Avoiding Marketing Automation That Breaks the Rules

Avoiding Marketing Automation That Breaks the Rules

Did you ever find articles on website marketing with advice that prescribed marketing automation methods for success? Did they seem too good and even too wild to be true? Marketing automation the way these popular articles speak of it, is the use of a piece of software that is designed to automatically post on blogs, create accounts with social networking and other sites, extract e-mails, and in general, to do a lot of legwork for you to push your website up in the popularity ratings in a way it doesn’t deserve. There are lots of these marketing automation software packages out there with names like Extract Master and Extreme Cash Robot that are marketed as great ways by which to quickly promote your website. There’s just one problem with all of this – Google and all of the other major search engines use sophisticated methods to try to judge whether a site uses these illegal marketing automation methods. And they will quickly ban a website when they find evidence. While not all marketing automation is this way, you need to know which ones to avoid, to keep your website safe from any risk of being banned. Let’s look at some examples of unsavory marketing automation to help you stay in the clear.

Your number one implementation of marketing automation software to avoid would be of the e-mail extractor variety. There are many reasons why software of this kind will not really help you at all. To begin with, most websites that require you to sign up and register, have all kinds of hoops they will have the software jump through. Even if the software succeeds at first, it’s only a matter of time before it’s caught and your website is taken off of search engine indexes. In the end, you’ll be left with a bunch of e-mail addresses you generated that will not be of any use.

As for software that is claimed to be able to create accounts on blogs, social networks and forums and to the able to post on them, those are just untruthful claims. Any of these places has tests in place to help tell the real sign-ups apart from the automated ones. The easiest way they have of doing this is with a Captcha image – where they put up an image of a number or a word and ask whoever is signing up, to type in what they see. Marketing automation software is never going to be able to get past this one. And even if these packages do get past all the safeguards that have been in place, you probably won’t get very far posting as much as you need to, to get any mileage out of these activities. These places have rules for how much you are allowed to post.

So there you go – there is a right way and wrong way to automate your marketing. Build ethical link farms, and in general, try to build your website on a solid foundation – an investment of time and effort. It’ll stay around for far longer if you take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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