How To Put Your Competition On Birth Control!

How To Put Your Competition On Birth Control!

Here we go again…

Gotta love election years!


Because the goof-balls in Washington have nothing better to do than bicker over birth control.

The right says this…

The left says that…

Good grief.

It’s enough to give me one gigantic headache.

That said:

This got me thinking about something you can use to neutralize your competition so you can dominate your neighborhood.

Here’s what I did:

One year, I decided I was going to contact my local media sources and ask them if they’d let me write a regular column in their publication.

What kind of results did I get?

Not good.

In fact, at first nobody would take my call.


Once someone took my call they pooped-on my idea.


I didn’t give up.

In fact, I invited all of my media contacts to events at my business. I put them all on my paper and ink newsletter list. I even sent them birthday cards.

This went on for some time, but…

When the opportunity came up, one publication let me write a column about my area of expertise.

And guess what happened?

I annihilated my competition!

It was like a walked up and stuck a DEPO SHOT in the arm of my competition.

Not only did I get tons of new business from my column.

But, I also positioned myself as “the expert” in my field which is something that practically turned my competition into infertile turtles.

Who can argue with someone who writes a column in the local newspaper?

And since we’re on the topic…

Think you need to write like Steven King before you try to snag a writing gig from your local media?

Well, you’re wrong. A lot of time you don’t need to write the piece at all. In fact, all you need to be is an “advisor” to the reporter who is in charge of writing the column.


That’s not as good as you writing the column yourself so your picture and website information is included in the blurb. But hey, a lot of times the reporter will willingly plug you since you helped him or her write the piece.

The ultimate point is this:

Don’t count yourself out.

You know a lot about a particular area of expertise.

And it’s this area that the reporter is interested in since it’s more than likely something their readers would like to know more about too.

So keep consistent with this idea.

And reap the rewards of dominating your niche.

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