Email Advertising – 3 Common Mistakes

Email Advertising – 3 Common Mistakes

Email advertising is a very efficient way to promote your business and is a perfect example of online marketing automation. However many approach this strategy the wrong way which results in decreasing the marketing effectiveness of their messages.

3 of the most common errors committed that diminish the marketing effectiveness of an email campaign are discussed below!

Foregoing Relationship Building

In just about every case the only reason people opt in to your list is they feel they will benefit in some way! The last thing you want to do is flood their in-box with nothing more than sales pitches! Offer subscribers useful information and speak to them in a casual and sincere way and don’t regard them as a sales target. The best way to promote your business to these subscribers is to show them your willingness to be helpful and with no strings attached! By doing so your marketing effectiveness will increase when you do make an offer to them! Focus more on being helpful and less on making sales and in the long run you will be more profitable in doing so!

False Product Claims

What need do you have in hyping any product or service to the people on your list? Think about this for a moment! Firstly hype is typically used to capture a persons attention however if these people have subscribed to your list I believe you already have their attention! Secondly consider how you would feel or react if and when someone uses hype on you! Remember when you promote your business you are also promoting and branding yourself! Making false product claims is NOT the brand or image you want to have online!

Misleading Subject Line

By saying whatever you may think it takes to get people to open up your email, you will quickly lose their confidence in you! The worst of it is usually these subject lines bear little relevance to the content found within! Now in this case you’re branding yourself as an irritating liar, good going but this brand is no better and possibly worse than the one we discussed above! Always keep your subject lines relevant to the content of your message or people will simply unsubscribe! If your word is not taken as true or accurate your marketing effectiveness will suffer as a result!

Remember these people were good enough to join your list and for that you should be thankful so don’t abuse them or you will lose them!

Email advertising is a very effective way to promote your business and when done correctly is a shining example of online marketing automation. Many people however severely diminish their marketing effectiveness by using strategies that are far too aggressive. The discussion above reviews 3 of the most common mistakes marketers commit in their ‘bull rush’ to make a sale! Recognition needs to be given to the fact that the people on your list will remain subscribers and likely periodic buyers as well provided you don’t push them. Focusing on being helping and building relationship’s will likely serve to increase your marketing effectiveness for the times you do make product offers!

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