Article Marketing Automation – More Than Just Submission to Article Directories

Article Marketing Automation – More Than Just Submission to Article Directories

Article marketing automation can help you save time and money, especially if you outsource your article writing work. This is because a single article gets submitted to multiple article directories under the same author name. This means no content duplication plus wider exposure to your target readers, more so since these directories have content syndication members regularly taking published content and syndicating it on their sites. This then means more exposure and backlinks for you and your sites.

Article marketing is a content marketing strategy. It can direct target readers back to your sites when your article content is properly written. It can also get more target viewers reading your articles because your published articles can have high search engine rankings for your target terms.

Usually, you submit articles to directories which publish your articles for free. Many think that article marketing will bring more visitors to the website: true, but not directly. Most directories do not send you a lot of traffic. What they do give is a keyword anchored link back to your site. It’s a well-known SEO tradition that the more keyword anchored back links point to your site the better it will rank in search engine results.

Article marketing automation is a new strategy for article marketing and the biggest break for anyone who likes their online business as automated as possible. Aside from just submitting to directories, it is also a link building service, or a source of free content for bloggers and a bum marketing tool (content marketing without a website). As a one-way link service, most directories frequently permit 3 links to be placed into the resource/bio box section of each article you write while there are others which allow your links to be placed in the body of your articles.

Backlinks are important for your SEO/SEM campaigns. Search engines like Google keep track of the links pointing to the content pages of websites, and when it finds a lot of links on high PR dofollow pages of sites with high domain authority, it considers the linked page to be important and relevant to the keywords used as anchors of the links. This then means higher search engine rankings for your content pages after relevant keyword searches.

Article marketing automation can automatically submit your articles to directories as well as to blogs relevant to your keywords. For example: if your article is about dog grooming, then it is posted on blogs about pets and petcare. If you write about cooking, your article will be posted on blogs about food and health.

With automated article marketing, your articles are distributed without requiring much manual work. This means you could get more traffic from your work since you can write more articles and have them submitted to article directories and blogs or other sites without wasting time submitting them manually.

Article marketing automation also ensures that your article is slightly different each time it is submitted to a directory, blog or site. This means your article will appear in several online places as distinct and unique articles. Therefore, each link in every post will matter. It will not be omitted by Google and other search engines from results of relevant searches because of its uniqueness.

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