Desperate for Cash? 3 EASY Online Marketing Tips PROVEN to Build a BODACIOUS Bank Account FAST

Who else is desperate for more money? Are you sick and tired of the false online “guru’s” and the silly strategies that never seem to work? If you are anything like I once was, the simple truth is that finding your way through the maze of marketing myths and mysteries can be a DAUNTING task, especially if you don’t have a road map and a good plan.
With that in mind, I’m going to share with you 3 SIMPLE strategies you can use, starting today to amp UP your income, exponentially increase your traffic and build a big buck online business that has enduring value to boot.
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My FAVORITE blog building strategy these days is using community oriented, Q and A blogs. Why? Because the community actually CREATES the content for you, which is the EASIEST way to build white hat web sites with content you DON’T have to create that I know of..:-) A good template for one of these style sites won’t cost you more than 25 or 50 bucks, and it can provide for you the FRAMEWORK for financial freedom without having to work very hard to make it happen.
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Simply stated, this is a SIMPLE strategy that requires you write articles, MUCH like this one, only for using to promote hyper specific products and services that you recommend either in your article if appropriate, OR, by referring those who want to learn more to the vendors website directly, using your affiliate link. The fact is, I’ve used this EXACT strategy to generate MILLIONS of readers in multiple niches, and it’s the easiest way to generate autopilot profits there is. (no website required!)
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My FAVORITE technique, and if you get good at the first 2, it will probably be yours as well 🙂 Very simply, use content (again like this) to build rapport and relationship with your readers in ANY niche you have passion or expertise, and then monetize those relationships by making OUTRAGEOUS offers to those that are most likely to benefit from your expertise. Coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching, and these style personal services are a perfect match for this approach, and long term is the BEST way to build your business… AND your brand that there is!…