Article Marketing – 5 Strategies For Maximum Traffic Results!

Article Marketing – 5 Strategies For Maximum Traffic Results!

In the past, article marketing has been used for two things, links and traffic. Distributing articles can get you lots of links pointing in to your web pages, all with great keyword rich anchor text. Lots of links improve your search engine rankings and bring you visitors.

In the past, you could get away with just distributing your articles to lots of article sites, and in doing so your sites would rank well, but now, these directory style links carry a lot less ranking juice. However they do carry some and it is therefore still worth your time to distribute articles for indexing and rankings.

Lots of people start article marketing campaigns, but soon get frustrated that all the effort and time they spend writing is not rewarded with floods of traffic or ranking boosts. So what can be done to ensure the time you put into writing your articles is actually time well spent? Here are 5 tips for boosting your article marketing results.

1. Article Research

How many times do you just sit and write an article off the top of your head and submit it without considering what keywords your targeting, or look to see which articles are proving most popular with readers in your niche? Often I’d guess! If you want a ton of people to see your article, get ideas from articles that are already proving popular in the leading article sites.

2. Article Titles

Always consider your article title very carefully. Going back to the first tip, look to see what titles are proving popular and write similar ones. Secondly try and target your main keyword phrase at the start of the title, and if you can squeeze a second one in after it.

3. Bio Boxes

Make sure you give the reader a compelling reason to click on the link in your bio box. Offer more ‘secrets’ or something for ‘free’.

4. Mass Distribution

If you are going to the time and effort of writing your own articles, make sure you get the most from them by using a distribution service to automate the process of submitting them to all the leading directories and ezines.

5. Blog Networks

Why stop at article directories? Join a blog network and post your article to member blogs, you can quickly get lots of one way targeted links from member blogs that will definitely boost your search engine rankings!

The greater your distribution, the more links you will get from your articles.

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