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Making Your Ezine Effective

Do you have your own ezine or email newsletter? If not, then you should get one. It’s by far the easiest way to start earning more money online. With an ezine, you can put your selling process on autopilot, and all you have to worry about everyday is generating more leads. The more leads you get to your ezine, the more money you will stand to make.
And believe it or not, each and every one of your subscribers is worth a value to you. It could be 25 cents, or even 10 dollars depending on what you sell and the price point of your product. To get sales from these people, the easiest way to go about it is to have them opt-in to your ezine, and start marketing to them over and over again.
This is also an excellent way to position yourself as an authority in your niche. People will start to email you and ask you questions about the techniques and tips that you’re talking about, and it’s a great way to help them achieve the goal that they are trying to achieve.
To get started with your own ezine, you need to get an autoresponder. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is go to a site called “Aweber”, and then sign up for their autoresponder service. An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends out timely emails to your email list.
To make your autoresponder effective, you will want to send out emails in 3 day intervals. So if someone subscribes to your ezine on Monday, they won’t get another email from you until Thursday. This is good timing as it will give your subscribers time to “miss you”, and they will be on the lookout for the next email that you will send them.
Now don’t be alarmed at all if someone unsubscribes from your ezine. It’s natural. You will just want to focus on providing good content for the major group of people who will remain on your list. These are the “bread and butter” people of your ezine, so you will want to take care of them, and help them out in every way that you can.
In every email that you send, make sure that you provide your subscribers a way to order some of your products. You never want to send out an email without providing some way to make money with your ezine. You should have your own website – even if you’re promoting an affiliate product, or using Google Adsense… your conversion rates will go up, and you’ll earn more sales this way.
Hopefully you operate in a niche where you know a lot about the subject. That way you can come up with new content on a daily basis, and provide your readers with fresh information that they can use to improve their lives. And the more you provide them with fresh information like this, the more people will more than likely …

Marketing Automation Solutions For Business Needs And Revenue Generation

Marketing Automation Solutions For Business Needs And Revenue Generation

Marketing automation solutions improve influence and engagement with customers and prospects. It reduces mundane and repetitive tasks enabling the marketing department to focus on marketing strategy. Automation directly impacts the quality of sales by delivery attractive messages consists of offers. The data that is fed needs to be cleansed and standardized continually. Today’s marketing automation solutions provide data management as part of the service.

Benefits associated with Marketing Automation Solutions:

More and better qualified leads – Using technology marketing solutions will lead to more and better qualified leads. Qualified leads are the customers who show interest in your product and show willingness to buy that product in a specified period of time. Automation helps track such qualified leads

Increased efficiency of Sales representatives – Working smarter rather than harder is the key in today’s fast paced business world. In order to remain competitive the sales representatives have to be trained on the latest tools. That’s where marketing automation solutions step in. Automation helps increased efficiency and productivity amongst sales

Better coordination between Sales and Marketing – Marketing automation solutions help align Sales and Marketing processes. Communication between Sales and Marketing is very important and automation tools help to smooth this process. Lead nurturing and qualifying is made easy for the Sales through automation

Content Delivery Automation – Marketing automation makes it easy to send instant and well drafted messages. These delivery messages can include links to whitepaper or eBooks which encourages the customer to download them and read the content. Automation can also help to track website visits and visitor reviews. These can be further used to canvass your product

Better ROI- Marketing automation assists organizations to nurture leads that create more opportunities and provide valuable insight into marketing campaigns. The automation process narrows down better marketing campaigns thus producing a better return on marketing programs investments.

Lead Scoring- based on customer behavior, lead-scoring helps marketing personnel to assign a value to leads. Based on geographical location and digital behavior, marketing automation solutions design a lead scoring model which gives information on leads and their activities

Web analytics- Web analytics allows you to view pages your prospect has visited, email communication and the files downloaded. With the help of this information leads can be nurtured and the ones that get qualified can be further worked on to create customers

In short to recap the above, Marketing automation synchronizes leads and performs automation tasks like sending emails, formulating campaigns based on customer behavior, scores and nurtures leads and provides correct metric information by generating reports based on updated data. Marketing Automation is the process of automatically managing the targeting, timing, and content of your outbound marketing content in response to customer’s actions and online behaviors.


By automating your marketing processes you achieve greater customer satisfaction and retention, better accountability in your organization and reduced costs. It enables the clients to leverage the benefits of the internet and social media for generating …

List Building – Article Marketing Plus List Building Equals Money

If you are new in internet marketing, you would often hear experts in this field advising you to build your list over and over again. It is of great magnitude to have a powerful list of targeted potential customers in order to accomplish your goal of making surefire money out of your internet marketing efforts. List building can never be effective if you won’t use a combining method for the realization of your ideals. Article marketing when combined with powerful list building efforts can really drive real money flowing in to your site and later on to your bank account.
Tip # 1 – Finding websites and article directories is not enough. You have to find article sites within your niche that has a strong impact on the prospects that you are targeting to be your own clients in the near future. Choose the top article directories with your intention to make a strong push for the success of your article marketing endeavors.
Tip # 2 – Never request readers to subscribe to your products or service. If you do this, there is a great chance that you would “shoo” them away from you and what you are trying to promote. What you need to do is to tell them why they need to subscribe. In a very strong but powerful statement, tell them what benefits will they obtain once they subscribe. This should always be part of your resource box.
Tip # 3 – Let your readers crave for more from you. This is one of the most effective article marketing strategy because a reader hungry for complete information would eventually become a buyer so as to get the information that she wants. This is the reason why you should not mention all the answer to some questions in your free article.…

