MLM Opportunity – How to Be One of the Top Five Percent That Succeed and Thrive

MLM Opportunity – How to Be One of the Top Five Percent That Succeed and Thrive

It is a well-know statistic that 90-95% of all new businesses fail within their first year. This is no different when relating to an MLM or network marketing business opportunity.

What will set you apart from the crowd and allow you to not only succeed but thrive when so many before you have tried, given up, or flat out failed?

If you’ve been in the network marketing business for any amount of time you’ve probably heard about or been told to develop your “why”. Your “why” basically summarizes your motivations for joining your MLM company in the first place.

A strong why can help you remain centered and strong when struck by adversity. It gives you motivation when you are tired and inspiration when you’re feeling stuck.

I like to think of your why as passionate purpose.

So do you have a personally crafted, written down passionate purpose for your MLM business opportunity?

If yes, great! But I’m still going to suggest that you finish reading the article and go through the following exercises/questions.

If no, then now is the perfect time to develop this crucial piece of network marketing business success.

Most of the time people’s “why” centers around an income goal. For example, “My why is to make $5,000 per month so I can quit my corporate job.” Or “I want to get to the executive level so I can get the company car.”

And I say….Boring!! Ho-Hum. Is this really inspiring? Motivational?


Let’s expand the possibilities and change your “why” to passionate purpose.

Passionate purpose is what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning absolutely ready and on fire to begin the day.

Passionate purpose keeps you strong and steady in your business endeavors no matter who laughs at you or says no.

Passionate purpose keeps you holding your head high and inspired even when half of your team quits and joins the latest super-juice company.

So how do you dive past your normal “why” and connect with your passionate purpose?

Well, it’s going to take a little time and some soul-searching. Make sure you have at least 10-15 minutes to begin the exercise, a pen and of course some paper.


Answer the following 5 questions as quickly as you can. No deep thinking, just initial reactions.

1. What gets you really excited? Or what do you love to talk about with anyone that will listen?

2. What huge problem would go away if you suddenly had unlimited money?

3. What problem scares you the most that money can’t solve?

4. You’ve been told that you have to start a charitable organization. What would it be?

5. List 5 reasons why you would start this particular charitable organization.

Put your answers away for at least a day. It is essential that you give yourself some time between answering the first 5 questions and finishing this exercise.

Now answer this big are you on the planet right now to do?

How will you feel when you are doing this “one thing” most of the time?

How will your MLM business help you achieve this? What are 5 things that most excite you about your MLM business? How will you feel when you have your first $5,000 or more check? Why?

I’m asking you to go really deep within and explore these questions. Take your time developing your passionate purpose. And if you get stuck email me for some clarity.

I’d love to hear what your passionate purpose is so please get in touch and best wishes with your MLM opportunity.

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