What Is Not Lead Nurturing?

What Is Not Lead Nurturing?

Many marketers around the world have two common question in mind, What is lead nurturing? and how one can define it? Many specialist have tried to define the term in their own way. Here, I will share with you a definition shared by Jon Miller, VP of marketing at Marketo: “Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship by conducting an informative dialog that helps qualified prospects who are not yet sales-ready, regardless of budget, authority, or timing – and of ensuring a clean hand-off to sales at the right time”.

It is very easy to mix the objective and believe in everything that comes under the spectrum of lead nurturing or marketing automation technology or software. Their is more to it if you understand the definition, It is possible to acquire a really great lead nurturing application and still miss the point of creating a conversation and touching base with leads through content in a close loop till they are sales ready. Thus, it is very important to understand what is not lead nurturing.

The important factor is to able to differentiate between creating a periodic email marketing campaign and setting up a lead nurturing program. Next, every email should not be an outright attempt to sell or make an offer. Selling is done for the leads which are nurtured and ready to be sold. In nurturing stages, leads are absorbing information and content which can help them to solve their problem and know when they are ready to buy.

Auto responder email programs have gained immense popularity as lead nurturing tools but it works well when used properly. In the same way newsletter programs can be sent using the same technology. So make sure when you are planning your program, stand back and check whether it fits the goal of your program.

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