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Internet Marketing Tips – How to Improve Your Sales and Profit Part 2

As what I’ve promised in the first part of this article series, I’ll talk more about internet marketing tools that you can use to generate more traffic to your website. As you know, this is the key to secure more leads, sales, and profit.

Article marketing. When talking about very effective traffic-generating tools, you can expect that article marketing will always come up in the discussion. This is because it’s proven to attract attention in the online arena. This is the process of writing and distributing short, keyword-rich articles to directories, blogs, and ezines. The goal here is build links for one’s website, to establish expertise in one’s niche, to create product awareness, to secure stronger online presence, and to pull up the site’s page ranking. These can be achieved if you write and distribute hundreds of high quality articles and if you make use of compelling resource box.

Forum posting. Forums are the best places to visit when you want to get in touch with your potential buyers. Identify those that are related to your chosen niche and visit them on a daily basis. Then, build an ongoing communication with your potential buyers. Join their discussion by giving them expert advice and by sharing with them a slice of your expertise. Most forums will allow you to use signature at the end of your posts where you can include the link of your website. Obviously, more posts will lead to more inbound links.

Social media marketing. One of the reasons why millions of people worldwide are using the internet these days is because of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is the reason why I suggest that you use these sites to your advantage. Through this, you’ll easily be able to connect to wider market with just few clicks on your mouse. You can announce the launching of your new products for example by announcing it on Twitter.

Blogging. Right now, when the online competition is cutthroat, you will need to use every tool that can help you advance in this endeavor. Aside from your business website, I would also recommend that you build your own blog. In here, you can talk about your products, issues related to your niche, and you can talk about yourself and your business. This is one good way in building huge following in the online arena.

Ebook distribution. Years of doing internet marketing have taught me one thing; you can easily get people to pay attention to what you’re saying if you give them something for free. So, make time to create short but very informative ebooks. Then, offer them as freebies to entice more people to sign up to your list. You can also use these as your ultimate viral marketing tools. Just instruct your recipients to forward your eBook to all the people they know.…

Customer Relationship Management Software – Taking Utmost Care of Clients

Customer Relationship Management Software – Taking Utmost Care of Clients

Today, maintaining a good relationship with your customer is one of the only ways to ensure that your business grows and that you are actually able to add on more customers over time. Unless you take the effort in ensuring that your existing customer base is being taken care of in an appropriate manner, it is hard to build a reputation and add on more clients. Hence, one of the practical solutions in this regard would be to go in for customer relationship management software, which can significantly help in making the entire process more efficient. In a number of ways, companies have gained significantly from going in for this option.

Empowering the marketing department

If you want your customers to be happy, then you should give your employees the necessary tools for doing so. Simply giving them an objective and not providing them the tools for achieving these objectives is going to be a pointless exercise. Hence, implementing marketing automation is definitely a recommended task here. Not only will your employees be able to get things done faster, but you will also be able to ensure that the company is able to grow without problems. Just focusing energy and resources on individual aspects will not help with growth. Even your marketing department will need some attention.

Choosing the right software

Ensure that you meet with your marketing department and discuss a plan for them to follow and ask them for their requirements. Depending on what has been decided, you will need to invest in appropriate customer relationship management software that can help in achieving all of the listed tasks. There is quite a lot of software out there that claim to help in automation but only a handful that you can actually count on. Hence, ensure that you are able to get something that can live up to its claims and actually help your marketing team get more things done.

Automating replies and giving time

Customers always tend to have a lot of queries. Hence, it is important to make sure that the queries are taken care of and that they do get a reply right away, when they have posted a question. Similarly, potential customers too would want information right away so that they can make the decision to go in for something or not. In a number of ways, having the automated replies helps in building confidence and making sure that their queries are not gone unheard. With the right kind of customer relationship management software, this is an assurance.

Hence, with all these things factored in, it is safe to say that getting the right kind of customer relationship management software is quite an important thing to take care of. Don’t neglect the option and simply go in for something that you might not really be able to completely take advantage of. Read reviews and go only to reliable websites that can help you in getting …

Experiential Marketing – What Is It and Is It Right for My Business?

Experiential Marketing – What Is It and Is It Right for My Business?

Small business marketing takes many forms. You can reach out to your customers via direct mail; get to know them on social media; and tell them about your latest offers in their email inbox. But these techniques are missing something.

We’ve lost the personality from our businesses. The ‘real’, ‘human’, element that made us so unique has gone. We’re hiding behind our computer screens and it could be damaging business. Your customers want to see the real people behind your company. And this is easier than you may think.

What is Live Event Marketing?

Experiential or event marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers on a personal level. Your customers get the chance to see your products for themselves, and try them out. They get to see the real person behind the company, and have all their queries solved there and then.

