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Customer Care Through Social Media

Customer Care Through Social Media

We explore how you can harness social media to enhance customer experience

In 2005 when Jeff Jarvis wrote of the ‘Dell Hell’ in his blog, the company retaliated with ‘We do not respond to customer complaints through blogs’. Dell was criticized for their ‘look don’t touch’ policy when it came to blogs. Today, Dell has a Direct to Dell community which features blogs by its officers, forums and even customer support. Dell’s also on Twitter and Facebook, out to solve client issues. Many big brands including Starbucks, HP, Comcast, Ford are using social media for customer service. It’s safe to say that the customer service canvass has been repainted thanks to the social media. Presenting a few tips that will help you jump the bandwagon of social media customer service-

1. Listen-browse around social media sites. Have your eyes and ears open for what people have to say. Before you jump in to defend your brand, listen and understand what the customer’s saying.

2. Act-so, now you know what’s really bugging your customer. This is the time to act. I was surfing the net and came upon a blog where the blogger said that he hated HP. As I scrolled down the comments section, I noticed that one of the HP guys had responded, ‘Sorry that you had a bad experience with us. Can we touch base and discuss this?’ Sometimes, hapless customers dash off complaints and type out all their frustrations onto their blog/Facebook page. Once they get it out they’re generally much calmer and would be willing to speak. Or may be they just wanted to be noticed so that their problem can be solved. So go head and start acting the way that helps solve their issue.

3. No scripting- be yourself on your blog/Facebook/Twitter interactions. Do not, and I repeat, do not use scripted answers. Remember your clients should know that your company cares. They are not looking for an automated response.

4. Don’t ignore-if you’ve got your brand on the social media, then you have to be diligent. Never ignore customers. Sure, you may have someone asking the simplest of questions, but they’re putting those questions to you because they need help. Revert at the earliest.

5. Don’t bluff-this rule applies to customer service through any channel, not just to social media. But bluffing on social media can prove even more costly. Your inability to stand good on your promise could be broadcast to net surfers around the world.

6. Ask-the best thing about social media is it puts you directly in touch with your customers. Use this powerful medium to talk to your customers. Ask them what you can do to make their lives simpler. That’s the easiest way to increasing customer satisfaction and them what they want! Check out Dell’s IdeaStorm page to see what I’m talking about.

7. Customers, your brand builders-Brand building has evolved. It’s not just about advertisements or discounts any more. Today, a brand is all about service and value addition. What more, your company’s not the one building the brand anymore. It’s your customers who’re doing it for you.

8. Encourage your team-while it’s great to have your top management blog and be in touch with customers, it’s even better to have your team interact with customers. Let’s face it, your front-line team is the one in contact with customers in the off-line world. So, let them play to their strengths online too!

Customer service through social media has made its debut and is here to stay. The best bet is to use it to your advantage. Make every client interaction positive, so that when people Google you, they read about happy your brand is built already!It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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How Article Marketing Can Help Your Enterprise

How Article Marketing Can Help Your Enterprise

If you are an internet marketer or a website owner, you know that one of the best ways to get the word out is through article marketing. This particular method of online marketing is highly ideal because people use the Internet to find information. When you write informative articles with links back to your site, you can expect traffic to come in consistently.

Benefits of article marketing are… Read on to find out.

With this method, you are establishing yourself as an expert on a certain subject. A lot of people actually go to article directories to discover new ideas and thoughts. Thus, if you submit an article to these article directories, it is like bringing your site to the public eye.

Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to these article directories. You have to write a relevant article on the product or service you are offering and likewise, highlight its features and benefits. A compelling and quality article will then encourage people to visit your site for more information.

A great thing about this method of online marketing is that you are able to hit two birds with one stone. Aside from getting exposure from article directories, you can also craft your articles in such a way that search engines will pick them up for particular keywords. Therefore, you need to optimize each article for a certain keyword you are targeting. Once the search engines pick up your keywords, you’ll have an instant boost in search engine results standing.

Article marketing is also ideal for small business owners because submitting articles to the thousands of article directories in the web is free. You can write your own articles or have them outsourced. The key to effective marketing is to place a link on your resource box so your readers can follow through to your site. The more article directories your articles are published in, the more backlinks you will get. With a lot of backlinks, you can expect a large traffic volume and an instant high-up from search engines.

After submitting to article directories, you need to ping the search engines so that it will be easier for them to find your article. Bookmarking your article and pinging its bookmark URL should also be done to create more backlinks.

