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Attraction Marketing: Does It Work or Not?

Attraction marketing refers to a set of marketing strategies that enables you to draw people towards your site, and it’s a concept that relies more on your trustworthiness than on the services or products you’re providing. If you’ve already set up a good name and image for yourself, attraction marketing can be a very efficient tool. But, it only works if you can send across the right message.
Such marketing strategies have to be developed step by step, in time. They require a network marketer to pay attention to his /her clients and prospects and particularly on websites where he/she has the opportunity to meet people that share the same interests. Attraction marketing is all about connecting people with matching interests and needs. The relationships are built on shared interests and not on the desire to make a sale or advertise a product.
This marketing technique will give each network marketer better results than other strategies, because once a connection is set up, a client will keep on returning to the seller since he sees him as a friend and he can blindly trust on him. These are long-lasting relationships that have the tendency to develop better results. It might not be easy to initiate a first connection, because trust building is time-consuming, but, once this is accomplished, there really is no limit on what you can do.
Any network marketer can benefit from this method, because, this industry especially needs constant contact and co-operation for it to grow into a successful business. If a company gets established like where you care for each other and trust strongly to each other, it’s going to be a good sign for you since you would be able cooperate better and strive to accomplish the common goals. This is highly beneficial for a network marketer, as it makes communication and disclosure easier in any interaction with potential clients or buyers.
Attraction marketing is a powerful tool in any kind of business, but, more so when it comes to network marketing. Gaining trust among your group of prospects and friends is a long and demanding process. You can search for prospects on social websites or around your home. The key is to make them feel like they’re your friends and not your clients. Thus, ongoing communication and sharing is very important. You’re not trying to make a sale; all you are doing is providing them with a solution for their problem.
The concept is pretty much the same – you’ll end up selling them your products, but, the difference is that you’re offering them something that they actually need. A regular network marketer usually does not care whether the product that he is selling going to help his client or not. This is the difference between attraction marketing and basic marketing techniques, which are directed towards general public.
As always, offer solutions to their wants, needs, and desires first. This positions you as an expert in the eyes of your prospects.…

Marketing Automation Software Builds and Improves Business

Marketing Automation Software Builds and Improves Business

There are many advantages to companies by the use of Marketing Automation Software. It will help to reduce the activities which are complex and also reduce the complexity of low costs. It has two tasks whose provide help to this software to doing this. The two tasks are:

Segmentation of customer database: This is the first task which helps to sub-sectioning of your customer database into unique fields which all are based on consumer; we will do this type of job by use of this task that is Customer segmentation. There are many multiple segments if the marketers will focus on that this thing will increase the efficiency of marketers. Using Marketing Automation Software, if there is properly segmentation of database held it will help to improve purchasing rates and then the each segment has test message which is different from each other within your database that increases existing base revenue.

Campaign Management: This is the second task. By using this task we can execute automation. By this campaign management, Marketers can design campaigns of content by all the help of system that contents are delivered to your scenario. The automation of campaign is same as people do an investment account. There is better way to add small amounts of money continuously. There are marketing messages and content all are focused on a single theme which would be e-mail marketing campaign. There are many software tools whose focus on email marketing, also there are very advanced applications whose focus on blogging, social media. Marketers can create their contents once by the use these new tools, the sharing of the contents on many digitals channels by the help of tools.

Software builds business: When the use of software tools is proper and by intelligence, marketing automation software will build business, provides profit in business. There is distribution of contents to attract new customers by the use of this software tool, and tool increases the value of your existing customers. These software tools are of low cost and very user friendly.…

Tips For Reactivating Past Customers And Selling To New Ones

Getting more new customers for your business is something that is hard to do. You have to know how much you can afford to spend on an ad because of something called the “average lifetime value”. You will also need to know what your cost per lead is, and what your cost per sale is.
If you don’t know the figures for the examples that I’ve stated above, then your business is on hanging on a thin piece of ropes. Take a look at all of your customers and see how many of them have bought from you more than one time. It’s these people that you will want to start with when it comes to bringing them back into your business.
You will also want to send letters to customers who have bought once, but haven’t purchased anything recently. With these people, you will want to send them a reactivation letter to get them out of their dormant state, and get them back into your business.
Where could you start with a reactivation letter? Well one way to get inspiration is in something called a “swipe file”. Your swipe file is a collection of winning ads and sales letters that you can modify and use in your business. There are a ton of swipe files on the internet for a low cost, so I suggest you begin your search here.
If you’re wondering what you could say when doing your reactivation letter, here are a few tips.
1) Tell them that you miss them
Let your customers know that it has been months (or even years) that you last heard from them, and tell them that you would like to hear from you again. Give them your email address so that they can contact you in a low sales presence atmosphere. Ask them if they are doing ok, and that you would like to see them come to your business again. This is a great way to start.
I once saw a guy write a reactivation letter where his entire premise was to make these people laugh. His letter was so clever that I almost called the number too! Lol… in all seriousness though, writing a reactivation letter doesn’t have to be hard to do. Here’s another quick tip for improving your sales and profits.
2) Contact your customers
Your one-time customers aren’t the only people that you should be mailing to. You should also send a letter to your recurring customers every month, just to keep them in the loop, and to get them to buy more of your products. This is where 80% of all your sales and profits will come from. So ignoring these group of people isn’t something that you will want to do.
Both of these tips for contacting your customers to make more sales are very simple to put into action. These are strategies that I use myself, so you can lay rest assured that they will work for your business also.
Good …

