Automating Your Marketing Process

Automating Your Marketing Process

Lets start with a definition. To automate your marketing process means to simply have a documented process for this task to be completed effectively and efficiently. Now when starting out your marketing plan might change until you find the right marketing mix, but once you do find that right mix automate it.

So, here’s a few suggestions to help you get your marketing automated:

1. If you don’t already, learn to embrace technology. By embracing technology I mean regardless of if you sell online have a website for your business. Millions nationwide use the internet and more specifically the internet search engines when looking for their problem solver. I know when I’m looking for a product or service I take it to Google. So, when a potential client “Google’s” their problem you want to be sure to come up as their solution. So, DON’T miss out on valuable leads set up a website. I would also recommend having a twitter and/or Facebook page for your business as well. Twitter and Facebook are great promotional use tools for your business. You can use these tools to tweet/post specials, sales, updates, & coupons to millions instantly.

2. Have a lead capture system. Most potential clients won’t buy until they trust a product and/or service or they simply won’t buy until they are ready. So, for these reasons have a way that you can capture and store the details of those who visit and buy from your website or physical location. Capturing these details will enable you to build relationships, updates, and also do follow ups. When capturing these details you can also on your website or in store offer to the customer/potential customer the chance to sign up for free newsletters and to be sent promotional offers and etc. Be sure that when a customer signs up to send them a thank you.

3. Lastly, make use of auto responders. Auto responders are fabulous because they allow you to capture leads as well as manage and see statistics on your subscriptions and unsubscriptions. Also, with your useful auto responders you can automatically send or schedule to send messages, updates, newsletters, and etc. to every subscriber on your list or at a subscribers request. Remember automation is a good thing. Having automation in place for your marketing means less frustration, more time spent on other tasks, and better chance for business success because you are organized.

So, try automation NOW!

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