Article marketing is something you can use for your business. With the number of searches for information daily, you can’t go wrong with providing quality content for your readers. See your traffic increase with this form of online marketing.…

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Article Marketing Tips and Tricks

Article marketing tips and tricks are necessary if you want to be successful. Online you will have many people competing with you especially if you are competing in a highly competitive niche such as weight loss or how to make money.

Article Marketing Tips and Tricks

Create your own website so you can submit your articles to the best article directories such as EzineArticles which will not allow you to link directly to an affiliate link.

Write articles that connect to what your reader is looking for. If you appeal to your readers then you will gain their trust which makes them more likely to buy a product through your website.

Offer your readers expert advice that they will not find anywhere else. This will draw in their curiosity and make them want to click on your link.

Pick your keywords carefully. This is how the readers will find your articles so you want to pick words that are searched often but at the same time you do not want to have too much competition because it will be harder for people to find.

Write at least 3 articles a day. One of the main problems people have is that they write an article and then wait too long to write the next one. Each time you write you are getting your link out there for more people to read. Just keep on going and you will get more views each time you write.

Article marketing tips and tricks are the best things you can do to get your articles out there and read more which will increase your sales.…

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How To Get Flocks Of New Visitors To Your Business

Marketing a small business is a tough job to do. You have to keep with the ads you’re running, how much money they’re making you, selling to backend customers, and making sure that your advertising is really making money for you. With all that said though, I think it’s still viable that you can make money in your business offline via advertising.
Now if you follow the premise that “if you build it, they will come”, you’re severely limiting the number of new customers that you can bring into your business. Now even though around about 70% of all business traffic is due to your location alone, you can still benefit from doing direct response advertising.
What is direct response advertising? It’s a form of marketing that focuses on response first, and then maybe brand advertising down the line. I’m not a fan of brand advertising because it takes so long to get your message conveyed to the marketplace. Nobody knows who you are. All prospects care about is what you can do for them. So going around touting your business name is just not getting it done.
The reason so many offline business owners fail is that they think that people will know who they are, and prospects will just flock towards them. But it doesn’t work this way. Business owners like this focus on the appearance and image of their ads and business… instead of focusing on getting customers through the doors.
Don’t be this business owner. There are all kinds of ways to get new customers into your place of business. One such option is with direct mail. Even though the cost of direct mail is rising, you can still use it effectively. One option that you have when it comes to direct mail is that you can mail out postcards.
I like postcards because they’re cheap, personal, and really works well towards getting your message across to people. I’m willing to bet that a postcard can actually do the job of getting your prospects to buy, better than a letter in an envelope can. Postcards really do work, and I suggest that you start doing them today to market your business.
No matter what marketing technique you employ, make sure you have your prospects best interest at heart. Make them feel special and continue to follow up on them on a monthly basis. This is a great way to build a relationship with a customer, and to get them to remember your name.
Email them once a month with helpful articles and tips that can truly enhance their life. In the same direct mail piece as your article, include a sales letter that describe your new product or service. Some will buy and some won’t, but if your price is good, you’ll stand to earn a nice profit from your mailings.
Keep these tips in mind when marketing your products and services. You never know when a non-interested prospect will turn into a buyer, so keep them in your marketing loop and continue to contact them each month.
Good luck with your marketing efforts.…

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You Have A Facebook Business Page, Now What?

You Have A Facebook Business Page, Now What?

You’ve set up your Facebook business page and now you need to make the most of it. The key to any small business social media marketing plan is to be active on your Facebook page. In order to attract fans, get more Facebook likes, and keep them engaging with you, you have to give them a reason to do so.

Social media marketing is an ongoing process. Your Facebook business page is your chance to show off your brand, and let people know what you are all about. It is more than just promoting yourself. You need to inform, entertain, and engage your followers.

Content will always be important so be sure to keep it relevant. You wouldn’t go into a bakery to buy your steak, and your fans won’t come to your page to hear about things that have nothing to do with your industry. People want to be “in the know” and to do that, they need to have current, relevant information. Whether you are running a contest, having a sale or other event, or have some interesting industry news, keep your fans informed.

Another way to engage your followers is to entertain them. Post a video or funny pic and challenge your fans to caption it. Run a contest and encourage your fans to share and invite friends. Get them to help spread the word about you. Be sure to reward them with a prize. Prizes don’t have to be extravagant. Make them relevant. People follow you because they are interested in your product or service, so why not reward them with something free from you.