Get Your Online Business Seen – Critical Web Marketing Tips

There are millions of businesses on the web today. Some rise to meet unparalleled wealth, and some don’t survive long enough to see a profit. Marketing your business website effectively will get your product, reputation, and name out there for millions of viewers to see. Here are a few essential tips to marketing your business website:
Have a newsletter. Always inspire your visitors to leave their e-mail addresses with you. Whether it is a simple guestbook or e-mail newsletter request, you have to offer your visitors a reason to return to your site. Through an e-mail campaign, you can make them aware of sales, beneficial information, new products, and what ever else that will make them interested in your site over and over again.
Scope out the competition. Always know what your closest competition is doing. Whether it is new products they are coming up with, or new advertising campaigns, be sure you don’t get left in the dust by businesses that are in your field of service.
Keep your web business fresh. Always add or change pages, products, and specials. Your viewers will get exited to see change and innovation.
Have a website that is easy to navigate and understand. If your visitors are seeking information form you, make it easy for them to access. If they are looking to buy products, have a simple shopping cart set up. Discard flash for function.
Become and expert in your business field. Having a blog integrated into your website is a great way to share knowledge about your field. Giving people free information about the benefits of what you are selling on your site will get them to trust you and see you as an authority. Gaining customers’ respect will greatly benefit your business.
Web marketing is crucial to a successful business. If you neglect to market, you will have little success on the Internet. The above tips are just a few ideas that you can take to gain more of an online presence with your business.…

The Value Of Rest

Hi everyone! It’s one great day in my side of the world, I hope you’re having the same.
I just came from an absolutely relaxing weekend. It was totally rejuvenating to spend it with my wife and kids-just chillin’. And now fully recharged, I’m back to work. Throw those difficult tasks and corporate hell right here, baby, coz I’m all fired up and ready to go!
It’s a miracle what an amazing work-free weekend can do to the body and mind. A day or R and R just releases all tension away. Think of your stressed-out body as a burlap sack full of potatoes. After a leisurely day or two spent to do with as you will, imagine all the potatoes rolling out and the sack goes from being taut to totally limp.
Here’s another scenario. Think of the burlap sack as already full. But you keep on adding more potatoes. What will become of it? Of course, it will eventually rip and tear. You might still be able to sew it together, but it won’t be the same sturdy burlap sack you first had.
This is a crazy, stress-filled world that we live in. We are constantly harassed to accomplish things by the end of each work day. Most of the time, we bring it upon ourselves when we focus too much on work and leave family and recreation in the back seat. The sky-high levels of hypertension and other stress-related diseases and psychological illnesses have reached dismal levels in this country that the lengths we go to subject our bodies to such tortures are beyond my comprehension.
Our human bodies are like that sack. It needs to recharge, rejuvenate. If it doesn’t, it’s going to tear apart and while putting it back together again is possible, it won’t be as good as it was before it broke down.
You’ve got to be adamant about setting a day or two away from work. Working online at our own pace gives us Internet marketers more flexibility than others in this regard. Whether it be a weekday or a weekend, you’ve got to treat your rest day/s sacred. Go for a massage. Spend time playing with your kids. Dance. Sing. Chase butterflies. Swim. Take pictures. Do whatever relaxes you.
Only when you’ve taken time out will you be able to fully engage yourself and be productive in work again. Ideas that you wouldn’t normally be able to think of under times of duress will flow ceaselessly. Trust me.
Your success hinges on the value you put on rest.
To YOUR Success,
Kevin Hutto…

2 Things To Understand If You Want Online Business Success

To make money online, you have to be consistent. Along with being consistent, you have to remain confident that your online marketing efforts will work out for you in the long term. You should know that most of your internet income will come from backend sales from your current customers.
The bulk of your income WON’T come from front end sales, and your initial customers. Now as hard as you probably work with trying to get more new sales from your initial customers, you should know that this isn’t where you should be spending most of your time on.
If you can come to understand that your money will be made on the backend, you will start to get the big picture, and you will see how your online business income will increase each year. So instead of listening to the gurus about how you should start off with affiliate marketing and start your own “instant business” there… know that you really don’t have a business, because you don’t get the customer name on each sale that you produce.
I want to share with you some tips that will keep you grounded with your online marketing efforts. These tips are incredibly easy to understand and use, and you should know that they are very important to the overall success of your business today. Here’s the first tip that you should know:
1) You won’t get rich fast
I know you’ve probably bought products that claim you can earn $10,000 by the end of the month – even if it’s the 30th day. You should know that you won’t get rich quick. There is no such thing, and as a beginner, it’s in your best interest to use only proven marketing techniques and strategies that will take your business to the next level.
If you have money to spend on advertising, make sure your advertising campaign is profitable. This is very important. The last thing you want to do is to start up an advertising campaign and you don’t even know what the average lifetime value of a customer is in your business. If you want to have business success, learn the ropes and take things slow. Here’s another tip:
2) Get help from someone
If you need help marketing your online business, find a mentor. There are many forums and websites on the internet where you can get advice for free. In fact this is a great idea especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. With a mentor, you get someone who has been around the block, and knows how to make your business grow simply and easily.
You can get help from a mentor and learn the ropes in the shortest amount of time possible. This is something that you definitely will want to look into. A mentor will definitely help you out.
These 2 tips for having success with internet marketing are things that you will want to do if you want to have success with your …

The Secret to Marketing Wealth Happiness

The Secret to Marketing Wealth Happiness

Happiness is found in simple, momentary spaces of time. It can be as simple as observing a robin pluck a worm from the dew covered ground or as exquisite as the first bite of a strawberry covered piece of cheesecake. Happiness is what we all seek no matter what our pursuit. A relationship, a business deal, an academic achievement, we all seek after these things because we view them as intermediaries of our happiness. What if we slowed down long enough to ponder whether in fact these things would truly bring us what we were seeking. Oftentimes they don’t. I am not saying we don’t need these things for some measure of our sustenance-both physical and emotional but oftentimes we end up severely disappointed and even less happy than when we first sought out these things.

I think it important that before one pursues these things one evaluates what happiness truly is. All too often happiness is found inside and all around us. A melodic song heard on the radio or while sampling songs on iTunes. The smell of a bright Spring day. The rustling of leaves on a brisk Fall day. The question becomes what is the practical manifestation of this type of perspective on happiness? What day-to-day experiences will we have with this outlook? How will it change our habits and our fortunes? Will we become rich if we simply have this outlook all of a sudden? Maybe so maybe not. This begs the greater question, what does it mean to be rich? Is rich having ten million dollars in the bank but perpetually worrying over we will be able to keep it? Is rich having great relationships that both financially and psychologically sustain us? I don’t claim to have the answer but am on a journey to find out for myself.