There are a whole host of locations where you can market in this way. Large, national exhibitions, localised trade fairs, even street markets; each of these events holds something different for your company.

What could be a better way of promoting your products? Getting to engage with your customers, and letting them see for themselves just why they need to buy from you. If you’ve never exhibited before, it is easier than you may think to guarantee success.

Top Tips for Trade Shows

The first secret to trade show success is a great display and stand. You need to grab your customers’ attention and lure them over to your stand. Once they’re at your stand, your products need to do the talking. Make sure visitors can test them out and get the full impact. Give them space to convince themselves they need to buy.

Secondly, you need to give customers an incentive to stay at your stand. If they’re not buying right away, you want time to convince them too. If they have brought, you don’t want them leaving just yet. Offer freebies, competitions, or refreshments as a way to hold their attention. Try and cross sell where possible, or at least get people to sign up to your mailing lists.

Thirdly, you must be aware of your sales technique. Hard sells can put people off pretty quickly, whereas going in to soft might still loose you the sale. Give customers time to try out your products before asking if they’d like help. You need to be able to assess their body language, and time your sales pitch perfectly.

Is it Right For My Business?

Live event marketing is a great method of offline promotion for any business. Whether you sell a product or a service, you ought to be integrating this method into your campaign. This is the easiest and most effective way to show your customers the face behind your business.…

Internet Marketing Advice No Matter What You Are Selling

When it comes to making money on the internet, you should know that one of the best kinds of products that you can sell is “information products”. An information product is simply a product where you deliver nothing but information. Typically, information products range from ebooks, books, CD’s, DVD’s, newsletters, membership sites, and etc. It’s a very lucrative business.
Now making money in this business isn’t a cake walk. You have to put your time and dedication in if you want to see more new sales and traffic coming in. You can’t just create a product, create a website – and hope for people to come and visit your site. You have to drive people to your site.
Now it won’t happen overnight (unless you got a $50,000 advertising budget and you spend it all on PPC, solo ads, and advertising on high traffic blogs and websites). If you want to achieve online business success, you should know that it will take time before your business succeeds.
Internet marketing is something that you will want to master, and learning how to drive traffic to your website is something that is vital to your success. Now you don’t just want “hits”… you can get hits from anywhere on the internet. Instead, what you want is “targeted” traffic.
You can get targeted traffic from a wide variety of sources. You have joint venture marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, affiliate program marketing, video marketing, social marketing, and more. The more you can utilize these techniques to get you the traffic that you’re looking for, the more likely you are to have online business success.
The beauty of the web is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to start making money. In fact, there’s a business model in particular that you can use to earn money on the internet… 100% free. But you will want to focus on placement of your products and ads, so that the layout is something that brings you the most income as possible.
To have success with information products (or any product for that matter), you have to have diligence, patience, and persistence. These 3 key factors are things that are very important to the overall goal of your success. Don’t believe in the notion that “if they build it they will come”. This isn’t the field of dreams here, this is reality. And the reality is that if you can’t drive people to your website, you probably won’t be earning a lot of money anytime soon.
Be sure to take these tips and use them in your internet business today. No matter what you sell online, you can make it profitable. Be persistent in your marketing efforts, and you will see that online business success can be yours within a short period of time.
Whether it’s information products or any other kind of product, make sure you follow proven methods to drive traffic, capture new sales, and earn more money simply and easily. These …

As a Small Business, Can You Afford to Waste Half Your Advertising Budget?

John Wannamaker, founder of the east coast Wannamaker’s Department Stores, is credited with having once observed, “I know I waste half the money I spend on advertising, the problem is figuring out which half.”
This is an insight that is often lost on inexperienced marketers, particularly new businesses.
Wannamaker understood that for a variety of reasons only half of those who were seeing his ads were customers or potential customers for his store, and that he was wasting his money advertising to the half that were not. The irony of Wannamaker’s observation is that it was made more than 100 years ago, when his media choices were a tiny fraction of what they are today — maybe he had the local newspaper, some billboards and perhaps handout fliers to choose among, but certainly there was no TV, cable, radio, the Internet, bus signs, logo wear…
Wannamaker clearly understood he needed to target his marketing efforts specifically at those people who were or were likely to become customers. Like Wannamaker, as a marketer you need to know your customers or potential customers because if you don’t know who they are, then you could very possibly waste half or more of your promotional dollars on media that will charge you lots of money for viewers / readers who are not and likely will never be your customers.
Here’s an extreme, but true, example of someone’s misguided media buy: I once heard a high-end jewelry store advertising their pricey crystal glassware on a hard rock station. Yes, the station was the number one in the market, but that “number one” included a great many young people (high school age and below) who were certainly not in the market for expensive glassware.
As a small business can you afford to throw away half of your marketing budget like this?…

10 Ways Lead Management Can Help Your Business Grow

10 Ways Lead Management Can Help Your Business Grow

The goal of a good Lead Management program is to nurture and build up a trusted relationship with your leads so that when they are ready to buy they actually reach out to you. Done well, it can help generate many more qualified sales opportunities for your sales team and maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Here are 10 ways Lead Management (LM) can help your business get the most revenue from your marketing-generated leads.