Finally, ask questions and start conversations. What better way to give your fans a voice, than to ask them something. Let them know that their feedback is important to you. Nothing is appreciated more than feeling like you are being heard and included.

Small business marketing doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Remember to be informative, relevant, and bring some fun into it. Get fans interacting with your brand and they will share it. Everyone loves to be part of a good conversation and contests are a great way to keep people motivated to stay engaged with your brand. Be active on your page. There’s nothing worse for a fan than liking a page that never has anything to interact with. There was a reason they “liked” your page in the beginning and you need to give them a reason to keep coming back. One last thing to remember is the importance of keeping the “social” in your social media marketing!…

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The Easy Way to Put Your Time to the Fullest – Article Marketing Automation

The Easy Way to Put Your Time to the Fullest – Article Marketing Automation

The only drawback is that it requires the merchant to dedicate more of his time to it. This makes the merchants to juggle his hours in order to also devote some of his hours to his family and at the same time to enjoy his leisure hours. There are also instances where an individual is still tied up in a current employment and waiting for the right time to tender his resignation. The easiest way to put your time to the fullest and getting a lot of things done is through Article Marketing Automation.

Putting your articles in an adequate amount of locations to get it to the spotlight is the most time-consuming and wearisome part of marketing your article for your online business to take off. It requires just a small budget and is simple to do although the required time in grabbing the spotlight (so you get to be read) in the appropriate locations can occupy much of your time. Article Marketing Automation gives you the opportunity to have the easy way of putting your time to the fullest.

The role of Article Marketing Automation is primarily to assist you. To get you introduced to it, it is a conglomeration of self-regulating sites and blogs with the aim of handing out articles for the different members of Article Marketing Automation set-up.

What is good about article marketing automation? You get a good amount of sites where blogs can lead you to a bigger connection for your own site. The network keeps on growing and currently has more than 2,000 members.

Growing logically, it is the best cost efficient and time efficient method of writing articles for marketing. In just a matter of 3 weeks, it can help you land on the first page and as a matter of fact, trainings on this aspect are given out. Aside from giving you pertinent substance for the websites and blogs that you own, it also issues your articles extensively.

Article Marketing Automation works this way. You write an article or ask someone to do it for you, and then present it to the network of article marketing automation. It is trouble free and very straightforward. Once presented to the network, you article is allocated to different but applicable sites enabling you to have more publicity, connections and creating your influence and traffic.

It assists in giving you the proper training to use the network effectively and to get the results from your own hardships. By just a period of 2 – 3 months, this mechanization will push you to the top. To attain success in the field of article marketing is their aim and that is why they will give you the needed support you need.

It may be new to your ears but it is a fact that article marketing is the new and easiest method to pierce through Internet Marketing. It can assure you to become triumphant in a short span of time and helps you to reach to a big number of individuals to land you to the top.…

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Small Business Website Marketing Tips – Why You Have to Have an Email List to Survive the Recession

Q: How can my small business survive in this crazy, mad economic recession that we’re experiencing right now?
A: By building a targeted list of customers through email that you can market your business and services to over and over again!
It’s no secret that most of the biggest businesses in the world are now using email to stay in touch with their customers, whether they are sending information or some sort of sale offers.
Just take a look at your own inbox and see how many emails you have from Big Company A or Company B telling you about the fantastic sale that is going on this weekend.  I bet there are more than you care to think about, right?
So, if the big guys are doing it, the question is: Why aren’t you?
You don’t have to be a big business to take advantage of email marketing.  If you’re really serious about growing your business in any economic environment, than email marketing can be a vital key to your success.
With you own email marketing campaign, you can keep in touch with your customers and not just to send them a sale ad! As a matter of fact, if all you ever do is send a sales offer to your customers, they’ll probably do one of two things, report you as a spammer, or just stop reading your emails all together.
And we don’t want either one of those to happen, do we?
Build your email list by offering a discount on services, coupons, a free report on your services, anything that will give the customer something in return for offering up their email address.  Even that early on, you begin to build your relationship with your customers.
It’s really a simple process once you start your email marketing campaign, and it goes something like this.
Build better relationships, get more of you emails opened, make more money.
Your email marketing must be primarily used to build relationships and then used as a sales tool. If you create raving fans of your business, they’re going to be kicking down the door to buy something from you!
Take care of your email list, it can be one of the greatest assets in your business that brings more profits in like clockwork, month after month and year after year.…