How Email Marketing Can Generate Quality Leads

How Email Marketing Can Generate Quality Leads

In some quarters, emailing marketing has a less than optimal reputation. Some see it simply as the refuge of ‘spammers’, a low-rent way for businesses to try and grab the attention of their customers, while generally succeeding only in irritating them. It doesn’t have to be like that. Over the last couple of years email has evolved and progressed through the use of in-depth analytical tools that allow for highly targeted and relevant campaigns. Good quality email campaigns can offer a great ROI and is an excellent opportunity work on customer and B2B lead generation.

Email marketing can easily be outsourced to specialist marketing firms. They will generally be able to offer a full email package designed to help your business win customers in a targeted way. Rather than untargeted campaigns that drive away as many customers as they gain, modern marketing aims to reach the right people and generate real leads. Rather than simply driving traffic to a website, quality email campaigns concentrate on customer and B2B lead generation. They generally do this by tracking and analysing behaviour.

After a marketing email has been sent, a lead generation tool can be used to work out which of the website hits that result from it are likely to be real leads. It can see when people have logged on to the site, how long they spent there, and whether and when they return. A customer who logs on repeatedly and frequently is, naturally, far more likely to be a good lead than one on who logs on once. This kind of information then needs to be used effectively. It could be sent to sales staff, who can then make calls to follow up the leads. It could also be used to trigger an automatic email, creating a kind of targeted email marketing ‘virtuous circle’.

Effective email marketing that is combined with automatic customer and B2B lead generation in this way is intelligent marketing that can build business for the future. As with any kind of marketing campaign, it needs to be well handled in order to work, and the automated side of it is only part of the story. Without good sales people in place to back it up, it will not produce the kind of returns your business needs. However, with commitment and a holistic approach, using automatic lead generation can transform a very ordinary email marketing campaign into a huge success.

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