Time, Consistent Work and Affiliate Marketing Equal Success

Time, Consistent Work and Affiliate Marketing Equal Success

Do you live by the philosophy that what ever you do today you will harvest tomorrow, you are a very intelligent person. Then you also know that what ever you do this week, you will reap next week, and if we bring it up one step: What ever you do in 2010 you will reap for years to come. This couldn’t be more true for your affiliate marketing business or what ever internet marketing you do. Or in any other area in your live for that matter.

In our first year in this business we worked our tails of without to many results (as we could see than), and we used a lot of time and money on education that all said we would succeed quick like: ” Make $30 000 in your first 30-60 days bla bla bla”. And we all know this is BS for the majority of the people. There are a lot of affiliate marketers that makes these amounts and more each moths, but in their first two mounts ever in this business? Don’t think so.

The Education from our first year in business are paying off big time now, and the reason is one major factor: TIME AND CONSISTENT WORK! We are getting a lot of traffic from work we did two-three years ago, and makes a lot of money from it. But we didn’t see a dime in our account back then. The reason is simple: It takes a long time for your work to be indexed by the search engines, it takes time for your blog to get a decent page rank from Google even if you follow our guidelines in our free e-book: “The Blog Set Up Check List 2.0”. From the time you submit your “killer article” it will take some time before you get some serious traffic. So if you like to be success full in your affiliate marketing/internet marketing business and you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your business but time. Follow these steps for a least 12 months:

1. Set up your blog. This will in time be the “nerve center” in your business for years to come if you follow the steps in our free e-book.

2. Post regularly on your blog, three times a week is a good start. When you reach 100 posts you will see traffic you never thought possible.

3. Submit one article a week to “top ten article directories”. Submit only original content here!

4. Set up a blogger blog with two keywords linking back to your “nerve center”, this will simply give you more quality back-links to your main blog.

5. To get some fast traffic, sign up at relevant forums with more than 5000 members and post there 2-3 hours a week without SPAMMING, just leave your link in your signature field (just use forums that allows links in the signature fields) This is another great way to get quality back-links.

6. When you start to get traffic, and see what works and don’t start escalate with PPC campaigns.

And remember always: What ever you do today, you will harvest tomorrow. What ever you do this week, you will reap next week. What ever you in 2010, you will reap for YEARS to come.

To your success,

Tom Hammerborg

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