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Tips on Promoting Your Business Opportunity Online and Offline – Part I

Do you get Junk Mail? What is your common response to Junk Mail? Like most people you probably throw it out with the rest of the trash. With this tip you will be able to turn Junk Mail from trash to cash. A strategy known as “reverse mailing”.
This simple strategy involves sending a “unique” opportunity to a list of Junk Mail senders. What makes this list so great are two things:
1. About 90% of the people sending you Junk Mail won’t stick with their program because they are looking for the next big thing online.
2. The rest are successful promoters and they are open to great opportunities as well.
The moral of the story is they are both buyers! You can decide which one is more valuable.
Despite this please keep in mind you won’t be able to send just anything to your newly compiled junk mail list. What they will want is something new and different, with obvious money making potential. You should probably avoid MLM opportunities because of the bad reputation it has developed over the years. So, unless you know of a really good one perhaps you should promote something else.
To get started quickly make approximately 100 – 200 copies of your sales letter. Print each page, double-sided. Make sure there are no errors, you want to appear professional. Send your opportunity to you Junk list and wait for the money to come pouring in.
Let’ summarize:
1. Put together a simple Ad sheet.
2. Strongly suggest you mail and/or include a Free Advertising Coupon to bring in new and repeat business.
3. Consider a Bulk Rate mailing permit to save on postage.
4. Start “Reverse Mailing” or advertise in Opportunity publications.
5. Make copies of your Ad sheet and mail them to those who inquire for a free copy and those that send you opportunity offers.
6. Join an inexpensive business program that can compliment your Ad sheet and then send them offers along with the Free Ad sheet coupon to people that send you junk mail.
And that’s it! Once set up you can start making money in about a week with this strategy.…

Internet Marketing Tips – Keeping Your Head When Everyone Around You Is Losing Theirs

This is probably one of the most difficult articles I’ve ever had to write. And a lot of people will wonder what this has to do with Internet marketing. The truth is, it has so much to do with Internet marketing that it may be the most important lesson you will ever learn if you want to be successful in this business. I would pay very close attention to this article. It may just save your business.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that just recently we had another terrible mass murder in our public schools. No need to rehash it. We all know what happened and how tragic it was.
What followed was almost as tragic, but quite predictable. We saw both sides of the argument for gun control come out with a ferocity that would make a mother lion cower in the corner. Horrible things were said on both sides TO both sides. Friendships were almost destroyed over this issue. It got ugly… very ugly. But it always does when something like this happens.
And, as what usually happens, Internet marketers couldn’t help but put their two cents in as well. Some tried to remain neutral. Others took one of the two sides with all the passion of that same mother lion protecting her cub. And inevitably, things were said that couldn’t be taken back. Lists of 10,000 were suddenly down to 5,000. Sales virtually stopped overnight. Blog posts had more comments than Carter has liver pills. In short, the chaos was beyond comprehension and businesses were almost destroyed.
Just because somebody couldn’t keep their head in the midst of all the suffering.
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion on something. There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about something. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about something and displaying that passion for all to see. Just understand that unless you do it in a constructive and semi restrained fashion, you are likely to see a fallout that could seriously impact your business.
As Internet marketers, we have an obligation to our prospective customers. Think about this. How likely is somebody to purchase from you if you go off like a mad man about whatever the topic of the day is. Aren’t you, as a marketer, obligated, if not to the public but to yourself, to keep your emotions in check and stick to facts and the “selling” points of the argument?
“How To Win Friends And Influence People” is a great book. Everybody should read it. In a nutshell, it basically says that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. It’s a lot easier to get somebody to do something for you when you compliment them and/or make them feel good than if you berate them and make them feel like an idiot. The latter just makes them fight back.
It’s easy to get caught up in these kind of arguments. What happened this past week was a tragedy …

How To Put Your Competition On Birth Control!

How To Put Your Competition On Birth Control!

Here we go again…

Gotta love election years!


Because the goof-balls in Washington have nothing better to do than bicker over birth control.

The right says this…

The left says that…

Good grief.

It’s enough to give me one gigantic headache.

