Article Writing – How It Can Help With Back Links

Article Writing – How It Can Help With Back Links

Apart from being an art, article writing is also a technique to draw online traffic. Articles need to be informative and well-written. Its purpose is to provide a means for expressing ideas and for informational communication. The sole intention is to engage the reader to click on the back link while informing about a service or product.

Article writing provides many advantages like increasing back links, link building, site traffic, and an effective way of making money online. It is considered to be a great marketing strategy to obtain free publicity and listings within search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. It is considered to be a popular and economical way of advertising exposure and website promotion.

What should be the features of an Article?

Construction of an article involves the blend of information and marketing. The five essential components of an article are title, introduction, body, conclusion and resource box. You should keep in mind that the title must be attractive and include the primary keyword. The brief description of the article and a hint to the conclusion should be contained in the introduction. The body of the article comprises of the article’s main part, which also provides you the option of placing certain anchor text links. It is advisable not to place any anchor text link in the article body so that readers can complete reading the article. The conclusion should not only summarize the already discussed points but should also act as a prelude to the resource box. The resource box is in reality the author’s bio, which should be written in a modest manner with the HTML tags that form the back links.

Specific keywords should be used in the articles. As per the requirements of a search engine, the content needs to be revolved around a theme and should be interrelated. For attaining your website’s credibility and exposure, you need to submit articles to various related newsletters and article directories. At the time of submission, the website’s URL must be provided and the readers should be invited to visit the website.

Developing quality back links via Article writing

From various popular websites, back links can be earned to your site via article writing. Various articles on innumerable topics are contained within the article directory. The republishing of your articles by relevant websites can lead to the attainment of many quality back links. Your article can be liked and posted by web publishers on their websites. Though the publishing can be done for free, the publishers are required to copy the author information at the articles’ end. By this process, you are provided with back-links from their websites that offer exposure of your website and help in driving traffic to it. The modified versions of the same article in various other directories will ensure numerous more links. More number of links will ensure more readers or visitors of your website.

Readers reading the article can visit your website by means of the link provided by you in the Author Bio.

How does back links help

When determining a webpage’s position, the number of back links is taken into account by the major search engines. This is a great way of getting the new websites to the top list of the search engines in a short span of time. Those aiming for the links from few sites and article directory are not likely to get several quality back links. They can also be attained from quality websites if you are asked to directly contribute articles to other websites.

Article writing not only helps in the promotion of your website but also increases the search engines ranking. In order to achieve back links from higher Page Rank websites, your article must be well-written and informative so that it is live in most Article directories.

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