Article Marketing and Blog Networks

Article Marketing and Blog Networks

Many internet marketers try their hand at article marketing. Most simply to distribute their articles to the main article directories, but why stop there? If you submit your articles to private blog networks, the results in terms of search engine rankings can be impressive.

What I do is utilise the combined ranking power of bother article directory listings and blog network posts. To begin with, I submit my newly written articles to the main directories, and then once they are live on those sites, I go ahead and post them to the network of blogs I am a member of. Dependant on the popularity of my chosen niche, my articles are posted to as many 250 or more member blogs, all of which are relevant to the niche! The links from these blogs consistently push my pages up to the top of the search engines. As a result, my web pages consistently reach page one of the main search engines for even some competitive keyword phrases.

The other beauty of the blog network that I am a member of is that it comes with built in article spinning functionality. This means that unique versions of my articles are published to the member blogs giving me opportunity to rank for several keyword phrases from the one base article! And because the links point to my web pages from unique content on relevant individual blogs, they carry more ranking juice.

If you want a source of automated one way linking from genuine web sites, you really should consider using a blog network. There are several networks to select from. The one I use is the largest I know of on the web, with over 15,000 member blogs available to post to. Because of the number of blogs, it is more difficult for the search engines to pick up a linking pattern. Combining traditional article marketing with posting to a blog network has brought me lots of top rankings and traffic in the last twelve months, more than I could have dreamt of before.

If you have multiple web sites or blogs that you’d like to have better rankings for, you really should take a look at the blog networks that are around and give one a go. Writing articles and using them to get you traffic and rankings is a proven strategy that works over and over again. It might not be the sexiest strategy around, but it is proven to deliver results with consistency!

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