That said:

This got me thinking about something you can use to neutralize your competition so you can dominate your neighborhood.

Here’s what I did:

One year, I decided I was going to contact my local media sources and ask them if they’d let me write a regular column in their publication.

What kind of results did I get?

Not good.

In fact, at first nobody would take my call.


Once someone took my call they pooped-on my idea.


I didn’t give up.

In fact, I invited all of my media contacts to events at my business. I put them all on my paper and ink newsletter list. I even sent them birthday cards.

This went on for some time, but…

When the opportunity came up, one publication let me write a column about my area of expertise.

And guess what happened?

I annihilated my competition!

It was like a walked up and stuck a DEPO SHOT in the arm of my competition.

Not only did I get tons of new business from my column.

But, I also positioned myself as “the expert” in my field which is something that practically turned my competition into infertile turtles.

Who can argue with someone who writes a column in the local newspaper?

And since we’re on the topic…

Think you need to write like Steven King before you try to snag a writing gig from your local media?

Well, you’re wrong. A lot of time you don’t need to write the piece at all. In fact, all you need to be is an “advisor” to the reporter who is in charge of writing the column.


That’s not as good as you writing the column yourself so your picture and website information is included in the blurb. But hey, a lot of times the reporter will willingly plug you since you helped him or her write the piece.

The ultimate point is this:

Don’t count yourself out.

You know a lot about a particular area of expertise.

And it’s this area that the reporter is interested in since it’s more than likely something their readers would like to know more about too.

So keep consistent with this idea.

And reap the rewards of dominating your niche.…

Article Marketing Automation – What You Need to Know About Your Automated Article Marketing Business

Article Marketing Automation – What You Need to Know About Your Automated Article Marketing Business

Promotion and marketing of the website is one such department of business that needs constant attention for a business to grow and profit. The task however is tedious. Nevertheless, thanks to Article Marketing Automation, the process is automated and business owners can now heave a sigh of relief.

Article marketing is the least expensive yet the most effective SEO tool. However, it requires effort and time to write, submit and distribute articles in a bid to generate links and direct traffic to your website. The task has now been made easier by AMA, which is an article distribution service based on monthly membership and provides the following additional services:

Link building

Free content provider

Marketing tool

Benefits of Article Marketing Automation over other Tools

1. Link building tool: in the world of blogging, links matter the most. Google too, considers the blogs and articles that have many links pointing to them, as highly popular and important and hence puts these blogs and articles higher in its search results. As a link building tool, AMA provides three distinct advantages over the traditional article directories:

It allows three links to be embedded anywhere in the article body, which is unlike the article directories, which allow the links to be put at the end of the article, in the signature box.

It distributes articles to blogs that are related to the topic of the article. Thus, an article on insurance is distributed to a blog on insurance and not to a blog on pets.

It distributes the articles with altered content and that too slowly into the system without raising an alarm for the search engines like Google to consider them as spam.

2. Free content provider: since blogs require unique content from time-to-time, AMA with its unique capability can spin articles and provide fresh and unique content each time they are submitted. Thus, updating blogs is automated and the blog owners are happy with fresh content with three links pointing to the affiliate program or the author’s site.

3. Marketing tool: the Article Marketing Automation does away with the problem of the same article available at different article directories. Since manual submission would mean the same article at various directories, automation by the Article Marketing Automation ensures that different content made out from the original article is distributed to sites that are related to the content of the article.

Thus, we see that Article Marketing Automation is an ideal article distribution service that cuts out the time and effort required for the task. Moreover, it also provides links and generates traffic for a website. The larger the number of people that visit your site through the articles, the greater is the amount of money made.…

Smarter Business Marketing – Turn One Idea Into Multiple Streams of Income

Smarter Business Marketing – Turn One Idea Into Multiple Streams of Income

Most entrepreneurs have new ideas springing up like popcorn. Problem is, they don’t know how to systematically transform those ideas into income, leaving them overwhelmed, disillusioned or with a scattered brand that’s the same as no brand at all.

The solution is both simple and profitable: turn one idea into multiple streams of income. This concept is especially easy if you’re a creative type because of your natural ability to see many possibilities. You just need to know how to harness your creativity so it’s working for you, instead of against you.