In the meantime I use a system for making money that gives me the time to ponder such deep thoughts while making money and getting to do the things that I enjoy. Using the proximity partner marketing system and a few key prospecting tools that combine the best of online marketing and offline marketing techniques, I can get as many free leads and as much business as I want. Most people would love the luxury of time to ponder the deep thoughts of life but because they are “time poor” cannot. In this age of automated marketing tools, there is no reason why this has to be.

No matter what type of business you are in: consulting, network marketing, real estate or financial consulting, you need leads to sustain your business. Some simple strategic steps will allow you to figure out the best marketing system or combination of systems for your particular business. Important questions to answer as you begin your strategic plan are:

How many leads does it take to convert into a sale?

How long does it take to convert a lead into a sale?

Are my price …

3 Things You Don’t Want To Do When Doing Affiliate Marketing

Are you a fan of affiliate marketing? If not then you should be. Affiliate marketing is the lazy man’s dream. Wake up with sales in the inbox, no customer service, nice monthly cash flow, high sales prices, residual income, and etc. All of these things are real in the affiliate marketing business but you should know that reaching this goal is harder than it seems.
Affiliate marketing is extremely easy to get into, which is why a lot of people fail. They think just because it’s easy to get into, it must be just as easy to make money. This is the wrong way to think about things. If you’re currently into affiliate marketing and aren’t seeing the sales and profits that you desire, then more than likely you’re making some of the mistakes that I have listed in this article.
In this article, you will learn the top mistakes that newbies make when starting out online. It would be in your best interest to not commit these mistakes and to avoid them at all costs. Here’s the first mistake that newbies make.
1) Picking a losing product
I don’t mean to bad talk anyone’s product but you shouldn’t promote something that isn’t proven to sell. You want to pick hot products that are proven to sell time and time again. If you’re in a marketplace such as , they have tracking statistics that let you know how well a certain product is selling. Use this information to your advantage to find winning products that sell repeatedly. Here’s the next mistake beginners make.
2) Picking a product become of commission
You should never pick a product just because it offers a large commission. Is it proven to sell? Does it have testimonials on the sales page? Does it offer a money back guarantee? All of these questions are things that you have to ask before you get started promoting products.
You should never pick a product just because it offers a large commission. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably in your best interest to stick to a product that sells at a low product price and that offers around a 50% commission rate. You want to start out with a product like this so that you can get immediate sales and see that the process is indeed working for you. Here’s another mistake that beginners make.
3) Not having a website
You need your own website if you want to be successful. No matter what the gurus have told you, you need to have your own website. How are you going to do all of the things that the gurus recommend if you don’t have your own website?
With a website, you can start your own email newsletter, do product reviews, start a blog, and even have your own voice. All of these things are available to you when you do affiliate marketing, so keep this in mind before you start marketing your products.
Take these tips and use …

Article Marketing and Blog Networks

Article Marketing and Blog Networks

Many internet marketers try their hand at article marketing. Most simply to distribute their articles to the main article directories, but why stop there? If you submit your articles to private blog networks, the results in terms of search engine rankings can be impressive.

What I do is utilise the combined ranking power of bother article directory listings and blog network posts. To begin with, I submit my newly written articles to the main directories, and then once they are live on those sites, I go ahead and post them to the network of blogs I am a member of. Dependant on the popularity of my chosen niche, my articles are posted to as many 250 or more member blogs, all of which are relevant to the niche! The links from these blogs consistently push my pages up to the top of the search engines. As a result, my web pages consistently reach page one of the main search engines for even some competitive keyword phrases.

The other beauty of the blog network that I am a member of is that it comes with built in article spinning functionality. This means that unique versions of my articles are published to the member blogs giving me opportunity to rank for several keyword phrases from the one base article! And because the links point to my web pages from unique content on relevant individual blogs, they carry more ranking juice.

If you want a source of automated one way linking from genuine web sites, you really should consider using a blog network. There are several networks to select from. The one I use is the largest I know of on the web, with over 15,000 member blogs available to post to. Because of the number of blogs, it is more difficult for the search engines to pick up a linking pattern. Combining traditional article marketing with posting to a blog network has brought me lots of top rankings and traffic in the last twelve months, more than I could have dreamt of before.

If you have multiple web sites or blogs that you’d like to have better rankings for, you really should take a look at the blog networks that are around and give one a go. Writing articles and using them to get you traffic and rankings is a proven strategy that works over and over again. It might not be the sexiest strategy around, but it is proven to deliver results with consistency!…

What Will Make You Successful As An Affiliate Marketer

What is it that will make you money as an affiliate marketer?
Somebody whom I cannot recall for the life of me coined the phrase, “An Irresistible Offer”.
Yep, that is one thing. You will make money online if you can make your potential customers an irresistible offer. Something they want so badly, they cannot wait to buy it.
The emphasis here is on the word, “want”. People seldom buy something they need, that is unless it is an absolute necessity.
People buy what they want, and especially so if they can rationalize their buying decision afterwards with special benefits or features.
So you have to position your product as an irresistible offer when you pre-sell it.
Here is an example
“Natural nutritional supplement XYZ capsules not only has all the minerals and vitamins you body need on a daily basis, but as you are probably aware, your body only retains about 20% of the supplement. XYZ however has a timed release component that helps your body to retain approximately 80% of the supplements.
We know it is a little expensive but where you will have to take three to four times the amount of normal over the counter supplements, you will now have to take only one dosage of XYZ. That alone will lead to about a 50% saving on the cost.
And, to add to that you will now only ingest a third of the additives needed to manufacture capsules. Just imagine in terms of your health, what that will save you.”
That is only a thumb sucked example of course but that is what unheard of benefits and features that makes for an irresistible offer, is made of.
You want that sucker because it is the best and you can rationalize the reason why you’re buying it.
That is the stuff that makes for a buying decision.
Oh yes, and before I forget one more very important point. You and I buy into end results. So the more end results you can illustrate as benefits the better.
Building credibility
This is the most important thing if you want long term affiliate marketing success and of course if you want to build a long lasting, scalable business.
If this all sounds boring to you, then fine, stop reading but if you are serious about business you will take this to heart.
So what do I mean by credibility?
You have to build credibility by only picking offers that will give real benefits and value to your customers.
As soon as you try to offload shady but expensive offers that will benefit your pocket more than it does your customers you can kiss your long term business goodbye.
That is where the credo of giving more than you get comes into play.
It will build loyalty into your customer base and you will retain most of your customers for longer. You will also be able to sell more, more often than your shady counterparts, and this makes for good …

Automating Your Email-Marketing Campaigns

Automating Your Email-Marketing Campaigns

Often, new email marketers want to save cash, and thus opt for managing their email marketing campaigns by hand without the use of software. Now, although in the beginning this is possible, what inevitably happens is that their list grows. First to 100, then 300, then 1000 and before they have time to realize the mess they’ve gotten themselves in to, they’re unable to keep up with standard list management. In order to keep this from happening, it is important to automate many of the repetitive email marketing tasks from the very beginning with good email campaign software.

