The Secret to Marketing Wealth Happiness

The Secret to Marketing Wealth Happiness

Happiness is found in simple, momentary spaces of time. It can be as simple as observing a robin pluck a worm from the dew covered ground or as exquisite as the first bite of a strawberry covered piece of cheesecake. Happiness is what we all seek no matter what our pursuit. A relationship, a business deal, an academic achievement, we all seek after these things because we view them as intermediaries of our happiness. What if we slowed down long enough to ponder whether in fact these things would truly bring us what we were seeking. Oftentimes they don’t. I am not saying we don’t need these things for some measure of our sustenance-both physical and emotional but oftentimes we end up severely disappointed and even less happy than when we first sought out these things.

I think it important that before one pursues these things one evaluates what happiness truly is. All too often happiness is found inside and all around us. A melodic song heard on the radio or while sampling songs on iTunes. The smell of a bright Spring day. The rustling of leaves on a brisk Fall day. The question becomes what is the practical manifestation of this type of perspective on happiness? What day-to-day experiences will we have with this outlook? How will it change our habits and our fortunes? Will we become rich if we simply have this outlook all of a sudden? Maybe so maybe not. This begs the greater question, what does it mean to be rich? Is rich having ten million dollars in the bank but perpetually worrying over we will be able to keep it? Is rich having great relationships that both financially and psychologically sustain us? I don’t claim to have the answer but am on a journey to find out for myself.

In the meantime I use a system for making money that gives me the time to ponder such deep thoughts while making money and getting to do the things that I enjoy. Using the proximity partner marketing system and a few key prospecting tools that combine the best of online marketing and offline marketing techniques, I can get as many free leads and as much business as I want. Most people would love the luxury of time to ponder the deep thoughts of life but because they are “time poor” cannot. In this age of automated marketing tools, there is no reason why this has to be.

No matter what type of business you are in: consulting, network marketing, real estate or financial consulting, you need leads to sustain your business. Some simple strategic steps will allow you to figure out the best marketing system or combination of systems for your particular business. Important questions to answer as you begin your strategic plan are:

How many leads does it take to convert into a sale?

How long does it take to convert a lead into a sale?

Are my price points sufficient to return an adequate profit given my conversion rate?

Can I make multiple sales simultaneously in order to increase the return on my marketing time?

There are numerous resources available to help get answers to these questions and resources to help translate these answers into a workable and profitable marketing automation system for your business.

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