How Marketing Automation Software Can Help You Solve Your Demand Generation Challenges?

How Marketing Automation Software Can Help You Solve Your Demand Generation Challenges?

A well-built Marketing Automation Software can help you get better results from its demand generation efforts by enhancing the various steps in the demand generation process. It streamlines the process and provides marketing with valuable prospect/customer data, which can be used to increase the overall effectiveness of the business’s demand generation strategy. Following are the advantages of automating the demand generation process –

Complete customer view – An ideal marketing automation software provides the business with a holistic view of its prospects. Once the marketing team has a 360A� view of its prospects, it can modify its demand generation campaigns to complement prospect behavior.

Personalized marketing & sales tactics – Research has proven time and again that personalized marketing bears better results than generic, mass-produced efforts. Prospects/customers tend to favor brands that personalize products and solutions to suit their needs. Personalization enhances value from the customer perspective.

Content syndication – As prospects/customers interact with the business on various platforms, there’s a need for the business to utilize these numerous channels to drive home its message. Marketing Automation Software with built-in content syndication mechanism enables a business to consistently deliver the same message across all communication channels.

Staying in touch with prospects – Research indicates that only about 15% of leads are immediately willing to buy. While about 20% are disqualified initially, the remaining 65% are mildly interested in the product/service, but not ready to invest in it right away. The business must stay in touch with such prospects and keep the leads warm, so that when it’s time to make the buying decision, the prospect remembers the brand. By choosing the right marketing automation software a business can communicate with its prospects through various channels including e-mails, web pages, social networking sites, blogs, and information-sharing portals.

Multiple output support – Prospects now have a multitude of ways to reach out to vendors. These include the web, social media and other information sharing sites. Facebook has around 400 million users, while Twitter has around 75 million and LinkedIn is catching up with over 65 million users. That means millions of prospects. Marketing Automation Software allows the business to communicate with its prospects across all these platforms.

Brand management – Managing your brand and keeping marketing materials updated is never going to be a problem once you use a marketing automation software. For example, SpeedWheels, a company manufacturing high-end bicycles. SpeedWheels has presentations and flyers made for each new model. Let’s assume that the price of Model II changes. If a pricing change were made in the presentations, the same would be automatically reflected in the flyers as well.

Understanding prospect/customer behavior – Marketing Automation Software provides business with a 360-degree view of the following question can be answered by deploying the right automation system –

Did the prospects visit the company site?

Which links did they click on? Did they open an e-mail?

How many e-mails did marketing send to them and what was their click through rate?

Make your demand generation efforts more productive, by using the right marketing automation capabilities to answer the ‘Who, What, When and Why’ of prospect behavior and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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