Email Marketing Software

Ultimately, what new marketers should really do is invest in email campaign software that helps automate the more repetitive tasks. Things like managing un-subscriptions, performance analysis, email design and email scheduling are just a few of the benefits of good email marketing software. Generally, prices range from $10/month all the way to a couple thousand if your list is very big, but chances are that you will be in the $10/month range for quite a while as you begin to grow your list. There are multiple software programs available and a simple Google search will bring up a handful of good ones, but ultimately the point of email marketing software is to help you focus on two things, and they are performance testing and writing great content.

Performance Testing

One of the most important tasks of any email marketer is performance testing. This involves segmenting your list and then simply trying various calls to action, designs, button placement and so-on. After making a few changes and sending a fresh newsletter, record the results and then make changes again. Over time you will notice that a certain combination of text, calls to action and layout consistently perform the best. This is one way professional email marketers get such good results, it’s because they test! Now, it’s not very easy to test your emails on your own, especially as your email list grows, but great email marketing software will help automate this aspect by literally tracking exactly which subscribers open and respond to your emails. This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest benefits of email marketing software.


The other important benefit of email marketing software is that it lets you focus on content. Now, there are many different theories on what makes great content for an email marketing newsletter, but generally, it’s important to consider your audience first. I notice that many new email marketers focus their newsletters too much on their own business, which of course is important to you but boring for most everyone else. Because of this, it’s important to consider your audience and make your material unique and interesting. Simply including a poll, a few links to beneficial “how-to” articles or even interviewing someone in the field and providing a download to the audio file in the email will do wonders for your conversion rates and subscriber retention. Remember, nobody …

Discover How To Automate Your Marketing For Ultimate Leverage And Freedom

Discover How To Automate Your Marketing For Ultimate Leverage And Freedom

If you own a business you have probably contemplated how to automate your marketing for ultimate leverage and freedom. Many people go into business to do something they love to do. But then reality comes along.

In order to continue doing what they love and make enough money to stay open, they need to make money. Making money requires customers. Gaining customers requires sales and marketing. These become full-time jobs and soon there is not enough time left to do what they love doing. But they cannot just close down in many instances. Money has been invested and must be recovered. And so these owners feel trapped.

Perhaps this has happened to you and you are looking for a way out of this trap. Maybe you have not yet experienced this and are looking to avoid this situation. If so, then automating your marketing may be just what you are looking for.

This process takes most, if not all, of the work out of finding potential customers. Through various methods, both online and offline, people find out about the goods and services you offer. They respond, putting their name into an automated system. They are then given information in stages by the system until they are screened out or until they buy.

You, as the owner of the business, supply the information for the system. After all, who knows the business better than you do? This information is then organized and inserted into the proper sequence.

With diligent study, you can learn these steps and do them by yourself. But, if you are like many people, and you would rather not go through this effort, you can outsource. Many companies exist that focus solely on setting up such marketing processes.

Once the system is fully implemented, it attracts prospective buyers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It never sleeps, nor goes on vacation. All for a price far less than you would pay one worker to help a few hours a day. Once it is up and running, you can almost forget about it. The system will need updated information from time to time, like if you add new products or services.

However, once the system is functioning, you no longer need to go find customers yourself. The automated process does it for you. You are then free to concentrate on doing what you went in business to do.

So, if you are tired of chasing after business, then you may be ready for this step. You may wish to learn more about how to automate your marketing for ultimate leverage and freedom. Make sure that you do your homework to find the best solution for your circumstances.…

Smart Marketing Strategies For Small Business – Part 5 – How to Develop Your Marketing Message

Smart Marketing Strategies For Small Business – Part 5 – How to Develop Your Marketing Message

Smart marketing strategies are simply not an option for the small business owner. Today’s economic conditions are generating fierce competition for the same dollars spent on products and services. There is a trend toward social media marketing and many small business owners are not prepared. The challenges are many, and there has never been a better time to get down to business and discover how to be the smartest marketer in your field. It will payoff in spades, as they say!

In previous articles, we discussed understanding your major goals, understanding your target market, and understanding your customer. We even talked about determining your niche correctly and narrowly. Now, let’s talk about your actual marketing message.

It’s Called an “Elevator Speech”

I went to a marketing conference in Las Vegas earlier this year and we got together in small groups for about an hour to figure out our “elevator speech.” It was time well spent, and it wasn’t as easy as you might think. The idea is to be prepared to answer the question, “What do you do?” if you get into an elevator with someone and they ask the question, and you just have enough time to go up or down a few floors and answer the question. In other words, it has to be short and snappy, and get the point across. I’ve actually developed two of these “elevator speeches” – one is very short – about 10 seconds long, and the other is about twice as long – no more than 30 seconds.

When you work on this, do it with someone who knows what you do, and will be honest with you. Also, pick the brightest and most creative person you can to partner with you on this. You want someone who’s good with words. Have a notebook handy and write it down. You’ll end up scratching out a few of them, but keep at it and soon you’ll have it down. Then memorize it and test it on some people. You may even want to revise it after some use and testing.

Note: You’ll want to refine this short marketing message into your bio on Twitter.

Your Complete Marketing Message

This is the information that you will include in all your marketing materials – business cards, flyers, post cards, Facebook Business Pages. Remember, this marketing message needs to accomplish two things: 1) It will tell what you do, and 2) It will give information to persuade people to become your customer or client.