1. LM ensures that all new leads are followed-up with in a timely manner and none fall between the cracks or are (essentially) lost.

2. LM allows you to easily capture all web leads directly into your CRM database and to immediately respond.

3. LM educates and informs leads who might be familiar with your product/service but not ready to buy now.

4. LM saves you time by automating the follow-up process with lead nurturing tracks based on of pre-written email templates.

5. LM helps close more deals by providing your sales team with sales-ready opportunities rather than unqualified leads.

6. LM automatically assigns leads to your sales team so you can track their status/progress and re-assign to someone else if needed.

7. LM grades your leads by monitoring their activity (email opens, downloads, etc.) so you know who to call back first.

8. LM allows you to keep your partners up-to-date on your products so they can easily refer your business (when appropriate).

9. LM can be used to re-engage past customers who have not purchased from you lately.

keeps track of the actual sales revenue from each lead so you can optimize your marketing strategies for the best ROI.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a well-thought-out Lead Management program. Every business should consider implementing an automated Lead Management program to ensure you get the most sales revenue from the leads in your database.

For more information check out the CRM and Sales Management tool from LeadMaster.…

Article Marketing Automation – Can it Really Help You?

Article Marketing Automation – Can it Really Help You?

Article marketing automation is considered to be the best tool to make money, if you wish to provide publicity for your articles in a restricted period of time to a large group. Most individuals, who are involved in affiliate marketing, use article marketing software so that they can expand their outreach.

In most cases, people using this option are pure crazy about it owing to the manner in which it simplifies a large amount of work and completes it in a record time. However, there are also others who have had frustrating experiences with this tool and decided to never use it again.

A key reason for this is because people fail to realize the perfect situation to make use of an article marketing automation tool.

When should you use this option?

If you wish to boost the page ranking of your site, this tool will work like a charm. A key function of this tool is link building and you can be assured of good results in case you make use of this. It is possible to insert up to three links in the body of the article without much difficulty.

When search engines come across this feature, they are much more likely to push your page ahead in the results as it ensures that your page is actually credible and worth coming up in the list.

When else should you use this tool?

If you are aiming to launch a marketing scheme for your articles, ensure that you are including this tools as a part of your article marketing schemes. This option alone can associate your articles with blogs that have contents, which are in tandem.

Consider the case of an article talking about different diets, when you use an automation tool, your article will be linked to the blogs that talk about losing weight.

When should you avoid using any automation tool?

If your aim is to rewrite original articles, then any marketing software is not for you. People that have tried to do so managed to get thoroughly annoyed and gave it bad reviews in the end. The amount of time that an automation system needs is significantly higher than the time needed by a person to redo the article from scratch. Therefore, avoid using this tool, if you want an article to be rewritten.

When else should you avoid using this option?

There are some people out there who would like to be aware of the location of their article and where it is going to be submitted. This tool can do nothing beneficial for them.

It is next to impossible to track such blogs and find out where essays are being submitted. A common grouse with users of this tool is that articles tend to get submitted to blogs that have not been regularly updated from a long time.…

E-Mail Marketing Surviving Social Media ‘Threat’

E-Mail Marketing Surviving Social Media ‘Threat’

Social media is undoubtedly useful for business-to-business (B2B) marketing, with websites such as Facebook and Twitter revolutionising the way that certain advertising methods are undertaken. Despite the rapid rise of social media, e-mail marketing is continuing to prove an effective medium through which small, medium and large size enterprises can advertise their brands.

A recent study carried out by Epsilon that examined no less than 7 billion e-mail messages highlighted the value of e-mail marketing in B2B communications. According to Epsilon, open rates pertaining to e-mail campaigns reached 23.3 per cent by April this year – a success rate of almost one quarter.

Click-through rates, which are critical to B2B lead generation, were also relatively high at 5.9 per cent. Click-to-conversion rates – the holy grail of e-mail – rose by 26.5 per cent from the same period in 2010. As such, it could be argued that, despite the phenomenal rise of social media, e-mail marketing is very much holding its own when it comes to B2B lead generation.

