A Lead Capture System – Getting More Customers

A Lead Capture System – Getting More Customers

Keeping in touch with your customers is easier than ever with a lead capture system. Many of you may be asking, what is a lead capture system? Basically, it is a nurturing system that develops a relationship with your potential customer by sending messages routinely that are relevant to their interests and loaded with valuable information. A lead capture system can simplify your life by automatically sending out preset messages to your customer list, weekly, monthly, etc.

A lead capture system, also known as marketing automation or an autoresponder, is designed to capture your visitor’s information. This is how you build a good, qualified list and convert more traffic from your website into customers. Give your visitors an offer or product of value for free to download. Once the visitor responds, require the following information: name, and email by using an Opt-in form on your website.

A good lead capture system consists of four major components:

An Opt-in form on a Landing Page. This is a form where visitors to your website can enter their information to receive your free offer or product. The Opt-in form is typically on a separate page, called a landing page, which explains your free offer in detail.

An Autoresponder. This is a piece of software that automatically sends a series preset messages to your potential or existing customers. It’s a good practice to send valuable information that interests them, not so much about your products and messages should be more toward benefiting your customers, and once in a while, how your product or services can benefit them. In this way your lead capture system helps your potential customers to know you, like you, and build enough trust in you to buy your products or services.

A Confirmation Page. This page comes up to thank your customer after they have Opted-in for their free gift or product and directs them to go their email to confirm it’s their correct email address.

A Double Opt-in Pagethat points to the Gift Delivery Page after they have confirmed their email address where they can receive their gift or product.

A lead capturing system is all about establishing relationships with your website visitors. Building these relationships can also bring in repeat business because now, they know, like and trust you. By acquiring the contact information from your visitors, you position yourself to build a good customer list.

The goal is to get your leads to respond to the free product and engage further with your business through a lead capturing system.

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