The beauty of this strategy is it channels your creativity into a direction that has high payoff value, thus opening the door to creating the six and high-six figure business you want.

That’s what I just coached my private intensive client, Bria Simpson to do. The result is a business model and plan that will easily turn her frustrating five-figure business into high six figures in less than one year. All Bria needs to do is implement according to the detailed marketing calendar we mapped out.

So, here are 3 easy tips on how you can turn one idea into multiple streams of income. Remember that this simple shift in your business model will make a huge shift in your income!

Tip #1 Use The “Rinse And Repeat” Strategy

Every time I teach a client how to turn one idea into multiple streams of income, they always protest, saying, “But Kendall, I can’t offer the same information more than I?” The short answer is yes, you can. In fact, that’s where the power of this strategy comes from: offering the same information in a variety of formats. This is how you build a powerful brand, simplify your life and quickly create multiple streams of income.

So rather than burn yourself out trying to create tons of new content, focus instead on repeating your core information in different learning modalities, such as teleseminars, articles, workshops, private 1-day intensives, etc. The more intimately clients get to work with you, the more personalized and advanced you can customize your information.

Tip #2 Listen To Your Clients For Your Next Big Idea

When I created my best-selling home study course, it was an instant hit. Why? Because I listened to my clients, who kept asking me for help with “how to charge what they were worth.” Bingo! That became the title of a best-selling info product that became the foundation for my 7-figure business.

Moral of the story is, don’t waste time trying to get your clients to buy what you think they should have. Instead, listen to what they tell you they want, then create it for them.

Tip #3 Don’t Get Distracted With Multiple Ideas

Rather than creating different titles and topics to offer your clients, direct your creativity to designing different offers on the same topic. Afraid you’ll get bored? Trust me, you won’t. Once you see …

Television (TV) Advertising To Reach More People

Marketing can take upon a whole variety of forms. You can do it on the internet, magazines, newspapers, and even joint ventures. This is something that you should look into if you want to improve your sales and profits. But unfortunately, a lot of the marketing methods that you think would work now is slowly because a technique that is futile in nature.
But there is one kind of advertising that people are looking into as another form of marketing. This form is television advertising. Depending on where you run your television ad, it can really cost you a lot of money. But if you’re in a local area and want to run your TV ad locally, it won’t cost as much.
When running TV ads, you have to follow the same conventions of direct response marketing. Lead with a big headline, show the viewer what’s in it for them; and have a strong close with your phone number and website address. Now if this sounds simple, it is, but there’s one thing that you need to do to: you have to get them to put the remote down.
Getting viewers to do such a thing is tough. Most of them are just flipping through the channels looking for something watch, and can care less about the ads that we see on TV. But for that 1 scanning viewer, you will want to capture their attention with a riveting headline that will get them to start taking your TV ad seriously.
You have all kinds of elements that you have to be aware of when thinking about running a TV ad. You need testimonials, before and after pictures, a good pitch person, the ultimate benefit, and much more. Using these strategies, you’ll be able to have the foundations of a good TV ad.
Now obviously your offer will want to be good also. No matter what you sell, price it from $10 – $30, and then when they buy, try to upsell them immediately with your $2000 product. This is how the pros do it. Even if you don’t have a $2000 product, if you have a product that is high priced and relates to the item that they just bought, consider selling them that.
A good television ad can bring you a lot of new customers overnight. I can remember a pawn shop offering PlayStation 2’s for $100. I saw the ad at around 3am in the morning, and told myself I would go down there to buy one. But when I got there, they were all sold out!
Needless to say I was upset, but this brings on a simple marketing strategy that I think you can learn from.
If that ad was shown in the newspaper, I thought that it would have been sold out overnight. But since it was on TV broadcasting to the masses, I think this is the factor that made the campaign a success.
Before you rule out TV advertising, think about the …

Quick Advice For Being Your Own Handyman (or Handywoman)

Home improvement is a variety of benefits! The never-ending tasks transform your residence into something special. The work involved can also help to keep you fit. Continue reading to learn some excellent information on how to make sure your home improvement jobs are successful and affordable. You should read this information before you start making plans for your home improvement project.

