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10 Quick Rules For Using Social Media For Artists

There is a reason why it is called “social” media and there are rules that you should follow when it comes to employing “social media” to market and brand yourself and your art. Every day I see small businesses that are ruining their brand by abusing social media. Artists are no different, as they are a “small business” too! Here are some quick rules of social media that you should follow:
1. When a social media account is set up make sure that all of the information is complete and well written. Think of this page or your profile as a business brochure. Whenever possible, have links to your website, contact information and alternative ways for people to find you. Always upload an up-to-date “professional” picture of yourself and make sure that you have a pleasant smile on your face too!
2. Set aside some time each day to visit your social media pages and do some housecleaning. Read the posts, messages and any updates. Return your messages and comments promptly. A half hour a day is all you need to devote to this.
3. Always reply back to someone who has sent to you a post or comment and acknowledge it in some form. If someone makes a comment on your art, send them a thank you note. This can be done right on the page or privately back through their email. Either way thank them for their nice comment, thought or interest. It is the right thing to do.
4. If someone tries to engage you in some form of negativity, political, religious, controversial or otherwise. Do not take the bait! Ignore it and move on. If they persist in this behavior, you may have to unfriend them, block them or report them. Whatever you do, do not engage yourself with someone like this as you will not win and you will only waste your time. Being a part of this type of behavior will only hurt your brand.
5. Be helpful to be people. If you read or see something that someone might be interested in, send them a link. Always be responsive if they ask questions or have concerns, get back to them with an answer. If you do not know, say so.
Think twice before you send anything out. Try to imagine that every friend, follower or contact that you have on your social media pages will be reading your reply or post and that they will form an opinion of you by what you have written.
6. Neatness counts. By this I mean, shortcuts, abbreviations and poor spelling may be acceptable in some forms of social media. Here, it is not wise, as again, this is your “company brochure” and it is an important part of your marketing and brand development.
7. Engage your followers with information, content and ideas. Become an expert in your niche and share it with others. No one really cares what you are drinking at Starbucks at that moment. They want to know that you are a friend or a follower and someone who can make a difference in their life. Be that person.
8. Be enthusiastically passionate about your brand and your niche on your social pages. Negativity is not a good trait to have in life and business and social media is no different.
9. Don’t spam people. There is nothing worse than getting bombarded by people who have something to sell you on social media. People like this are abusing social media platform and it is apparent that their sole purpose for being there is to sell you something. They do not care about you, your art or your brand. They should be quickly discounted and dropped, as they cannot help you.
10. Think of social media as a networking event that you are attending and that everyone at this event will talk about you after you leave! Knowing this, what would you do at this event? Of course, you would be friendly, gracious and you would be on your best manners. In other words, if they were going to talk about you after you left, at least they will be saying nice things about you! Social media is no different.
Remember that you are on that social media page to network with other people and to make a difference in their lives. Follow these social media rules and over time you will become a friend, follower, expert and participant that people want to be with and trust. Isn’t that the brand that we all want to be?…