Trusted Authority – Why You Need Clarity and Commitment

Trusted Authority – Why You Need Clarity and Commitment

Being committed to a goal means more than keeping it in mind. It means being committed to doing what it takes to get there and to improving what you have to improve to help yourself along the way. There are something’s you can do to determine whether or not you’re on the right path and, if you’re not, to correct that so that you multiply your success.

Your Situation

Part of being committed to achieving a goal is making an accurate self-assessment. If you’re committed to being the trusted authority but you’re not there yet, you have to figure out why that is the case. Maybe you haven’t been in business that long and that, of course, may be part of the reason, but it can also become an excuse.

If you take a look at Richard Branson, you’ll see someone who is widely regarded as the authority in airlines. Remember that this is a field that, more often than not, has been marked by raging failures more than it has by inspiring success stories. Branson, however, became the authority by showing that he knew how to make an airline work. His passengers are happy, he’s happy and people who have invested in his companies are most certainly happy. This makes him a trusted authority.

Now, you have to ask yourself how he got there. How do you benefit from the Branson Effect that catapulted him to the top. First, remember that he wasn’t catapulted and, if he was, he built the catapult that got him there!

Being the Trusted Authority

It starts with commitment. You have to be utterly and completely committed to your goal. This doesn’t mean steam-rolling over every part of your life that isn’t directly related to your business goals. In fact, successful entrepreneurs usually have a lot more time to enjoy their lives outside of work. On top of that, they typically love what they do for a living and that makes it a winning situation all around. One of the things that you’ll be committing yourself to is a happy, fulfilling existence, which shouldn’t be hard for anyone to do!

If you’re not fully committed, you’re entering the world of entrepreneurship at a significant disadvantage. Being realistic helps you to be committed. As an example, you cannot commit to never being held back; some things will try to hold you back. What you can commit to, however, is taking on every challenge and making sure that you overcome them.

When you’re clear on your goals, you’re committed to realizing them and when you’re true to yourself, you have the basic formula for success. Getting there is sometimes hard, but it starts by recognizing when you’re going astray and making sure that you take measures to keep your goals in sight and making sure that you don’t let the occasional struggle overwhelm you. Commit to keeping your focus on where you want to go and, chances are, you’ll find yourself building your reputation as the trusted authority faster than you ever thought possible.

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