Having A Tweet Tooth

Many people initially thought the world had gone bonkers when Twitter was introduced, with some folks clearly thinking that they would rather have their toenails pulled out, one by painful one, than to join in the ‘Me Me MEEE!’ behavior of Twitter.
Frankly, it is kind of true that Twitter is one of the most narcissistic tools in the world but here is the deal – it is also through Twitter that we find old friends and make new ones. It is through Twitter that businesses make conversations with their customers and it is also where they get connected to people who had problems with their services and products (and make good of the complaint).
Through Twitter, we know precisely where reporters and journalists are whenever they head out on dangerous missions in war-torn countries. It is also where we keep in touch with our favorite celebrities and find humor in the way they sometimes ‘Twight’ unashamedly online. We also used to Twitter to find survivors of natural disasters and connect friends and family members when they were in trouble.
All in all, there are pros and cons to using Twitter. Just in case you don’t know, you can go private with the Direct Message tool. You don’t REALLY have to tell the world EVERYTHING.
Despite all the initial chagrin shown by some less-than-ready-to-tweet people of yesterday, Presidents now Tweets, beat that. So, in short, I think it is about time people got on with is the new world that we are living in and instead of groaning about it, get in. Use the pros and try your best not to get swept up by the cons. Business executives (especially those in the branding, advertising, PR and marketing division of a company) should be thankful for Twitter, really.
More so if you are small company. The internet will only become bigger, not smaller and for small to medium-sized business to avoid being left out of the loop, you need to get into the habit of reaching out to your consumer and potential target market with Twitter. Twitter has become more than a girly-want to-be-famous kind of game.
With the Mention feature on Twitter, large companies and brand names know who, why and what their customers are saying. If the chance presents itself, staff can initiate an atonement exercise by placating and calming the frustrated customer down. If the big guys are doing it, it has got to mean something.
If these large brand names, public figures and celebrities are doing it, I am quite sure Twitter (regardless of whether it evolves or not, in the future) is here to stay.…

Avoid These 5 Twitter Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Twitter Mistakes

I admit it. I’m a Twitter gal and I absolutely love what Twitter can do for small business owners. It produces massive visibility, it’s a top-notch lead generation tool and a powerful networking platform.

Unfortunately, Twitter continues to mystify many small business owners who aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about.

The good news is that Twitter doesn’t have many rules. It’s by in large all about using common sense, being polite and exercising good judgment. But, that being said, here are five ways to ensure that your Twitter experience is a tragic disaster:

1. Toot your own horn too much.

Obviously, you are passionate about your small business and want to let the world know about its strengths and virtues. However, Twitter is not an advertising platform. It’s a social community. When you constantly shout sales pitch to your followers, they’re going to instantly unfollow you. Instead, try to immerse yourself in the Twitter community and join the conversation.

2. Use the default Twitter profile.

If you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool for your small business, then you need to avoid the default Twitter profile. That cute, little default cloud background is certainly not doing your small business any favors. Take a few minutes and put together a customized Twitter profile and brand your small business by utilizing all of that valuable advertising space. (No excuses, you can even do this for free at )

3. Tweet once a week.

Your followers have hundreds, if not thousands of Tweets flowing through their Twitter stream on a daily basis. If you think that your weekly Tweet is going to get noticed, you need to reset your thinking. Twitter works best when your followers see your Tweets flow through their stream again and again. Repeated exposure is the only way to get noticed on Twitter.

4. Don’t interact with your followers.

There are all sorts of nifty Twitter automation tools that can help manage your time on Twitter. And I’m a big believer in sending out a few automated Tweets. But, if you want Twitter to work, you actually need to personally log into your account and send out Tweets. Answer questions, retweet your followers, make conversation. Your followers want to see a real person in front of your small business. They’re not looking for a bunch of automated, impersonal Tweets.

5. Give up too soon.

This is one of the most common problems of Twitter. In fact, Twitter has one of the highest “drop-out” rates of any social networking platform. And, it’s a shame. Small business owners everywhere, start on Twitter only to drop out a week later. Twitter isn’t an instant fix for your business. It’s a relationship tool and relationships take time to develop. So, give Twitter the time that it deserves and it will reward you.

Whether you’re a Twitter newbie or a seasoned Twitter professional put these five tips into play and make your Twitter experience one that …

Tips For Designers to Survive the Current Market

Tips For Designers to Survive the Current Market

If you follow the news, you’ll hear that the market is up, the market is down, some design businesses are struggling, some are doing okay. Experts can’t seem to agree, but a lot of designers are worried.