Keep an eye out for sales on carpet installation offered by national chains. They quite often offer carpet installation to encourage people to buy their carpets.

Build an original additional to your home for sophistication and class. A wine cellar or library brimming with shelves are wonderful spaces in any home. This will show that you are unique and potential buyers.

If you can afford purchasing real wood floors rather than laminate, opt for real wood floors instead of laminate. Laminate has its perks but it cannot be refinished. In another decade or two, you will find that your floors need to be replaced and cannot be refinished.

Store building supplies between your floor joists or ceiling rafters. You can put many different things up there such as long planks of molding or wood in these areas. Just nail a few furring strip across exposed joists and slip your material in.

Insulating your attic should help you reduce your wintertime heating costs.Heat rises over time and without proper attic insulation; it seeps out of heat is lost in the fall and winter season in houses with poor insulation. Insulation is available at your nearest hardware or home improvement stores and can be installed fairly easily.

It is a normal for chair caning to sag with time. There’s an easy trick you can use to tighten up chair caning to a lot of effort. Wet a sponge and then apply it to the bottom of the caning. Be sure that the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Allow the water to sit on the caning overnight. Continue doing this until your caning of the chair is completely repaired.

If you are going for a serene atmosphere in your home, pick light, airy colors like light green, purple, or light purple. Use cotton materials and linens instead of dark brocades and heavy patterns.

One home improvement project with an outstanding return on investment is finishing the basement. You can increase the total square footage of livable space for your family when adding in a basement. You can get what you need at a discount stores. Finishing your basement can improve your home’s resale value upwards of 30%.

To prepare for the winter, you should insulate all plumbing. Weatherizing tape for wrapping your plumbing lines is available at any store and it’s easy to install. The tape will prevent your home’s electrical supply and keep the pipes from freezing which could lead to a pipe burst.

Perhaps, you feel overwhelmed by what you’ve learned here. You should do things a step at a time. These steps can help you turn problems …

Customer Relationship Management Software Defined And Explained

Customer Relationship Management Software Defined And Explained

The CRM (customer relationship management) is the philosophy of a business involving understanding, identifying and providing the best for the consumers when building the work relationship with all consumers to maximize profits and improve consumer satisfaction. It is all about anticipating, understanding, and answering the consumers’ needs.

To manage the work relationship with consumer the company has to gather up the correct info about their consumers and systematize that info for correct action and analysis. It requires maintaining the info up-to-date, making them convenient to the employees, and providing the way for them to change that information into products to best match to the consumers’ requirements.

The secret of the powerful customer relationship management software isn’t simply in what information are accumulated however in interpreting and organization of that information. That is how computers comes handy and can not, naturally, transform your relationship that you’ve with the consumer.

That will take top to bottom, cross-section, company desire to make good relationships. However computers and the best computer based customer relationship management software could increase your sales up to forty to fifty percent – because many surveys have proved this.

The best illustration to the customer relationship management solution is the car manufacturer (assuming they distribute to the end users directly).

If they managed the database of which clients purchase what kind of items with their typical purchase, and when, the color tastes, what kind of selections they made, how frequently they’re making the purchase, whether they are in need of financing while purchasing and so forth., the manufacturing business knows very well what marketing items to send, what options/preferences will lift the sale, what products to advertise to all client, whether to include the financial package in the selling items and which is the best time to target all consumer.

They can utilize this info to build the work relationship with consumer by reminding consumers of products recalls, service dates, and perhaps even to send out the birthday card to customers.

How to choose a customer relationship management software?

Use an adviser to save you money and time. The resellers who sell the software’s are often the best consultants as they’ve experience in this and may also have some feedback from selling customer relationship management software. Few resellers provide broader packages comprising process management and strategic planning.

Do research by yourself

Almost of the customer relationship management solution manufacturing businesses give considerable suggestion, guides and pdf’s on their web sites that would help in the selecting process. Of course, they’re probably to be biased however they could give you good sources of information’s anyhow.

Look for their unbiased reviews and test their customer support.…

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