Here are some thoughts about what to include in your complete marketing message:

Define your prospect’s problem

Give proof that this problem is urgent enough it should be solved immediately

Tell why you have the perfect answer to the problem

Give benefits your clients will receive

Provide testimonials

Explain pricing and payment options

Always include an unconditional guarantee (decide on a time line – 30, 60, …

4 Steps For Building a Small Business

4 Steps For Building a Small Business

Setting up a productive and successful small business is very difficult endeavor. It’s actually dependent on numerous external variables, such as competitors, timing and demand from customers, that you’ve got hardly any control over at first. If every one of these external variables are to your advantage, developing a good business strategy may lead to having a profitable small business. Listed below are 5 steps to take into account when you are setting up your small business from the ground-up:

1. Decide on your small business. What exactly are you selling?

Tricky question, for sure. For instance, Nike is within the sportswear business, but the fact is any time you purchase a set of Nike sneakers along with a t-shirt in the shopping mall you are purchasing much more than sportswear – you are purchasing a perception, a sensation. You’re purchasing the Nike brand. Don’t forget, there is much more to a product than, well, the product. Your brand name is the thing that sets your product apart from your competition.

2. Choose your market. Who will be your targeted customer?

This step is not hard as the first, although it is just as important. Who will be your customer? What do you know about that particular person? Knowing your customer is usually a way to success. What exactly are they are doing? The place do they really hang around? Precisely what do they watch on tv? These are just some of the questions which you must be able to answer regarding your customer. Figuring out the answers to these questions can answer a great deal of your concerns in terms of creating an advertising and marketing approach. This power to comprehend your consumer’s need could only be a consequence of knowing them just like your neighbors.

3. Develop your advertising and marketing approach. How would you speak with these persons?

It is a final comprehension of your brand and your customer. As said before in number 2, comprehension of your customer can answer a great deal of questions with regards to your advertising and marketing approach: Where must you advertise? What’s the style of your respective brand? What sort of pricing is affordable for this market? So that you can interact with your customer, a.k.a. sell your merchandise directly to them, you must understand exactly where your ads are going to be seen, how to talk to them, and exactly how much they should be able to spend, among the other things. Seriously, this step ought to have been combined with previous simply because who your market is determines your advertising and marketing approach completely.

4. Find similar circumstances. Seek the advice of people who have done it.

There are numerous training books published by experts who have previously began their very own small business and also have succeeded in them.

Keep in mind, setting up a profitable small business isn’t just about the money. Nearly as important is your brand as …

4 Simple Steps For Growing a Profitable Email List Online

If you’re marketing online there is no reason at all not to have an email list. You don’t need your own product to sell to grow and profit from your own list. All you need is an autoresponder system and a way for people to optin to your list from your web site.
In fact, building a list before having your own product can be pretty cool as you instantly have a list of targeted prospects for your offer once you finish your product and it’s ready to go to market.
In the meantime, you can make money online by sending out quality offers to your list as an affiliate.
Money Making Key – having a list of people interested in your topic, that trust you and see you as an expert in the field (or someone who can point them in the right direction) will allow you to grow a profitable, successful, long-term business online.
1. Bribe ‘Em!
You have to get them on your list, right? This isn’t 1998 when email was new and all you had to do was offer a free email newsletter. People are overwhelmed nowadays with email they don’t want.
So you need to offer something for free, that is QUALITY information, in the form of a short report, autoresponder series, audio or video, based on the topic that they are interested in learning more about.
If you give them quality information, they will be more likely to trust you and buy from you when you do recommend something that costs money.
2. Make ‘Em Pay First! – List size doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t make you money. One way to grow a quality list is to make them pay first! Offer something of high quality at a low price of $5 or $10.
You’ll get a lot less people to optin. The major upside is that everyone that gets on your list has already proven they are willing buyers and that’s ultimately what you want.
3. Make it Easy for ‘Em! – Don’t hide your optin box! If you run a blog or content site place an optin form in your side navbar AND at the beginning or end (or both) of every article or blog post!
4. Test Test Test! – You gotta constantly test your offer. Keep trying new ways to get people on your list to improve your conversion rate.
The more visitors you can convert to subscribers the more money you can make from your list (you should be testing your offers once they are on your list as well).…

The Power of Multimedia Vignettes

The Power of Multimedia Vignettes

So, how do you harness the power of your organization and put it in the hands of your salespeople? How do you cut through all the internet clutter, the barrage of messages and information, so your business stands out from your competition? The answer comes from using the internet in a different way from everyone else.

Enter the world of multimedia vignettes – small nuggets of knowledge – points of view – insights – presented to your customers in dynamic and efficient ways. Knowledge driven by PowerPoint builds, e-mails, audio or even video footage taken from a device as simple as a Flip camera.

Imagine being able to take your latest survey data and translate the raw information into a high-quality vignette, including screen shots and a voice-over, that your sales force would be happy to use. Imagine being able to send this vignette out, like breaking news, a couple of hours after receiving your data.

Vignettes can be the crucial difference in demand generation. A recent survey of one company’s sales people showed a 71% improvement in response rate when an e-mail was sent with a link to a vignette. Potential customers watched the vignettes instead of just ignoring an e-mail or sales call. The customer responded to the sales person because of the value generated by the message vignette. So a short, tight, simple vignette with the promise of an exciting interaction can dramatically enhance the response to your sales program.

The vignette allows your sales staff to cut through the clutter, bringing power to their approach for all aspects of the sale, including call preparation, appointment setting and post-meeting follow up.

Affordability is one of the many benefits of the vignette. Costly, time-consuming production methods are a thing of the past. And quality doesn’t have to suffer because the vignette is less expensive than the old multimedia production methods. You only have to look at YouTube to experience the kind of slick, eye-catching messages that people around the globe produce quickly and inexpensively.

The vignette is perfect for simplifying a complex idea or making an abstract idea easier to understand. When you factor in convenience and the power of information technology, the stellar importance of the vignette comes shining through.

