Demand Generation Services To Focus on Buyer Requirements

Demand Generation Services To Focus on Buyer Requirements

B2B demand generation services should be primarily built around three key components which can be used to develop effective marketing strategy that completely focuses on the buyer. These three ingredients – lead management, marketing automation and content marketing should be integrated and optimized to design efficient demand generation programs that do not merely generate leads but also help in leads conversions.

Lead management framework as an essential constituent of demand generation services

Comprehensive lead management is required to build an effective demand generation plan. The lead management framework defines how the lead will be taken through the different stages of sales cycle from the point of entry into an organization, through marketing nurturing, to hand-off from marketing to sales, through further sales nurturing and finally to close. Lead management is a significant part of the process that defines the important parameters for lead scoring, routing and nurturing. This is critical to finding success with marketing automation and to ensuring that the customers get the information they require to make their own evaluations at various legs of the buying cycle and so that they can move their process forward. Lead management is therefore critical to content marketing and that help devise and deliver buyer centric demand generation services.

Demand generation services focusing on marketing automation

Supported by an efficient lead management process, marketing automation becomes the vehicle for moving the sales process ahead. Marketing automation takes constant signals from lead scores – driven both by buyer demographics and by behavioral cues – as well as segmentation and routing logic, to ensure that the leads are moved forward through the lead management process. And this is an intelligent sorting that is done very rapidly – triggering actions that are beneficial in generating demand.Marketing automation is not just about diminishing manual tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.Rather there is a strategic intention behind using this engine which is to manage buyer-centric, mass one-to-one marketing on a scale basis.

Content marketing is at the heart of demand generation services

Today majority of the buyers do research on their own ahead of speaking with a sales representative. And with easy availability of information that can be accessed with the help of the preferred search engine it has become more important than ever to provide useful content that buyers can use to make their decision fast. The success of these services depends largely on identification of the content buyers need at various buying stages and choosing the right media and channels to convey this content. Basically, content marketing is all about churning out good-quality, pertinent and valuable information to prospects and customers to drive profitable buyer actions. In fact it is not just about providing information but also about using customers’ behavioral cues ( pages accessed and documents downloaded) to find out where a customer is in his/her buying cycle.


Intertwining these three important elements can help tender demand generation services that are focused on buyer needs. Demand generation services should be not only be about capturing prospects attention, rather it should be valuable in moving the buyer along faster in a decision-making process.

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