment level is very helpful for a team leader in making a good team.

Broadband Connectivity!

It is very essential to have a good and a reliable internet connection. In recent times, a major chunk of the work is done online. This is the reason having a reliable internet connection helps a person much. Web based applications, sending emails, management platforms, online editing documents or even blogging for the company will require the help of a good internet connection. Therefore, one must ensure that their internet connection is reliable and can work properly.

Sales Collaboration Software:

There is a number of collaborative software available in the market which you can install for completing the work fast and quickly. One can simply register and create an account with the help of which the person can coordinate work online using the project management software. This will quicken the pace of your work and you can select as per your needs.

Hosting Server

A good hosting server is essential for a company that will be working in collaboration. Account security levels, scalability, and downtime statistics are some of the elements that one must check before selecting the hosting server for their company.

Deploy these methods for increasing the effectiveness of Sales collaboration …

Marketing a Small Business Online – Crucial Step to Improve Your Business Online Marketing Efforts

Marketing a Small Business Online – Crucial Step to Improve Your Business Online Marketing Efforts

Marketing a small business online is not that difficult when you break it down to small easy steps. Many small business owners do get overwhelmed in the amount of work they do for their day to day operations. But when you step back and develop a step by step approach it just makes it much easier for you to progress your marketing efforts. Small business online marketing is wide open for search engine optimization. Most of the local small business market is not utilizing the certain techniques to improve their web site results. Now picture your business on the top of each search engine results for your given keyword. Imagine how many free referral and product sales this can achieve. There is one critical thing you can do that will prime your business for a hostile takeover in your market. 

The most important part of marketing a small business online is to list your business on the local search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all put out results for existing local businesses in your area. A quick search for “Accountants in LA” can show several hundreds of listings of accountants that are in the city of Los Angeles. Everyone knows that the Yellow Pages is not what they used to be. More and more people are using the internet to find products or services. Now imaging if you business was listed on top for accountants in LA. Off course assuming you’re in the accounting business. But go ahead and give it a try. Put your kind of business as the keyword and end it with “in your City”.   Replace your city with the city you live in. What are the results? Was your business listed? 

Let’s face it; marketing a small business via the Yellow Pages is becoming less and less common these days. Phone books just get tossed in the recycle bin every time I get them in my house. It is just a fact that I can find information much faster by using the internet. More people are getting online than ever before. Internet access is just the way television first got started; eventually everyone will have at least one in their household. 

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are slowly taking over your local search engine results page. It is time to ensure your small business is primed and ready. Visit the websites and find out how to get your business listed right away. I have been doing it for clients and some have gotten it listed into Google in less than 48 hours. The other search engines, Yahoo and Bing, take a little longer. For one thing Bing mails out a confirmation letter to your business mail box. …

MLM Opportunity – How to Be One of the Top Five Percent That Succeed and Thrive

MLM Opportunity – How to Be One of the Top Five Percent That Succeed and Thrive

It is a well-know statistic that 90-95% of all new businesses fail within their first year. This is no different when relating to an MLM or network marketing business opportunity.

What will set you apart from the crowd and allow you to not only succeed but thrive when so many before you have tried, given up, or flat out failed?

If you’ve been in the network marketing business for any amount of time you’ve probably heard about or been told to develop your “why”. Your “why” basically summarizes your motivations for joining your MLM company in the first place.

A strong why can help you remain centered and strong when struck by adversity. It gives you motivation when you are tired and inspiration when you’re feeling stuck.

I like to think of your why as passionate purpose.

So do you have a personally crafted, written down passionate purpose for your MLM business opportunity?

If yes, great! But I’m still going to suggest that you finish reading the article and go through the following exercises/questions.

If no, then now is the perfect time to develop this crucial piece of network marketing business success.

Most of the time people’s “why” centers around an income goal. For example, “My why is to make $5,000 per month so I can quit my corporate job.” Or “I want to get to the executive level so I can get the company car.”

And I say….Boring!! Ho-Hum. Is this really inspiring? Motivational?


Let’s expand the possibilities and change your “why” to passionate purpose.

Passionate purpose is what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning absolutely ready and on fire to begin the day.