In today’s world, outstanding, relevant messages must be delivered rapidly to your customer. Businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting three months to create and deliver content. The multimedia vignette gives your message ultimate flexibility and on-demand precision. Marketing automation, a sales tool that tracks data and allows your marketers to hold meaningful “conversations” with your customers, can help you manage your entire sales process, including vignette creation.…

B2B Marketing – White Papers and Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing – White Papers and Marketing Automation

Online marketing offers B2B marketers the opportunity to reach millions of potential clients around the globe, but the early phases of your online efforts can feel a bit lonely.

Working online will often make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of an empty field yelling about your amazing service. Everything you say is both true and potentially compelling, but no one is around to hear, and more importantly, act on what you’re saying.

B2B marketers often feel this way upon the completion of a great new white paper. They’ve developed clear and helpful content and their deliverable is expertly designed, and the executives are excited about the potential results.

So what now? Obviously, online is the only realistic distribution method for white papers and other thought leadership pieces, but simply offering the paper on your website fails to leverage the capabilities of online marketing.

The value of marketing automation

In the online space, user attention spans are incredibly short. Even if someone goes through the trouble of providing the necessary information to download your content, it’s probable that you’ll never hear from them again. Marketing automation, however, allows your company to maintain top-of-mind awareness among these lukewarm leads while allowing your sales organization to focus on following-up only on the hot leads.

So, for example, let’s say you require a bit of contain information in exchange for your new paper or report. When the contact downloads the paper, their information is sent to the marketing automation platform. The best systems will then score the lead based on the data the entered. If the lead’s profile is rated highly, the lead’s info is passed to sales; anyone who falls below the preset benchmark is sent into a nurturing, or drip, campaign.

The nurturing campaign then sends the lead information from your company weekly or a few times a month. This content usually consists of other white papers, case studies, reports, and other helpful and interesting information. Ideally, your content both helps them do their job better while positioning your company as a thought leader in your space.

This scenario is a very high-level view of how white papers and marketing automation work together. Without a strong white paper distribution strategy, however, your b2b marketing plan will fail to leverage the invsetment you’ve already made in creating your white paper.…

Cleaning Business Dilemma – Subcontractors Or Employees?

Cleaning Business Dilemma – Subcontractors Or Employees?

As a small business owner of a cleaning company, one of the challenges you faces on how to run a cleaning business is the cost-effectiveness of your decisions. Since the house cleaning business is a business that involves the selling of services rather than products, it is quite difficult to decide as to whether you should hire employees or simply work with subcontractors.


Having employees and personnel in your company does have its own benefits too. For one, you can have some people that you can rely on, especially on how to run a cleaning business – during the times when you are not around. Plus, these are people whom you have trained, thus can do the job as you expect it to be done. The only thing about having employees is that aside from paying them their salaries, which by the way, must not be below the minimum wage set by the government, you also have to provide them with their other employee benefits such as sick leave, vacation leave with pay, and other allowances. In other words, aside from their salaries, you are obliged to provide them with their employee compensations as required

by the government.

However, if you are a good employer, most of your employees will definitely stay with you and you will have skilled and experienced staff in your company, which is a plus point on your cleaning business’ marketing. So basically, it’s a give and take situation – you pay them, provide them their compensations, and in return, you get reliable, skilled, and experienced staff that can make your company.


Subcontractors are independent contractors that you hire only for a certain job. They are not employed by you. So you simply pay them their fee, and that’s about it. However, having subcontractors means having the same company to work for you, but the people they send are not the same. The only focus is to get the job that you hired them for, done. If you are just starting out, you can hire subcontractors to help you accommodate your cleaning jobs. However, when you are fully operational with a steady pool of clients, you might be better off with employees – it is financially more practical too.

On the other hand, hiring subcontractors to accommodate the extra services that you offer is also a good idea, since these services are not asked for often. Plus, your subcontractors can also be one of your cleaning business’ marketing tools – they can tell their other clients about you too.

It’s your house cleaning business and you call the shots. Just see what is practical and cost-effective for you and go for it.…

Using Television Advertising To Your Advantage

If you want to see your business survive, you need a powerful marketing strategy. Anything that you can do to effectively promote your products and services are a good step in the right direction. Now notice that I said “promote your products and services” as opposed to “promote your business”. There’s a distinct difference between the 2, and I want to share with you some of these differences.
When you promote your business, you’re relying on a form of brand advertising. With brand advertising, you’re wasting thousands of dollars trying to convince the public that you’re a major corporation. But you should know that it’s not about convince people that you’re a big company. What it all boils down to is whether or not you can compel your prospects to become a new customer.
When you promote your products and services, you take an entirely different approach to marketing your business. Instead of focusing on your brand and what you stand for, you’re going at the precise problem that your prospects are having. This is known as “target marketing”, and it’s something that you will want to learn how to do if you want to have success in your business.
With target marketing, you’re taking a direct path towards selling to an individual prospect. What this means is that you’ll spend less money marketing, and spend more time on those prospects who are ready and willing to do business with you. Target marketing is something that I recommend, and it’s something that you should start doing today.
Now that we’ve covered “target marketing”, let’s take a look at a technique that is sure to put you in the “profitable” category. Here’s the technique:
– Television advertising
If you are going to do television advertising, then you should really start to learn about direct marketing. You see you can’t make your entire TV ad all about building your brand. You have only about 30 seconds to make your pitch, and to get people to order from you right away.
TV advertising on a national scale can become quite expensive, so it’s best if you stick to local area advertising only. For some franchise businesses, they don’t have to worry about TV advertising because headquarters run these ads for them automatically. But since you’re a “little guy”, you will more than likely want to stick with direct response advertising.
In your TV ad, make sure your website and phone number are obviously displayed. You don’t have that much time to get your message across. You have to imagine your visitor with the remote in their hand, ready to click to another channel. It’s your job to make these visitors stay on your TV ad, so that you can convince them on taking action on your free offer of some sort.
And by the way, when running television ads, attempt to generate a lead. This way you’ll build yourself up a nice list of people that you can market to over and over …

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Is Video Right For Your Product?