Marketing opportunities in the commercial sphere need not be limited to e-mail, of course, but the web’s most convenient and traditional form of communication should not be overlooked in place of new media. E-mail marketing has a proven track record in delivering results and it is unlikely the medium will suffer a major dip in the near future; indeed, current trends suggest e-mail marketing is set to increase this year and next.

According to the 2011 Digital Marketing Survey, which was undertaken by the Society of Digital Agencies, 70 per cent of marketers intend to increase investment in niche e-mail marketing throughout 2011. At the beginning of the year, a survey carried out by BtoB Magazine found that a massive 63 per cent of marketers hoped to increase spending on direct e-mail campaigns for the next 12 months and beyond.

E-mail is especially useful as marketers can track B2B lead generation using relatively simple methods and technologies. It is also the case that B2B e-mail marketing requires very little cost compared to other forms of advertising.

Although once considered a threat to e-mail, social media is proving to be a useful area in which marketers can promote a brand – but not one that is blind to all other forms of advertising; indeed, social media and e-mail can be utilised in combination to produce strong results for businesses. Ultimately, e-mail marketing is surviving the social media ‘threat’.…

Selling Products and Services Through Article Distribution

Selling Products and Services Through Article Distribution

Every business owner is looking for the next big secret. Article distribution services would like to share a very valuable secret with you today: article marketing automation. They’re offering the ability to plan your article marketing strategy up to three years in advance in some cases.

Discovering the newest technique people are whispering about in the marketing world before it is widespread is a huge advantage. The secret to selling with article distribution is simple: offer potential customers relevant, valuable information so they will want to continue on to your web site for more.

With article distribution, being an expert in your topic will draw in more readers, and those readers are all potential customers. Having as many articles as possible published with links back to your site will help you increase your readership, which will lead to an increase in sales. Offering up your knowledge to niche consumers means you gain their trust before they even click over to your site to browse your products or services.

Relevant Information

The most vital part of a successful article marketing campaign is information. The articles you write are providing a service to potential customers, instead of making a sale right away you are using your expertise to educate the customer and let them know you’re trustworthy. Every consumer feels more confident in making a purchase from someone who really knows about what they’re selling.

The content you write also allows you to share your voice as well as any enthusiasm and passion you may have for your area of business. Many consumers love knowing that they’re making a purchase from someone who really cares, and the content you create can do a lot to share with them that you do care.

Quality is key when you’re creating your content. Readers are much more likely to click over to your website if they believe that you can provide the solution to their problem.

Marketing with article distribution can be a challenge for some business owners who have experience in marketing because sometimes a shift in thinking is required. The important thing is to concentrate and focus on information instead of selling.

If there is too much specific information about a certain product, consumers will feel like you are just trying to make a sale instead of providing an answer to their question. With your articles, your focus should be demonstrating to consumers that you know your topic like the back of your hand.

Article Distribution

After quality content, the number of articles you submit is a huge part of marketing online. By writing as many articles as possible in your niche, you increase the number of times searching consumers will find you. The more topics you explore, the more you increase your chances of being perceived as an expert in your field. The more sites you are published on, the more likely readers are to find your articles and end up at your website.

Submitting …

Lead Nurturing – Marketing Automation For Small Companies – Perception Can Change

Lead Nurturing – Marketing Automation For Small Companies – Perception Can Change

There is a misconception about lead nurturing and marketing automation software tools that it is only for big organizations who have lots of leads to process and a million customers. The real fact is different: lead nurturing is applicable and beneficial to small size businesses, as it is to the big size companies. In the past CRM software solution was also considered expensive investment, only large companies could afford it but the situation have changed, even the smaller and mid size companies have Salesforce and Sugar CRM accounts.

Let us understand the overall process with the help of an example: a local corporate travel service business which provide traveling service, car rental and ticketing to the organizations. The first thing they would consider is to generate a database of prospects and leads form promotional events such as online inquiries off their website or competitions and so on. As in many other businesses, companies have a need to approach them, here lead nurturing technology can be of great help. The important aspect here is to be in front of the organizations when they think about travel service and build a lead nurturing program which will reach out to the companies with messages, updates, and other important content to stay fresh in their memories.

I would like to share an experience with you: I have been receiving email messages from a newly opened business service. I scanned the introductory email for the first time but never took it seriously or explore it further. They followed up with food festivals, discount schemes and other special offers but I didn’t open those. After few weeks a potential client was visiting our office-at that moment that hospitality chain came to my mind. I searched for it in my inbox and browsed through lots of information they have provided. Here, I had a thought in my mind that if this business had a lead nurturing system in place it would have benefited them before i had a chance to look at other options.

It is not at all expensive or complicated to set up a lead nurturing program as it is believed to be. As Salesforce opened the doors for several small and mid size companies with their CRM, we can hope to see lead nurturing and marketing automation taking a similar path.…

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