Here is the truth: The current market is more challenging for designers because fear has caused people to spend less or take a longer time making decisions about more expensive purchases. Some see that as bad news. I see it as an exciting challenge to think more creatively, learn new skills, and come out way ahead as the economy gets stronger. Many will throw in the towel. The ones who come through will enjoy incredible – and much easier – success (with a lot less competition).

So what are the things you can do to survive and thrive in the current market?

* Create more online exposure

Despite a slower economy, online retail shopping continues to show growth. But even if you don’t sell products online, you need to have a strong online presence. While local homeowners are searching on the web for products to purchase for their homes (and many more of them are doing this), you want them to come across your information. Post to your blog at least twice a week. Create a profile on sites like , , and . Just a few minutes a day on these sites will drive more traffic to your business.

* Sell updates rather than investments

When people are being more careful with their spending, they are more concerned with VALUE. This doesn’t mean that homeowners are not spending on their homes. In fact, recent research is showing that many homeowners want to “reward” themselves with small purchases to spruce up the look of their homes. They may still be hesitant to invest in an entire room remodel, but they are very eager to update a room with accessories, new tassels, paint, or colorful throw pillows.

Focus on those “update” items, and you’ll find that many more people are willing and excited to do business with you.

* Create multiple streams of income

As designers, most of us have ONE source of income: working with clients. Yes, we do many things for them and sell various products, but THEY are our only way to make money. When clients are spending less on home design, our business suffers.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Designers who have added other streams of design income are not feeling the crisis. Let’s face it. If you have income coming in from various sources, you are less likely to suffer when one or two of them is slow. Look into writing, teaching, membership programs, or doing teleseminars.

You are so creative when it comes to designing. Now use that creativity with your business. You can enjoy wild success!…

Viral Marketing Tips – 6 Ideas to Build a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Before you start a viral marketing campaign, here are 6 ideas for you to consider:
1. Buy yourself the branding rights to a viral ebook. If you can produce a good, readable, direct ebook, you can distribute it to your visitors who might then, in turn, pass it on. Your eBook will spread your material throughout the internet.
2. Establish your own forum or message board. As many websites don’t have their own bulletin board or forum, allow them to make use of yours, but make sure that you have a big, eye-catching banner ad right across the top of your board.
3. Not everybody has the talent or the time to produce their own templates and graphics for use on their websites and people are often unable to commit much money for purchasing them. If you could, create a series of templates, graphics, fonts, etc — all with an ad and a link back to your site. As long as you ensure the copyright notice is intact and not violated, this is a great way of getting your ad distributed with only a little initial effort.
4. Produce your own ebook. During the production, invite others to include their own ads in exchange for them distributing the book to visitors to their site or their subscribers.
5. It is really helpful to write as many articles about your product or service as you can. And always have a resource box and information about article reprinting options at the foot of each one. Try to get your article circulated to as many places as possible, such as newsletters, directories, forums, and blogs.
6. Search through the pages on the Internet and locate some items that will enable you to buy a license to freely distribute them. Some items allow you what are known as “branding rights” where you can then add your own product’s name, the name of your web site and additional contact information upon distribution.…

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

There are instances when people may view marketing automation as a disadvantage rather than an advantage in society. This is because people may be scared of the consequences such as marketing automation being the cause of the loss of their jobs. However, notwithstanding the unemployment problems of many, this automated system is still best implemented. This is because the internet-based business environment calls for more complex techniques in order to go with the flow of its increasingly competitive landscape.

Marketing automation provides a solution to the intricate needs of an increasingly competitive online-based business environment. It makes work both more efficient and effective. For instance, through automation one can have a program that would relay the right outbound message to respond to a lead’s online and inbound responses.

Automation does not actually mean that all the marketing activities would simply be handled by the programs of the computer. In fact an automated system should go hand in hand with the creative insights of the marketing personnel. To increase one’s rank in the search lists, the ideas to promote the site coming from the marketer are still needed to ensure online success.

Online buyers over the years have become more discerning in their buying habits. They go through many websites and utilize social media as well to look for the right products for them. What a marketer could do is to insert marketing automation into the process. For instance if the prospective buyer calls up to inquire about the product, automated answers on frequently asked questions can be prepared. The process may not seem too personalized, but still it has a touch of being professional in the approach as the answers are screened and put together for a professional sounding output.

Marketing automation is actually more than just having an answering machine. This is because automation allows the consideration of the prospect’s response so that the software can in fact offer reconsideration when a buyer declines. Part of automation could also be the ability to show rich content such as visuals for special offers which could help persuade prospects to buy the product. Thus, one should not see the machine for marketing automation as a status symbol that one has “arrived” in the internet business world or as a hindrance to creating more jobs. Instead, it should be seen as a truly helpful tool towards a more efficient and effective business. It is thus best to start mapping out the process of marketing automation for your business. It could do wonders for your productivity as you align yourself with the benefits of technology.…

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