There are many ways to promote an affiliate product. One of those ways is through the use of video. But is video right for your product? How can you tell? This article is going to take a brief look at this subject to see if we can come up with a viable answer.
If you’ve been following the fads that have come and gone on the Internet, you know that one of the big new things is video. Everybody and their grandmother is uploading videos to YouTube to hawk one thing or another. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that video is bad. It’s not. It’s great. I use it myself for a number of products. However, there are certain things that lend themselves more to video than others.
Essentially, you want to use video for products that are more visually and/or sound oriented. For example. Let’s say I am promoting a book on songwriting and I want to show people what I’ve learned from the book in order to convince them to buy it. Wouldn’t I have more success if I made a video of me actually using the information to write a song right in front of the viewer’s eyes? Imagine actually playing the song right on the video itself. Think this won’t greatly help sell the product? Trust me, it will.
Now, another great use of video is with the testimonial. Lots of people are very skeptical about buying things off the Internet. The dot com bust of the 90s saw to that. So, making a video of you talking about a product does a couple of things. For starters, it allows the viewer to see that you’re an actual person. You’re no longer a faceless name on the Internet. This helps build trust. For another, they can then see how sincere you are by the way you speak (providing you are sincere). One of my videos endorsing Nitro Marketing Blueprint has been one of my most successful because people can really see how excited I am about the product. You can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm.
Video can probably work very well for most affiliate products. The only way to really tell is to test it out. Create one, watch it and see if you believe what you just saw. Be objective. If you feel the video will help the sales process, go with it. If not, it’s probably best to can the idea. Ultimately, it’s a judgment that you’ll get better at making as time goes by.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim…

Article Marketing Automation – Effective Marketing Over the Net

Article Marketing Automation – Effective Marketing Over the Net

Perhaps the most tedious and time consuming phase of doing an article marketing is putting your article in adequate sites to have the highest percentage of publicity. Writing articles for marketing consume a lot of time when you reach the point where you are striving to get published in as many sites as possible but it is less expensive and simple to do.

This kind of marketing automation through writing articles can help you at this point. It is a group of sovereign websites and weblogs that are establish to issue articles for other members of Article Marketing Automation group.

The huge advantage of this is with the big size of the ever increasing group you will be having a bigger number of websites and weblogs that will have links back to your sites.

Automation in writing articles intended for marketing saves you time and money and because a lot of marketers are attracted to it and that is why it is getting bigger everyday. It is able to get you on page number one of any search engine in just about 20 days. Aside from issuing your articles extensively, you can also get related content for your personal websites and weblogs.

Following the process is without fuss. You write an article or have somebody write it for you and then you forward it to the Article Marketing Automation group and you are done. It is that easy. After that, your article will be issued and circulated to related websites handing you publicity, links, and traffic.

There is also a training offered by Article Marketing Automation on how to use the group and maximize the publicity that you get. They will teach you how to have a higher rank over the span of 2 to 3 months. They want you to flourish because the existence of this group depends on the success of its members. The more triumph you come upon, so as the other members of the group.

Article marketing is no doubt one of the most popular means of marketing on the internet today. It is a possible way to get yourself that freedom to do whatever you want to do other than work. And Article Marketing Automation will be your tool in achieving a successful article marketing campaign in less time and money spent.…

Marketing Automation of Your Articles For Business

Marketing Automation of Your Articles For Business

If you are marketing products or services, you need to let others know what you are doing. Marketing Automation of articles builds your business.

Writing relevant informative articles related to your products and services is essential to building your business reputation and credibility. Creating a successful business means using great tactics to gain exposure. You need to let others know what you are doing through article creation and use tools for Marketing Automation of your business on line. The informative pieces you create about your business go a long way to branding you as credible and reputable.

It is very important to produce content of importance in relation to your business and also you need to have quality products and services. Quality important information in your article content is a bonus to your business to maintain customer interest. If the content is strong in relation to what they are looking for, your business can flourish. Potential customers won’t even look at your product or service unless they feel they can trust you.

Every business needs quality software applications for production and distribution of articles and website creation. Good use of these can make Marketing Automation a routine that can be accomplished where limited time and budget are required. Hiring or outsourcing website creation and content on a continuing basis to develop and grow a business can be very expensive. This especially will not work in the micro niche businesses that produce a small monthly return, but with Marketing Automation, acquisition of quality software applications can help a person with limited time and resources produce multiple micro niche businesses which can reach 7 figures annually.

In summary write the hot reports. Chock it full of information your target market enjoys. Find and acquire the quality software you will need to create your websites, get your website business and articles to page one in search engines. Without some form of Marketing Automation software, you will be hanging out for weeks trying to get one small micro niche business up and earning money.

There is more free information on acquiring free software applications and purchasing needed Marketing Automation Software here.…

2 Tools To Build Your Email List With

If you have an opt-in email list, then you have taken the right step towards making your business successful. If you want to stay in business online, you will have to keep a close look at what it takes for you to remain competitive in your niche, and also what it takes to make your email subscribers happy.
There are a lot of list building strategies out there that a lot of online marketers don’t know about. This is particularly true when it comes to newbies. But list building is something that you will want to do if you want to have a booming and thriving online business. And in today’s lesson, this is exactly what I will focus on.
I want to share with you a few ways that you can build up your email list so that you can market to them over and over again. These techniques are simple and easy to use, and I think that you can benefit from knowing what they are. In fact, here’s the first list building technique that you can use in your business:
1) Use Twitter
You can use Twitter to get a lot of leads into your email marketing funnel. With Twitter, you can get leads for free, and you can get a lot of people visiting your website just off of this one technique alone. This is something that is incredibly easy to do, and you will want to add it to your marketing arsenal today if you haven’t already.
There are a lot of sites out there that you can use to totally improve your Twitter marketing strategy. 3 great sites that I know of are: Twellow, Twibes, and Social Oomph. All of these of 3 these sites can get you the leads you need to have success with your internet marketing campaign.
Twitter is an excellent way to gather new leads, and the best part about it is that it’s free. As your Twitter follower count grows, more and more people will comment on your posts and your page, and you can easily interact with your followers. This is also a great way to build a relationship with your list. Here’s another tip for building your email list:
2) Use Facebook
Facebook is the number 2 ranked website on the internet in terms of website traffic, so you can definitely benefit from using this website to boost your email list count simply and easily. Many people are using Facebook to do their marketing with, because they think it’s a great way to get to know their Facebook fans, and to lead them back to their website where they can buy something.
Facebook is a great website if you want to get more new opt-in email subscribers. Soon people will “like” you on Facebook. Then they will sample your information. Then they will click back to your website. And then they will opt-in to your email newsletter, or even buy something from you. This is absolutely a …

