3 Big Tips to Using Article Marketing to Build an Email Marketing List

3 Big Tips to Using Article Marketing to Build an Email Marketing List

If you want to know about using article marketing to build your email marketing list, then you are in the right place. This article will cover 3 tips to help you along the way of building a list with articles.

Many people use pay per click to build lists, and that works fine. But for the Internet marketer who wants to do it for free, articles marketing is the way to go.

One way to do this is to write articles and submit them to article directories. Ezine Articles is the most important directory because it gets the most traffic, but there are other ones also such as GoArticles and Buzzle. By submitting articles to these directories and then adding a good authors resource box that makes readers want to click, you are well on your way. When the readers click on the links in the resource box, you should direct them to a squeeze page which will sell the reader on giving you their email address. Without enough articles in the directories, you will get a lot of traffic and a lot of people potentially clicking on your links to visit your landing page and sign up to your email marketing list.

Another way to use article marketing is to write guest articles for other marketers. As a marketer with a list, we want to give our subscribers useful information. So offering a useful article to another marketer will benefit both you and the marketer. You will benefit because with you resource box intact, the marketers readers will have the opportunity to join your list. And the marketer benefits because his or her readers get beneficial information.

A third way to use article marketing is to sign up to a program that syndicates your articles around a network of blogs. These programs will allow you to place links in your articles which you can direct to your landing page to collect email addresses. There are several programs like this out there, one of which is Article Marketing Automation. Using a combination of these three methods will put you on the fast track to building your email marketing list.

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