Automate Your Web Business With an Auto-Responder

Automate Your Web Business With an Auto-Responder

One of the greatest benefits of running a web business is the ability to effectively and efficiently automate a lot of the processes involved in running a business. AutoResponders is one of the tools that assist in the automation process.

For those that don’t already know, an AutoResponder is a program that managers email communications with your site visitors who have either purchased from your site or signed up to your site by opting in at some point. AutoResponders are the single most important tool for every email marketer or web business owner, especially those which have databases in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Who Would Use an AutoResponder

There are many possible applications for an AutoResponders and therefore many different possible users, they are certainly not just limited to Email Marketers. Whether you’re running a local florists website or a major corporation’s website, you most definitely find some use for an AutoResponder. The florists website for example may collect a list of customers in the local area and email them every time they get a new bouquet style or flower type in, furthermore they may even offer a newsletter on how to care for your flowers, which I’m sure many would find useful and would remind customers you’re there and ready for their business.

The Corporate website on a much larger scale may be able to collect a database of potential customers that can be contacted at a click of a button every time a new product or service has become available. Or again just to remind the potential customers that you’re there and ready for their business

Choosing an AutoResponder

I personally have used a couple of Autoresponders in my time on the web and there a few differences between them, however with the few differences that are found you can really determine wether the one you’re using or wanting to use is the best option for you. A consistent issue with some of the AutoResponders out there is the unreliability of email delivery. You don’t want to send an email to 10,000 people about a new product you have launched, then to find out later on that only 4,000 received it. On top of that you’ll have no idea who did receive it so you can’t send the email again. Therefore have a browse around the net for reviews on the AutoResponder see what other users are actually saying about it.

Another thing to look out for when Choosing an AutoResponder is the features available, some of the greatest points of the better AutoResponders out there are the extra features that they provide. Such as, email open rate, email link click through rate, the ability to send out varying messages to see which ones have the greatest effect (Taguchi Testing), and the ability to track, report and optimise the results of emails.

The benefits of using AutoResponders to automate your Web Business are truly great, how else can you immediately reach a vast number of targeted customers at the click of a button, I certainly don’t know of any other way, when I do I’ll let you know.

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