Passionate purpose keeps you strong and steady in your business endeavors no matter who laughs at you or says no.

Passionate purpose keeps you holding your head high and inspired even when half of your team quits and joins the latest super-juice company.

So how do you dive past your normal “why” and connect with your passionate purpose?

Well, it’s going to take a little time and some soul-searching. Make sure you have at least 10-15 minutes to begin the exercise, a pen and of course some paper.


Answer the following 5 questions as quickly as you can. No deep thinking, just initial reactions.

1. What gets you really excited? Or what do you love to talk about with anyone that will listen?

2. What huge problem would go away if you suddenly had unlimited money?

3. What problem scares you the most that money can’t solve?

4. You’ve been told that you have to start a charitable organization. What would it be?

5. List 5 reasons why you would start this particular charitable organization.

Put your answers away for at least a day. It is essential that you give yourself some time between answering the first 5 questions and finishing this …

Network Marketing Tips – For Momentum, This Works Like Crazy

There’s way to much noise out there in the internet wonderland, in case you haven’t noticed. Everyone’s yelling and screaming about what it takes to become a success in network marketing. Well, as I see it, as I discussed in a previous article, having the correct mind set is the first and foremost when it comes to success in this great industry.
In other words, it will really make or break you. However, MOMENTUM is the next best on the list. Why? because what good is a great mind set if you’re doing the minimums or nothing, for that matter? In essence, “peak” states of mind mean nothing without “peak” performance.
In case you didn’t know, taking action alone won’t lead you to success, taking it to the next level will, and that, my friend, is…momentum! You’re about to discover the three tips to take your network marketing business to the pent house. These three tips development, field development, and massive action!
Self Development
Well, let’s assume that you’re doing what it takes on a daily basis to keep your mind set in check. You know, running your energy in a quiet place everyday visualizing what you want to be, do, and have, as I eluded to in a previous article. That’s all well and good, but, what are you feeding your mind to maintain and expand upon that?
You see, you must be setting aside time each day to read books, listen to audio, and watch videos regarding self development. You can choose the best way to interpret the above mentioned or any combination there of. Of course, the best is to internalize this mind set stuff is to implement all three methods; read, listen, and order to increase your network marketing momentum.
Do whatever works for you, but, just do it! Start off indulging in self development for at least thirty minutes a day and increase it as you retain more information.
Field Development
Are you feeling better now after saturating your mind with all of that good stuff from all of the great minds of the past and present? Now here’s where it starts to become intense. You must always block out time in your day to “hone” in on your craft.
This is what will separate you from the pack. In so many words, you must ALWAYS be studying about your industry and specific marketing strategy or strategies, period! Do not just depend on your company provided sales and marketing materials.
That’s a great place to start, don’t get me wrong, but, again, in order for you to excel beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll have to assimilate, manifest, and APPLY information from other colleagues, systems, and companies. Which leads us to the final and most powerful tip.
Massive Action
This is where the rubber meets the road. This is what separates eagles from seagulls. This is what separates good from this is what separates you from the masses. It doesn’t matter what marketing strategy you’re using, …

The Unique Features Of Customer Relationship Management Software

The Unique Features Of Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software normally abbreviated as CRM is a special application properly designed to help a business organization or company in managing all data that are associated with its clients. Aspects covered include sales, marketing, ongoing follow-ups, support services and so on.

The CRM software is known for its wonderful features tailored to meet the needs of any business organization. Listed and discussed below are some of the vital features.

Multiple User Environments

The CRM software application comes with unique multiple user environment which allows every member of your organization to communicate effectively. Each member is allowed to have access to the schedules of the other members connected. This encourages effective network connectivity.

Sale Force Automation

This is another wonderful feature of the CRM software. It could be in form of Marketing Automation which enhances connectivity among marketing departments of the company making use of the software. This feature makes various marketing processes easier by automating repetitive tasks. Most consultants and marketing employees of the company benefit from the feature as they are given the room to specify various criteria and outcomes for all kinds of tasks and processes. The software interprets and stores the processes perfectly thereby reducing human error in the organization.

