Can Your Business Benefit From Article Marketing?

Can Your Business Benefit From Article Marketing?

Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of promoting a small business – whether you are an online business, a sales professional such as a real estate agent or a brick and mortar retail company. Not only is it easy, it is also low cost and even you can do it!

By writing articles in your area of expertise you are:

Spreading the word to your niche market

Demonstrating that you are the “go-to” person in your field

Creating a body of work that continues to promote you and your product or service long after the article has been published.

Keep in mind other businesses that target your same niche market are looking for quality content to provide to their readers. You can provide well-written articles for their blogs, newsletters or other media that is targeted to their audience.

This could even apply to a competitor! Take for example that you are a real estate agent in your local area that specializes in short sales. You could connect with another agent in another state to share articles that are posted regionally. When you write an article for someone else be sure and include a plug about you and your business at the bottom of the article (this is often referred to as a resource box.) Include a link to your website or blog. They get free content and you get free publicity! Win-Win.

Will article marketing work well for your niche market? If you have valuable advice to give to your potential customer – the answer is yes. If you’re selling a product or service or trying to drive traffic to your website, then article marketing is right for you. It is one of the best ways to boost your search engine ranking, drive targeted visitors to your website and help prospects build trust in you. Remember that before a sale is made, people need to know, like and trust you. Article marketing is a key component in creating trust.

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