Article Marketing Automation – What You Need to Know About Your Automated Article Marketing Business

Article Marketing Automation – What You Need to Know About Your Automated Article Marketing Business

Promotion and marketing of the website is one such department of business that needs constant attention for a business to grow and profit. The task however is tedious. Nevertheless, thanks to Article Marketing Automation, the process is automated and business owners can now heave a sigh of relief.

Article marketing is the least expensive yet the most effective SEO tool. However, it requires effort and time to write, submit and distribute articles in a bid to generate links and direct traffic to your website. The task has now been made easier by AMA, which is an article distribution service based on monthly membership and provides the following additional services:

Link building

Free content provider

Marketing tool

Benefits of Article Marketing Automation over other Tools

1. Link building tool: in the world of blogging, links matter the most. Google too, considers the blogs and articles that have many links pointing to them, as highly popular and important and hence puts these blogs and articles higher in its search results. As a link building tool, AMA provides three distinct advantages over the traditional article directories:

It allows three links to be embedded anywhere in the article body, which is unlike the article directories, which allow the links to be put at the end of the article, in the signature box.

It distributes articles to blogs that are related to the topic of the article. Thus, an article on insurance is distributed to a blog on insurance and not to a blog on pets.

It distributes the articles with altered content and that too slowly into the system without raising an alarm for the search engines like Google to consider them as spam.

2. Free content provider: since blogs require unique content from time-to-time, AMA with its unique capability can spin articles and provide fresh and unique content each time they are submitted. Thus, updating blogs is automated and the blog owners are happy with fresh content with three links pointing to the affiliate program or the author’s site.

3. Marketing tool: the Article Marketing Automation does away with the problem of the same article available at different article directories. Since manual submission would mean the same article at various directories, automation by the Article Marketing Automation ensures that different content made out from the original article is distributed to sites that are related to the content of the article.

Thus, we see that Article Marketing Automation is an ideal article distribution service that cuts out the time and effort required for the task. Moreover, it also provides links and generates traffic for a website. The larger the number of people that visit your site through the articles, the greater is the amount of money made.

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