Effective Data Backup System

It’s always a tragedy to lose vital data in a computer network system by any means. The Customer Relationship Management Software has an effective hourly data backup feature that prevents data loss. You’re sure to retrieve all your data anytime as they are automatically secured through the back-up system each time an operation is being carried out.

Document Sharing

The CRM software also allows document sharing among all the members of the organization who are connected through the application. Each member can easily have access to other members’ document. This enhances perfect communication in the organization and also ensures quality output production.

Wide Range of Reports

The software allows wide range of reports in diverse manners. It supports proper email Marketing Automation and reporting without any hassles. This enhances the connectivity of all members using the software. Time is also effectively utilized in the process.

Indeed, the CRM software has other unique features such as contact and lead management, import and export functions, customizable knowledge base and so on. It also has features that support outlook express and other likely applications. Your company stands the opportunity of changing level digitally when this software is properly installed.

Finally, you can always go for the best type of CRM software application for your company. You can go for the locally hosted version which demands your constant control and management. You can equally go for remotely hosted version which is usually hosted by the CRM Company that provides the service to your organization. This last option is usually the best version since, the responsibility of managing the technicalities software rest on the shoulders of the CRM service provider.…

Ensuring Successful Marketing Automation Solution Implementation

Ensuring Successful Marketing Automation Solution Implementation

Usage of marketing automation solutions can streamline sales and marketing operations to a great extent. However the implementation of such sophisticated solution presents complexity and common pitfalls that can be avoided with some marketing automation software implementation best practices. In fact efficient operation of such solution depends largely on advance preparation as the automation technologies go from purchase to getting put to work.

Following logical steps in implementing marketing automation solutions

Firstly it’s important to define the business problems and then work through the solution. Setting milestones and defining the metrics to track the progress and to measure the benefits of using marketing automation solutions is the next logical step. Today social communities are widely exploited by organizations for marketing purpose, but very few of them actually use them to the best of their advantage to promote their offerings. Hence it is essential to understand how these social media channels work and how people use these channels before jumping into it. Determining your social goal and using analytic tools to measure and monitor the social activities over time is the key to successful social media marketing.

Technology aspects to consider while deploying marketing automation solutions

User adoption is critical in running the solution effectively. Therefore go for solutions with more intuitive User Interface (UI). In fact many marketing automation vendors are customizing their applications to suit specific user roles. It should be remembered that even if the solution is endowed with powerful analytic tools, it could tantamount to nothing if the user is unable to properly handle it. Organizations must make it a point to invest in training and education before starting to use the solution. A clear idea about operational changes and other forthcoming changes in strategies, processes will put the employees in a better position to make more efficient use of the marketing automation solutions.

Statistics show that an organization can typically save as much as 20% of total sales and marketing costs by organizing and automating key sales and marketing processes. Better co-ordination between sales and marketing teams to convert maximum number of leads into winning deals is possible only though the use of a framework that will establish standard definition for lead qualification, lead scoring, build joint teams to facilitate consequent sales enablement and include provisions for reporting. Additionally design your campaigns keeping both and marketing and sales team in the loop. For example a well-structured offer for a new service or product might drive a potential customer to contact the sales people for more information. So if your sales team is not conversant with the offer they might end up painting a picture of incompetence.

The next important thing is to find an executive sponsor who understands the value of marketing automation solutions and the need for process changes to keep the project aligned with organization’s strategy and portfolio direction. Likewise the solutions implementation should be also aligned with the company objectives.


Because of recession and economic downturn …

Search Engine Marketing Tips – 3 Reasons Why You Must Do It

It is true that not 100% of all businesses will work well with search engine marketing, however, we will look into the reasons why you must consider search engine marketing for your business.
Fast Active Searchers
In sales, is it easier to sell something to someone who may not want to buy your product or is it easier to sell something to someone who is actively looking for the products, services or solutions that you provide. When people are actively searching for you, how hard can it be for you to sell something! Talk about target marketing to super targeted visitors & it can all happen very quickly online!
Quick Inexpensive Research
The search engines are the most common thing people use to search for stuff, either they want some information, they want to buy something or they are seeking a solution to their problem. Now, you can simply reverse engineer & find out how much searches are there for a given keyword or phrase. Never in history can we find out the demand of a marketplace simply by using a few inexpensive or even free tools.
Fast Inexpensive Testing
For every marketing campaign to be profitable, you must first run a test. Where else can you get inexpensive web traffic to test your offers other than paid search engine. The best part, it can all happen in just in a few minutes. No other advertising media is that fast!
With active & targeted visitors, quick market research & super fast testing, search engine marketing is an important skill that you simply cannot ignore.…