Network Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why it’s recommended daily.” Zig Ziglar
In the network marketing industry, you will become subjected to a great deal of negative experiences which will truly test your desire and commitment. From your wife complaining that you still have boxes of products left over from the last company you dealt with, to your neighbours closing the window blinds when they see you.
Network marketing is a tough business. How you approach and deal with the negative attitude of others is what will define your success. One of the best ways to deal with these issues is to find a way to motivate yourself on a daily basis.
Here are 5 ways you could motivate yourself in your network marketing business.
Praise yourself on small, individual efforts. Whether it’s signing up a new customer, handing out a business card to a prospect or scheduling a 1 on 1 meeting. Be happy with this progress and tell yourself that it’s important to your overall business success.
Read or listen to the success stories of others to find out what obstacles they had to overcome. It does not matter if these people are with your company, another network marketing business or involved in a different industry altogether. The steps they took to reach the top can transcend any business.
Get your daily dose of motivational quotes. You can find many on-line, as several prominent web sites offer weekly email notifications offering motivational quotes. Rediscover the reason “why” you entered the network marketing industry. This reason should be important enough to get you past the negative aspect of the business. Have your “why” written down and read it daily.
Find yourself a mentor. The best scenario would be if you could find someone who is in the same company as you, but, that it is not absolutely critical. It is important however, that the mentor be involved in the network marketing industry. whenever you are feeling down, give that person a call and discuss ways to re motivate yourself.
Motivation is one of the key attributes you can possess in any business, but most importantly in network marketing. Make sure that you are staying motivated on a daily basis.
If you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to share it with others.
Wishing you great success.…

Set Your Marketing Business Apart With Video

Set Your Marketing Business Apart With Video

Marketing firms are responsible for helping businesses get the exposure they need for their business to thrive and grow. Therefore, anyone interested in setting up their own marketing business needs to be outgoing, have lots of contacts, and have skills for evaluating business marketing needs. And since there are many marketing firms out there, you have to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd. One way to do that is with expert video marketing on the web.

Promoting your marketing firm on a local basis still requires making contacts in person. Make it part of your everyday business plan to contact people you know to let them know what you are doing, because networking is the key to success. And even if you specialize in video marketing online, you’ll need offline tools like business cards and brochures for your business.

Because web video has become such an amazingly important force in internet marketing, it is a great place to specialize these days. Believe it or not, video accounts for around 60% of all web traffic, so you can see how solid video marketing can have a huge impact on your potential clients or even your own website.

YouTube consistently ranks in the top five most visited websites in the United States with over 2 billion views a day, and right now getting video to the top of local search results is fairly easy, making video marketing software and video distribution software critical to your success in local business marketing. In other words, now is a great time to position yourself as a leader in local video marketing.

Being able to shoot, edit, and distribute videos to multiple video sharing sites and social media sites is a real plus for local businesses. But you may have to make a case for web video as a promotional tool for small local businesses, who may not see the web as being that relevant to them. Understanding local business needs and offering them more value for their marketing dollar is what will build your client base.

Video is a terrific tool for showing off the benefits that local businesses offer. For example, while your local lawn mower dealer wants to sell mowers, your video productions should show the benefits of owning those mowers in the form of a lush, green lawn in front of a beautiful house. Everybody knows what a mower looks like, but they may need to be reminded of the benefits of owning a certain mower.

To become a success with a video marketing business, you’ll also have to be well-versed in the art and science of search engine optimization, or SEO. This is a matter of building or modifying websites and their content (including video) so that they rank as highly as possible in search engine searches for relevant keywords. With the big search engines now honing their local search features, this is another great place to get in ahead of …

Thought Leadership Interview – Jill Konrath on Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Thought Leadership Interview – Jill Konrath on Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Jill Konrath wrote the first section of The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook where she wrote a letter from Sales telling Marketing exactly what was needed to help drive revenue. If only companies were that brave. Her letter stirred up reactions from our readers, so I caught up with Jill to ask her to share a few more insights about how to bring marketing and sales closer together.

CD: What does marketing need to do to get salespeople to use the content they provide?

JK: Write good content. Most of what marketing produces today sucks. It’s self-serving tripe that highlights the company’s fabulous products, unique methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies. When sellers use this type of content, it trivializes them with customers. They’re seen as product-pushing peddlers who add little value to the sales process.

Educate the sales force. After an eternity of only getting crap from marketing, salespeople don’t have a clue how to use good content. They need to know how to follow up effectively on leads with content during the sales process.

Make it simple. Salespeople don’t have a lot of time. If it’s scattered across the website, it won’t be used. If it’s not intuitive, it won’t be used. Make it as much a no-brainer as possible.

CD: In SNAP Selling, you talk about the prospect’s three decisions. What are they and how do they related to content?

JK: Basically prospects make three primary decisions when it comes to dealing with salespeople. Their 1st Decision is to “allow access” to them. Sellers may only want a small amount of their time, but today’s crazy-busy buyers are stingy with it. At this stage, salespeople could use content related to the value other firms have used from using the company’s offering. This supports their reason for getting together and increases their chances of setting up a meeting.

The prospect’s 2nd Decision is to “initiate change” – which is something they are loathe to do with everything else on their calendar. Sellers desperately need good content to help prospects determine if making a change would provide significant value for their organization. This could include case studies, white papers, podcasts, articles, analyst reports and more.

Finally, the prospect’s 3rd Decision is to “select resources.” At this phase, sellers need content that differentiates them from other vendors and supports the company’s strengths. Please notice that I didn’t say brochures. They provide little value except at the very end of the sales process. In my opinion, fancy four-color glossies are a relic of the past – even though salespeople may still be clamoring for them. There are enough sales dinosaurs out there who haven’t yet realized that brochures create significant collateral damage and destroy more opportunities than they gain.

CD: In SNAP Selling, you present a Buyers’ Matrix. How would you suggest using this matrix as a tool to create a more productive relationship between marketing and sales?

JK: Every …

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