Smarter Business Marketing – Turn One Idea Into Multiple Streams of Income

Smarter Business Marketing – Turn One Idea Into Multiple Streams of Income

Most entrepreneurs have new ideas springing up like popcorn. Problem is, they don’t know how to systematically transform those ideas into income, leaving them overwhelmed, disillusioned or with a scattered brand that’s the same as no brand at all.

The solution is both simple and profitable: turn one idea into multiple streams of income. This concept is especially easy if you’re a creative type because of your natural ability to see many possibilities. You just need to know how to harness your creativity so it’s working for you, instead of against you.

The beauty of this strategy is it channels your creativity into a direction that has high payoff value, thus opening the door to creating the six and high-six figure business you want.

That’s what I just coached my private intensive client, Bria Simpson to do. The result is a business model and plan that will easily turn her frustrating five-figure business into high six figures in less than one year. All Bria needs to do is implement according to the detailed marketing calendar we mapped out.

So, here are 3 easy tips on how you can turn one idea into multiple streams of income. Remember that this simple shift in your business model will make a huge shift in your income!

Tip #1 Use The “Rinse And Repeat” Strategy

Every time I teach a client how to turn one idea into multiple streams of income, they always protest, saying, “But Kendall, I can’t offer the same information more than I?” The short answer is yes, you can. In fact, that’s where the power of this strategy comes from: offering the same information in a variety of formats. This is how you build a powerful brand, simplify your life and quickly create multiple streams of income.

So rather than burn yourself out trying to create tons of new content, focus instead on repeating your core information in different learning modalities, such as teleseminars, articles, workshops, private 1-day intensives, etc. The more intimately clients get to work with you, the more personalized and advanced you can customize your information.

Tip #2 Listen To Your Clients For Your Next Big Idea

When I created my best-selling home study course, it was an instant hit. Why? Because I listened to my clients, who kept asking me for help with “how to charge what they were worth.” Bingo! That became the title of a best-selling info product that became the foundation for my 7-figure business.

Moral of the story is, don’t waste time trying to get your clients to buy what you think they should have. Instead, listen to what they tell you they want, then create it for them.

Tip #3 Don’t Get Distracted With Multiple Ideas

Rather than creating different titles and topics to offer your clients, direct your creativity to designing different offers on the same topic. Afraid you’ll get bored? Trust me, you won’t. Once you see the money flowing in you’ll be thrilled you channeled your creativity in this exciting way.

Repeat After Me: “What Streamlines Your Business Increases Your Income”

Creating a six, high-six or even seven figure business isn’t more work. It’s doing the right things right. By following my “turn one idea into multiple streams of income” model, you too can transform your current business into one that simplifies your life while putting a lot more money in your purse!

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