Lead Nurturing – Marketing Automation For Small Companies – Perception Can Change

Lead Nurturing – Marketing Automation For Small Companies – Perception Can Change

There is a misconception about lead nurturing and marketing automation software tools that it is only for big organizations who have lots of leads to process and a million customers. The real fact is different: lead nurturing is applicable and beneficial to small size businesses, as it is to the big size companies. In the past CRM software solution was also considered expensive investment, only large companies could afford it but the situation have changed, even the smaller and mid size companies have Salesforce and Sugar CRM accounts.

Let us understand the overall process with the help of an example: a local corporate travel service business which provide traveling service, car rental and ticketing to the organizations. The first thing they would consider is to generate a database of prospects and leads form promotional events such as online inquiries off their website or competitions and so on. As in many other businesses, companies have a need to approach them, here lead nurturing technology can be of great help. The important aspect here is to be in front of the organizations when they think about travel service and build a lead nurturing program which will reach out to the companies with messages, updates, and other important content to stay fresh in their memories.

I would like to share an experience with you: I have been receiving email messages from a newly opened business service. I scanned the introductory email for the first time but never took it seriously or explore it further. They followed up with food festivals, discount schemes and other special offers but I didn’t open those. After few weeks a potential client was visiting our office-at that moment that hospitality chain came to my mind. I searched for it in my inbox and browsed through lots of information they have provided. Here, I had a thought in my mind that if this business had a lead nurturing system in place it would have benefited them before i had a chance to look at other options.

It is not at all expensive or complicated to set up a lead nurturing program as it is believed to be. As Salesforce opened the doors for several small and mid size companies with their CRM, we can hope to see lead nurturing and marketing automation taking a similar path.

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