Practical Affiliate Marketing Tips – 2 Basic Components You Must Have to Do JV As Affiliates

Doing a joint venture with other marketers who have their own list is one of the more profitable strategies that you can use in your business. You will be able to get instant list of subscribers and get some sales when the marketers promote your squeeze page to his list. But in order for you to do JV effectively, there are 2 basic and important components that you must have so that you can get more marketers to do a JV with you.
The 1st component that you must have is to have free bait that you can offer to the visitors who come to your website. It can be in the form of eBook report, ecourse, audio report or video report. You will want to make sure that you are giving good content in so that the marketers that you are doing JV with will be confident that his subscribers will get good value from you when they join your list. This kind of free bait is good as you will be able to encourage more of the visitors to join your list and you will be giving good values at the same time.
The 2nd component that you will need is to have your own list subscribers. If you are just starting out, you will want to build your list as soon as possible so that you will have your own list of considerable size. The main reason you will want to do that is because most marketers will only be willing to do a joint venture with you if you have your own list and they will be able to get some benefits from your list. In order to receive something from someone, you will have to give value first. As you keep on growing your list, more people will be interested in doing a joint venture with you and you will be able to grow the business to the next level.
Here are the 2 basic and important components that you must have so that you will be able to strike a successful joint venture with other marketers. You will want to invest your time and effort into getting these 2 components so that you will be able to start using the joint venture strategies as soon as possible.…

7 Reasons Why Focus is Your Number 1 Asset in Your Online Business

7 Reasons Why Focus is Your Number 1 Asset in Your Online Business

Most people want to make money online but very few actually do it. Why is that? There’s a simple answer really. Most people have a lack of focus when it comes to starting their own business.

Developing a crystal clear focus on your goal is the only way you’re going to make headway with your online business. Here are seven reasons why focus is essential if you want to succeed.

1. Focus helps you clear out the clutter from your mind.

When you have singular purpose, it’s easy to get rid of what’s not working and focus on what does. The next time you hear a piece of advice, read an article or look at a report, you can ask yourself “Does this serve my purpose?”

If not, feel free to get rid of it or disregard it. It’s much easier to purge yourself from information overload when you’ve got focus.

2. Focus helps you define your time.

When you sit down to the plan the next week, you can define exactly what tasks need to be done each day. When you’re focused on putting your plan into action you can break down your big goal into precise daily tasks.

3. Focus helps you get more done.

When you’re focused on a specific set of tasks for your day, you’ll get a lot more done. Rather than starting a project and then hopping around from a forum to your e-mail to Twitter and then back to a forum, you’ll actually lay the groundwork for your future success.

4. Focus makes your decisions easy.

Developing focus makes it easy to decide whether or not an activity is worth your time and attention. If it doesn’t serve your purpose and get you closer to meeting your business goals, you can simply push it aside.

5. Focus gets faster results.

What do you think happens when you spend more time working on your business and less time pretending to work? You get more done. Picture the difference in the amount of work you’ll accomplish if you’re working on just one business model, versus trying to hop from model to model each day.

6. Focus gets better results.

In order to succeed online, you need to become a master of what you do. By working on one business model and learning the ropes, you’ll become really good at what you do.

Since you’re practicing at it each and every day, you’re going to become better at the basic elements of your business and you’ll get much better results.

7. Focus makes your work enjoyable.

When you develop laser focus in your business, you’ll enjoy it more. Getting better results on a faster timeline will encourage you to work more on your business.

You’ll want to see more of those good results pouring into your life. Focus also makes your life simpler, which can make it more enjoyable to work on the …